Page 8, 29th June 1984

29th June 1984
Page 8
Page 8, 29th June 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Exhibition and Indo•Brittsh Association, Liebonmo Society, Faker Chnstian Formation Committee, Council of Priests, Bishop's Council, Visits Middlesex Hospital, Day Service, Cardinal Newman School, Council of Diocesan, Converts Aid Society, Silver Jubilee M. Cardinal Newman High School, SAugustiare School, School of SlgoSIS, Area Base Party, Pastoral Liturgy Centre, Pansh Council, Ashlad School, Priests' Sieerrng Committee, Thunder Rescue Council, H. SI Richard's School, LInacre Centre, Phoenix Adult Education Centre, Weenesdey RAC Centre, AMA Education Centre, Pastoral Council, Deanery Pastoral Council, Ozcotl College, Converts' Aid Society, Notre Dame High School, George's School, Si Cadoc's High School, Bishops Court Prep School Liverpool, SI Thomas More School, St Peter's Church, Social Wellare Committee, College of Consultors


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Bishops Engagements


0 . Ordination, M Mass, V . Visitation, C ConennatIon.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop ol Westminster ruomfar Meets the Dalai Lama 3 30 pm. Wrieleesday: Council of Diocesan liners 10 am. Visits St James School Edgware 7 pm, Thureder M SAugustiare

School. Ealing 11.30 am, V St. Gregory', School, Ealing 2 ao pm. ritasv, Mgr McGuinness Jubilee M rn Tong 7 30 pm. Saturdey Diaconate 0 in Cathectral. Choir School PnzegivIng St John Smith, Square 7 30 pm Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Sunday: inter. diocesan yoolh day organised by Knights of Saint Columba, woh Cardinal Hume, Ayiesford Priory. ellender Diocesan BariopS meeeog Arthbieri0O'S House 11 am, Tuesday, C. Aylesham 7.30 Prn. Wechteadar Livery Company Dinner, ansion House, Blunder Receives cheque from Price WeterhOuee for SI Orrnere Handicapped Chtldren's Trust. Archbisnop'S Heuse 11 30 am, 0 Micheet Scanlon, stopkwee 7 30 pen eationay, Agar servers' Tally. Aylesford Priory 11_30 arn Archbishop Coma do Su na•y: Procession at Manniale in honour or the Sacred Heart, aloneley-Frider Diocesan pnests retreat. Ozcotl College. Saturday: M at St Peter's Church. Winchester 15.30 am, JOhn Milne Exhibitioo. Winchester Nuptial M St Osmond. Salisbury for marriage ol Christopher Robinson and Etrzabeth Lemonde 1.30 pm

Archbishop Ward of Cordial Sunder C at St Mello Evans. Cardill 3 an. Wedarsdiry: C St Mary's. Canton, Cardiff 7 30 pm, Thursday Silver Jubilee Mass or Canon Regan and Buffet Reception. St DavItte Cathedral 7 pm, Friday: Meeting with heads and deputies. Cardinal Newman School, Pontypridd 10 30 am, Saturday: Prizegiving. Bishops Court Prep School Liverpool 4 pm Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Sunday: 0 of Deacons Metropolitan Cathedral 3 em ldender

treer-Falth Exhibition and Indo•Brittsh Association. tniernational Garden Festival 130 pm, Tuesday: Watsingtram Pilgrimage. Unron of Catholic Mothers 11 3ft am. Thunder Council of Priests' Sieerrng Committee, Arcebishop's House 5 pm, Deanery Council Meeting. St Mark's Halewood 8 orn. Friday: Merseyside Enlerpose Forum, Metropolitan House 10.30 am, SVP Summer Camp, Biltmge 5 pm, Setwder 0 of Rev Philip Swanson to priesthood. All Saints. Aneeld 3 Om MOW Alexander of Cliffus Seeder, C at St JOSeare. Fishponds. V of parish 3 an. Bonday: Concelebrates V tor Primary school leavers, Clifton Cathedral /0.30 am. Tuesday: C Holy Ghost. Yeovil 7_30 pm, Thursday: C The Immaculate Conception, Stroud 7.30 pm, Friary: C Sr Mary's, Swindon 7.30 pm, Visits St. Boneveroure's Primary School Btanopelon, Bristol 10.30 am, Saturday-. Interviews candidates or the Priesthood and Permanent Diaconate al Clifton Cethedral envoy House 10 am. Ordains Rev Bernaby Dowll ng. Michael McAndrew and Frank Nonourr to The Sacred Priesthood at Clifton Cathedral 3 pm Bishop Br ewer ICeedenor for Lamented Sunder V and C. St Benedict's, Ntrehouse. Wee/haven menderyhaeday: Clergy Retreat Breltargh Holt, Kendal FHday: C St Maria Gernert Preston 7_30 Ont, Saunter 0 of D Darragan. St Mary's, Creator 230 Pm

Bishop Clark of East Anglia Sander Leads rodipna: srck aignrnage 0 Walsingham 72 noon. Monday, Diocesan Liturgical Gommiseion meeting. Slowmarket Pastoral Liturgy Centre 6 Pm. Tealider PtIgrirnage. Watsinghem. Wednesday: Meeting of the Friends 01 St John's Cathedral, Cathedral House, Norwich 8 pm, Saturday: Opens Sports Hall, Notre Dame High School. Norwich 3prm Bishop Cleary, Auxilisry la Birmingham Sunday: 1.1 & C for Italian Children, SS Mary & John Wolverhampton 11 am, Preaches at St Bartholomew's OE 6.30 pm Mahal:list Conference

service 8.15 pm, Mender M & C: Hoty Trinity. Bilslon 7 30 pen, Tuesday: Chapter Meeting & M, St Chad's Calhedral I / 45 urn Methodist 0 Service, St Philip's Pentields 7 pre eriday M, St_ Peter's, Bicerwich, seturder M for Vocations Group. Maryvale 12 noon .

B ishop Eoley ol Levicamm Sunday: V SS Mary & Michael. Garsland 10 30 arn. C 4.30 pm, Bentley. Frider Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Brettargh Holt 8 30 pm Stelae Only ol Sievesbery Sender Celebrates M Of Thanksgrvrng for Latta Sisters of the Peer. Sacred Head Horne, Birkenhead 10 30 an, Mender Confers C, St Patrick's, Wellington 730 prn, Tema*, Bishop's Council Meeting, Bishop's House. Birkenhead 1 1 arn, LisbOrdln SOCialy Dinner, Castle Hotel. Liscard 7 30 pm, Wednesday: Cerebrates II with Liebonmo Society members, Holy Grata. &drachma. 11.30 ant. Confers C, St. Paul's, Ford 7.30 pre Thursday: Meets with Diocesan CateChelical Team, Curial Offices. Eiletenneed 10.30 am, Confers C. Holy Spiel. Runcorn 230 pm. rishodar Ordains to Priesthood. Rev althea% Hartley. Oa lady'S. Ellesmere Pod 3.90 Om

NOW Chreue141. Auxiliary for igmeashater Sunder C, Clapton e pm. Wednesdar CDA, Westminster 10 ern. &anode. Poplar 730 pm. Fridley: Area Base Party. Tie deanery 8 am.

B ishop Hannigan et Morrie Sunder V and C. Buena, Flestonrog, Mender C, Pembroke Dock pm, Saturday: CaIhoi,c idren's Society 84, St_ Patnck's. Newport 2 30 pm

B ishop tliervey, alealliery for Westrelneler Sunder C The Five Precious Wounds. Stanebridge 10 am, M tor Me sick_ the Most Precious blood & Sr Edmund, Ecenonton 1 pm, Bandar C St Paul. Wood Crean 8 pm. Tuesday: Deans Meeting 11 30 am. Chapter 4 30 pm. Wednesday, CDA 10 ant Thunder Dedication of Chapel, SI Thomas More School. Wood Green 8 am. ender M SI. George's School, Enlield 8.30 am, Social Wellare Committee a Bishops' Conference 6 fon, &smear C. OW Lady of Willesden Willesden U pm Bishop hillehen. Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunder C. Our Lady of Victones, Hightown am. Tuesday Phoenix Adult Education Centre, Toiteth Thursday: Vocations Evening tor Aigburth Deanery SI Austin's, Grasse/slate pm, Friday: Symposium Cl phoenrx AMA Education Centre. rotted. 7 30 pm. Nshop Moss, Auxiliary ler Sconteesa Sunder Coocalebrales M at Ayiesford tor KSC Youth Day 5 pm. Mondry Meeting co Southwark BietapS tl arn, Meets with Deanery Pastoral Council members at West MailIng B pre 'Weeder C at Mongeharn 730 pm, Wednesday: C at Walderstade 8 an. Wader Gletal preacher at Founder's Day Service at Ashlad School 11 am. Official V to Westgate Perish.

✓ ilma Keay at Salford Sunday: V and C, SI. Ann Stretford, Tueeday. Begins V, SI Alphonsus, Old Trafford, Thunder Rescue Council 11 am, Friday Stlurciar V and C. St Arphansus. Old TraltOrd 111.tlea konsient, Auxiliary let Westminster 1/Ionday Pariah Renewal. Fulham ROB 8 Pm. Tuesday Deanery Meeting. Steptiendale Road 11 am, Werenedarr CDI,, Archashop's House 10 am, C. Shepherd's Been 7 pre Thunder M. Ogle Street 1230 pm, Visits Middlesex Hospital 2 pre Governors' Meeting, Heythrop 5 an, C, Shepherd's Bush 7 em. Faker Chnstian Formation Committee Meeting. St Chaffee' Sreare Ii am

g ishee Lindsay at Hexharn it Newcastle Sunday: V and C. SI Mattelaw's, Ponieland_ MandayThuraday Clergy Retreat, Friday Attends Consecration Of Bishop of Durham, York Minster 11 ern, Saterder Nation:0 ElOffied of Catholic Women Conveet el Mercy. SI John's Wood 10 am Bishop Weenie. Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday, M C, St Michael, Booming Common, 10 30 ant Pilgrimage In honour ot St Brenta, Dorchester 12 noon. Monday: Pd S C, SI Francis, Kenilworth 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting S M, St Grad's Cathedral I 1 45 arri. Thursday V school and stet, St Dunstan's, Kings Heath, C St Ounetan's, Kings Heath 7 30 om. Friday V school and sick. Olton Friary, C 7.30 Om. Slander 0 to Priesthood. The Abbey, Erclington 12 noon. OVI Orlon, Friday 8 pm.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunder C. OL 8. St_ Peter, Woodhall Spa 3 Om. eleeder Coener. Offices Matlock,' Lunch 12 30 pm. Saturday: Dior-esan Pilgrimage to Bradwell.

Bishop liecleshon ofBreasood ruesdey: Meeting of Diocesan Cana/Hors, Cathedral House, Brentwood 3 pm, Wei:Meader V and C. Our Lady End St JOSE0h. &tanked-WHOPS. Thursday: Meetsrtg. Bistoopscourt, Ceeenslord 10 am Pansh Council Meeting. Stock 13 pm

Nshop Mahon, Auxiliary lor Weelsenglee Sunder C, South Fluislip 10 am. C, Ruislip a pm, Monday: Governors Meeting, LInacre Centre 4_30 Om Wedneeder eau nal 01 Diocesan Affairs am, Friday, St. Augustine's Convent. Ealing, Tercentenary celebrations pet. C, Twickenham 7 30 ton

Name Magnin a Krum C al Canner 11 am. Benediction at Notre Dame 530 Prn, Mender Chairs meeting of Converts Aid Society. LencliOn 8 1:mr, Viledneiday: Steeling Committee a Diocesan Pastoral Council, Ouanere 8 pm. TleratMin 8.1 at Padiey for primary schools' aterirolige 11.30 ant, Satsedayt o to priesthood of T Docherri. Cathedral 3 Fen Bishop Muffins, Ares Illthep In Swansee Sunder V C Sacred Heart, Swansea. Wedoesday -Farewell

• SI David's. Swansea 7 pm. Friday_ Meeting with Parents at Si Cadoc's High School. Barry 7 30 Pm Bishop Murphy O'Connor Of Arundel and libigfeee Sunder Ordeine Peter Leiner 10 the Diaconate. St. Mary's, Preston Park 10 am. Tuesday: Celebrates H. SI Richard's School, Bexhill 11 urn, Saturday-. Visits "The Craftsman and the Church" Exhialion, Chichester Cathedral pm.

Bishop J CelMiee, Aosiliary for Weetnerellor Sender V. Our Lady Of Lourdes, Harpenden, Wednesday CDA at Archbishop's House 10 am. Friday: Anniversary celebrations at Trine 7_30 pot, Saturday: V. St Teresa's, Borehamwood S pre

B latieg X O'Brien, Auxelery for Middlesbrough Sender fd and Baptism at St Mary Cures at Merl,. Hull, P30 am,Postgare Rally Monday: 'Lancaster Clergy Retreat. Friday: C at Sacred Heart, Middlesbrough 7 pm, Seourder Attend Dove House Gala Celebrate M for the Silver Johann of Fr John Caller al Our Lady of Lourdes 8 St Peter Chanel. Hull 6.30 pm

Bishop Olareathorne, Auxelere for Liverpool Sunday: V. St. Christopher's, Seeks.. Mender C, St slopher'S. Stake 7 30 pm, Tuesday: V continued. St Chnstophers. C. St Cnristaphers 7.30 pm, Wedfseseey: Silver Jubilee M. Cardinal Newman High School. Wigan 7_30 pm, Thursday: Halewood Deanery Pastoral Council Meeting 8 pm &shop Swindlehune, AuxItlery for Nexham I Newcawile Sunder V and C, SI. Mary's, Barnard Castle, Co Durham. Tuesday: Attends Meeting of College of Consultors, St_ Joseph's Home. Newcaalle upon Tyne 11.30 am. Wednesday: M. English Marlyres School. Hartlepool. Saturder Sunderland Schools' Sestina 14,, St Beret's. Sunderland 10 am Igehop Three's of Norfloompters Bundler V. Weilingborough, Wrathy: Converts' Aid Society Meeting & Dinner London pm, Tuesday: C. Meow 7.30 pm, Wednesder Religious Day, Our Lady & Pope JOWL Cathy, VISrl Iran Printra lareborough Youth Group. TM:raider V Kettering. Solurdar 0, Rev John Conroy, Buckingham 3 30 ont.

Nehap Tripp Aukillary tor Southeart Sunday: Thanksgiving id ST Kent, I I am. P7esentritlen le Canon Grady at Sue:don. Tuesday V. 1Na000n. Thureday V, Battersea West Friday: V. continued. KSG Directors' Memino at Wel ford

B ishop Waimea!, eishop of the Forces Tuesday. Jubilee IA, Shoreham. Suss.% 7.30 pm, Weenesdey RAC Centre, Bovington, Dorset, Thursday: V. School of SlgoSIS, BISOCIOSIL Dorset B lehoP Wheelie' cri Leeds Sunday V & C. Knereshorough

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