Page 3, 29th July 1977

29th July 1977
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Cardinal Hume opened the Buntingford Venture, a project which will provide post-school training for 12 retarded girls and holiday accommodation for the handicapped.

Others at the opening ceremony included Dr Guy Wigley, medical advisor to the GLC. Councillor P. H. Bolshaw, chairman of the social services committee for Hertfordshire, Mr Malcolm Muggeridge and Fr Ignazio Terzi, superior general of the Sons of Divine Providence, who thanked all who had contributed to the work. The home will be run by the Sons of Divine Providence,

* * *

Bishop Alan Clark of East Anglia, celebrated a special openair Mass at the weekend to cornmemorate the 150th anniversary of St Edmund's Church, Withermarsh Green, near Stoke-by-Nayland.

Among the 300 who attended was the Very Rev John Belton, the Rector of Hadleigh and Dean of Bocking. The church was one of the. first Catholic churches to be built in Suffolk. It was opened on August 2, 1827 by Bishop Walsh.

* * *

The Catholic Truth Society made a profit of just over £2,000 last year after recovering from a deficit of nearly £40,000 in 1975, according to the society's annual report published this week.

The society's income from the sale of pamphlets, books and devotional items increased last year as did annual subscriptions, though there was a slight fall in donations.

Mr David Murphy, the CTS general secretary, commented that in such inflationary times a larger surplus was probably essential to ensure that the society could continue to produce its wide range of Catholic titles, but it was comforting to know that the CTS finances were under control.

Another landmark for the CTS in 1976 was the society's first cooperative publication with the Church of England: Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, (SPCK) Fr Philip Caraman's lion of prayers, Praying Together, was well received and quickly followed by another joint venture: Authority in the Church — the agreed statement of the Anglican/Roman Catholic International Theological Commission.

* * *

An international conference on charismatic renewal entitled "Growing in the Church" is being held by the Fountain Trust at Central Hall, Westminster, from Monday to Friday next week.

Among the principal speakers will be Cardinal Suenens, Archbishop of Malines/Bruxelles, Cohn Urquhart, charismatic leader and author, Michael Harper and Arthur Wallis, both charismatic leaders and authors, Briege McKenna, Franciscan nun, healing ministry, Andrew Morton of the British Council of Churches, and Simon Barrington-Ward of the Church Missionary Society. The conference will be chaired by Tom Small, director of the Fountain

Trust. * * * • Retrial young people must be ihe shared responsibility of the entire

parish community, although teachers, parents and priests have a special role in helping adolescents achieve maturity, according to a report by the Catholic Youth Service of the Lancaster diocese published this week.

The report Today and Tomorrow Some Aspects of Caring for Today's Youth, outlines the major problems facing youth as the break up of family life, the rapidly changing nature of modern society and the lack of challenge presented to young people.

* * *

As a result of collaboration for the first time between the four Age Concern organisations covering the United Kingdom and the British Association for the Advancement of Science, a conference entitled "Age Perspectives '77" will be held in Harrogate from November I to 3.

There will be five plenary sessions, debates, lectures and two workshop sessions. The fee, including tickets to civic receptions, etc, will be £35 excluding accommodation.

* * *

"The Challenges of Religion Today" is the theme of a seminar to be held on August 6 at the Bonnington Hotel, Southampton Row by the multi-faith Society for Religious Peace and Family Unity. Speakers from Established British Churches, from Muslim, Sikh and Hindu faiths and the newer religions will be discussing the present problems of religion — secularisation, intolerance and family breakdown. Tickets, at it, from The Secretary, 57a Burrards Road, NW6.

A service to honour the memory of Bishop Enrique Angeleili, who died a year ago defending the dignity of his people in Argentina, will be held at St James Church, Piccadilly,

London, on August 4 at 6.JU p.m. Bishop Angelelli. of La Rioja, an impoverished district of western Argentina, was the victim of a mysterious road accident when returning from the funeral of two of his priests who had been shot some days before.

The results of Trocalre's annual Lenten Campaign for the Third World amounted to more than £842,000 — the highest amount Trocaire has received from its Lenten Campaign since it was set up by the Catholic bishops of Ireland five years ago. It represents an increase of 10 per cent on last year's figure of £762,000.

Bishop Eamonn Casey, chairman of Trocaire's executive committee, described the result as a magnificent response by the people to the

needs of the Third World. This was particularly true of the people of Northern Ireland. "The proceeds from the diocese of Derry alone amounted to 180,000 and was the largest single per capita contribution of any diocese."

* *

As part of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Anglican Parish of Saint Mary the Virgin, Kenton the Youth Club is going on pilgrimage to Lourdes. More than £1,000 has been raised for the pilgrimage through sponsored efforts, social gatherings and the collection of old newspapers.

The Spiritual Conductor of the Pilgrimage will be Fr John McCollough, an assistant priest of St Mary's, assisted by Fr Graeme Rowlands from Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire.

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