Page 7, 29th July 1960

29th July 1960
Page 7
Page 7, 29th July 1960 — A CONGO BISHOP ACCUSED

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Locations: Leinpoldville, London


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Continued from page 1 my most paternal benediction."

This statement-a clear warning against the attempts at Communist infiltration and propaganda that have been reported front Leinpoldville and the Lower Congo-was published on Tuesday last week.

The next day, the president of the Congolese parliament read a letter from the " Union of Congolese Youth ". a " non-political" movement, alleging that a secret meeting was held at the Lovanium to perfect a plot against the Government and in particular against the life of M. Patrice Lumumba, the Prime Minister.

Those alleged to he there were Belgian officers in mufti, Mgr. Luc Gillon (rector of the Lavanium), M. Albert Kalonji (leader oi the wing of the Mouvement National Congolais in opposition to M. Lumumha), M. Jean Bolikango (leader of the Party of African Unity), several journalists including M. Gabriel Makosso (editor of Courrier d'Afrique which published Bishop Malula's statement), and a " high ecclesiastical authority " identified by observers with Bishop Malulua himself.

The next day the Congolese radio repeated the accusations of " plot " and explicitly named Bishop Malula among the "conspirators", adding to the politicians among them M. Joseph Ileo, the president of the Senate. Reports are still coming in of the fate of missionaries confirming the general picture given in our two previous issues. La Libre Belgique reported that, up to Saturday evening, 85 Sisters and nuns had arrived in Belgium from the Congo. These 85 include a certain number of Sisters who are ill, as well as those going on leave in the normal course of events.

The Newman International

The Newman Association International Committee bas appointed the following officers; Miss Eileen Hogan, chairman; Mr. Christopher, vice-ehaiirmare Dr. R. this, secretary, and Mr. C. I. Kelly, treasurer. The committee members include (besides Dr. F. Aylward and Mr. L. Roche) Mrs. 11. E. Collins, Miss Dorothy Ward, Mr. S. Orocholski and Dr. H. W. Howes, C.M.G., K.S.G.

Dr. Howes, v,lao has recently returned to London from his post as chief education athiser to the Britleis Honduras Government, has been appointed director of the Newman Commons; ealth co-operation programme and will be responsible for extending the Association's contacts in Commonwealth countries.

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