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29th June 2007
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Page 16, 29th June 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Farewell Service for Archdeacon of West Ham, St Augustine's School, Archbishop's Council, St Dominic's Spacial School, Lourdes Committee, St Pancras' School, Bishop's Council, 10am St Pariek's Evangelisenon School Board, University of Abertay, Rosary Primary School, Archthocesan Finanoe Advisory Committee, MI Stunts Pastoral Centre, Westiminunia Sum Priests Summer School, St Agnes Primary School, Lady's High School, PEA College, St Thomas Mores Primary School, Erins Centre, Primary School, Perpetual Succour Primary School, Seims Pastoral Centre, Liverpool Orr:haps-man Centre for Evangelisation, St Joseph's Primary School, Garilm Party, Anilthishop's Council, We St61110.41eT Cathedral Choir School, Carrel College, Ureoline College, St Huiterra Primary School, Saklands School, Catholic Children's Society, St Vinorat'a Church, St Cutheranra School, St Anthony's School, Association for Catholic Bioethicisn, Rescue Council, St Columba Board, St Andrew's Childrena Society, College of Consultors, Bishops' Conference Secretariat


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July 1 to July 6

Cardinal Marphy•O'Cormor 1Westrninateri Son Tue Cantina! attends series of meetings in Rome_ Tue. celesta-ter Mass and addressee the Association for Catholic Bioethicisn, Si Mary.'s . Stra wherry HFI, Twickenham, 6.150n. Wed. Carl-toes Centenary Mass. Sacral Heart CoLlege. HUTU,. Middleset. I lam Thor Preaches tar Berkhamocad Collegiate School, Berkhanastead, 12pm; minas Prose Giving and Coast/ for We St61110.41eT Cathedral Choir School. St John South's Square. London. 7rtin Fri; Ideas with Archbishop's Council. Arabbithop's Hearer 93(kmu attends Speech Day, Sherfield. Sherfield.on-Loado. Hampshire. 7par, Sat: Attends and speaks atAIOImEcumenical Pilgrimage to BrodweLl. Bradwelli Essex. I lam: Preaches a Bogle Lights Testwal tkoodon Coloey).All Seims Pastoral Centre , London Colley, Herta, 3pm-, Prue:haat Mass for 40th Anniversary. Oar Lady of Ml Carmel and St George. London Rood. Enfield. 7rma. Archhiehop Kelly (Liverpool) Visitation Mass, St Pesichal Bayliss, Liverpool, 4 30arn; Visitation Mass. Our lady of the Assmaption.Gaaert . Liverpool. 11 am. The: Mass and Visitation. Broad GRVII

Wed: Reception for Metropolitan Cathedral StethAnabhabop's House, 3pm.1let Vi..63 Nugent Care Project,St Thetera wt the Child Jesus, Sawn Manor. St Helena, am: °facial opening of Nugent Cam Chikberis'Fieldwodc Services, Calk tame, St Helens, 130pm Reoeplion for OchedralScavers,Anabishop's Hansa, 7pon_ Fri: Maas of Thftkagiving for the Golden Jubilee of Canon Genad Who , St °swath Old Swan, Liverpool, 7prn. Sat Anends Opening of lakahodistGooference2007.Nothreek Coale Hertel.13thelqmol. 230p.m. Archbiatrop McDonald 15outhwark) SIM Califon:canons. Rochumploa, I lam. Mom Openmg and Bkssing nev. school buildings, St Mary ' Magdalen's. Brod:ley, Mon. Tie: Syro-Malabar Mass, Sr George 'seethed/al. 3pm_ Thu: Meetings,

Archbishop's HOUSe. Confirmations, Plumdemi Common. 7pm. Sao Ordinations tone Priesthood, Wimbledon. Fr Rousi Dawson S Fr Thnothy Byron. SI. 12pin

Assithishop Nichols di irminanatt0 Sou Dune

tall 10 biediesiord. 4pm. Mon Ph: Diocesan Oergy Retreat. Wed: Birmingham Faith Leaders mee.ti . 7_30pm. Fn Amhaishop 's Coun cil musing, ' 's Eloust,930e1 Sat loserfaith Walk of Peace, Ram: Mass to. Mark 75th Anniversary of Oa nth. Salley. 530pm, Bishop Arnold iAuxiliary Bishop of Westiminunia Sum Priests Summer School, Newark USA, Sat Fnunders Day. Si Alhars, 10.45an.

Bishop Brain (Salton') Mon Tue. UCM Pilgrimage to Wasingham. Wed. Chapter meeting and Celehretion el Masa Salford Cathedral. 1130ara. Thni Meeting of the Rescue Council, Didsteery, 10.30arn; meeting dile Rainbow Family Trust, Didthury. 2thrt Fri: Private Appointments, WuediSy Hall BWtaap Buena iHM Forms) Sam-Mon: Bishops meanie Callon Diocese. Wed. Thu: Royal Navy Chaplains Conference. Ampart House,Ainpart. Fri: United Seraces Catholic Association Mess rad AGM.Abileishot. 12arti_ Sac Mass and Speech Day Prk. PEA College. Bath_

Bishop Cady (Aruolel Si Brighton} Sum Voris

Tarcissius . Camberley. Sun Mon: Bishop's meeting. Caftan. Toe ViSiLS St Peter and SI John. Camberley No r th,Weth Retired Priam Lomb. Thn: St Dominic's Spacial School, Hambledon, Fri: School Mass, St Wilfrid's Sohool, Creaky; meets with Young Clergy; Fateweli Mass. Daixas . Sat Youth Pilgrimage. Aykrford

BishrIP Dv* (Northampton)Son: Cemilisma. eon. St hisepha,Gerrank Coat. Ipnt Tue: College of Consultors. Bishop's Hate , 1030am; Confir. merlon. St Edwrox1s,Kethering,730pm. Wed: Staff meeting. Bishop's H0113E. 9 30am: meeing, St lowish's, Gerrit& Cron, 12.15pm Confirmation OL Help of ChristranaLeam. 7 30pos. Thu: Reception for new High Sheriff of Nonhampton, Northampton Acadesny. 6pm_ Fri: Confirmation. St Ethelben's &might 730mn Sot Intersiews with Ceididaths for the Permanent Diaconate, 10am; Mass a uort of Visitation. St Parr's. Biggleawade, 6.30mn.

Bishop Dime (Heehaw and Newt:mile) Sun: Centenary Moss St Patrick's. Diptorr 10.30am: Mass, Oar Lady Quom of Pear, Peashow, Londes Youth Event, 3pol. The: Fiance Coetmittee meeting, Bithop's Itouse,4pm: Diocesan Panora Councii meeting. Bishop's Home. 7pm Wed Liturgy and Groduathen Ceremony, Carrel College, 630pre _ Thu. Mass, St Aidan's Sehool, Sunderland, 1.45pm. Fn: Episcopal Couaeil and Trustees meeting, Bishrop's Sloane. 930am; Sdlool Mass,S1 Robert of Newminses, Washington. 2pm. Sat Communicates' Mass. St Matthew 'a. Jammer, lOarni Mesa St May's for A91111 Comma nay. 3.45pm.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: SVP Pilgrimage for the Sick. Walainghem. Mon: Centenary Mass for SigeLS Id Jesus roal Mary. Felixstowe11.30am. The: Coothmaions, Our Lady and English Martyrs, Cambridge, 7.30pm. Wed CIerg,v Jubilations Mass EMI Lunch, Walsingham. lipm: Confirmations , St Edmontfis Parish, Bungay. 7pm. Thu: Diocesan Fianna Bored, Poringland, Ikon, High Sheriff of NcefolkaReception,Camtan Han. alepm. Fri: Mafia and Blessing of new buildirma, St Pancras' School, Ipswich. Sat: Diocesan Celebration of Married Life, St John's Cathedral. Nervier h. I I am.

Bishop Hendricks (Mariann,. in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, Old Coundon,10.45am: Conferinabots, Tooting. 630pns.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark Sun. Visitation Deal_ The Chairs Diocesan lestection Board meeting, Archbishop's 14011AC. Ham. Wed: Meeting with Bishop Polo, Bishops' Conference Secretariat. 12pm. Fri: Blesses new Sports Hall, Ureoline College.Westgate. I I ?glom; Confirmation, Om Lady of the Sacral Heart, Ileum Bay, 7ptn.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Mass. am&Cs Ford St Edward's, Sam: Bishops meeting, Clifton, pm_ Morn Bishops' meeting. Minn not L14M. Pilgrimage to Walsingharn, U.CM. Pilgrimage to Waning:1mm Wed: Bishop's Council meeting. WM:heater; Mass, Father Brian Coogan GokienJubilee of OthinatIon, St David's, ast Cowes. 7pm. Thu: Southampton East Pestorn Area Clergy Lunch, St NtriCICR, W00.1610D. 12.30pm; Confiroution for Altim-Petereneld PastmelAnea,StJoha's Cathedral. Pornmouth. 730pm. Fri: Vail to School to mark 511th Awns ersary..St Thomas Mores Primary School, Havant, 1030am I proi MEM 10 mak the reatemerri Oak. C Whitfield. fleadmicker, (Saklands School. Waterlooville, 6pm.

Bishop Hopes ;Westminster} Sum Confirinalions. it Charles Square and St Pins N. 12pm: Confirmations, Cathedral. 530pm. Mon: Visit to St Cullen re's School. Twickenham, 10ain 4pm. The: Engligerneras. Archbishop's House: Condo mations 'monolithic Heart ofMary. Oraeory.6pm. 'Whit Confirmations, Out Lady and St Joseph, Hanwell. Thu: Meeting With Won London Dean. Our Lady of Vitiories, Kensington. Ham-230pm; moctinge, Our Lady f‘'idurres, pm, Fri, Archbishop's Council meeting. Atelthishors H0110, BM: enaagcments, Archbishop's House. pm; Coreirma. tions. Our Lady und St Joseph. Han wen, 7pm. Sat Civello-mu ions. St A nselm, Southall, 12pna Confir. mations, St Jamos,Twickenham, Opre Bishop Kenney Orlirminghamt Sun: Coafir. mations. Christ the King. Coventry. 10am: Crmfit• orations, Christ the King. Coventry. 12pm. Mon: Ordimaion io the Dia-vane, Blockaders, Oxford, 3pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archhishrieadpliouse.

Lang (Clifton) Mon: Celeluntsa Mass for the 40th Anniversary of ordinatom priesthood of Faber Kevin Mortimer, Sassed Heart,Westbury-onTryna Bristo1.730pm. Tate: Celebrates Mass. Crua Lady of Rosary Primary School, Stroud , I 030rmi. Wed: URCIRC steering group meeting. London, 1 lain: Confinnation for Bristol South Deanery, St Dunstan's. Keynsham. 7 .30pen. Thu: Council of priests. Bristol, 1 larn Fri: Visit St Augustine's School.Tanatoti, Liam.

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sun: Contir

Si Joseph's. Highgate. 2pm; Confirmation. St Anne s. Underwood Road for Brarithrue Chaplaincy, 4pm.The lAanthOldBailey. 123Opta, Catholic Children's Society 13cord Meeting, Vaughan House 5.45pm. Wed: Tower Hamlet.' Primary School Heads' meeting. St Penick's. Wapping, 10.30am: CCS "Walk A Mik St Their Shoes' seavice, Wearniaster Cathedral. 1.30pm; Farewell Service for Archdeacon of West Ham, Vat fetched Fon. Si Margasers. Bathing. 7 30the That: Ilec.kney Primary Scheel Heads' meeting. Out Lady and St Joseph, Korgsland, 10am St Pariek's Evangelisenon School Board meeting, Soho. 5pm. Pri: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House. 930am, Celebrates Farewell Mass for Marie Hogg, St Dominio's Clanitublemertrat,1_45par. Silver Juba. Mass for Fr Roben Ellis, Immaculate Conception, Surrey Docks, 7pm. Sat Visits 13oglat Lights Festival. MI Stunts Pastoral Centre. London Colney. 9a5am; Celebrates Moss, One tadpole! St Vinorat'a Church, Porters Bar, apm. lhardi !Auxiliary in Southwark) Son: Mass. Southwark Irish Festival. Peekhann Rye. Ham. Tue. EPS Pon Pupils Gataering, Totamg Bee. FM Confirmations. St Philip Nen, Sydenhatm, 7_30pm. Sat Coafirmations. St Patrick's, Chisim karst West.

Bishop McGough (Birmingham) Soo Mori_ Bishops neeraig, Clifton. The Chapter meeting. Cathedral House. 1} am; Chapter Mass, Cathedral. 12.15pat: visits St Anthony's School. Waiverhamptco. 4trn; ConfirmatiorniStAnamay's &drool, Wolymturr5pam.7pm. Wed, Oultrin Abbey Ttustecs. 10101m: visits St Joseph's Primary School. Rowley. 2pm. Confimesions. Ss Joseph and Etheldrecia. Rogeky. 7pm Thu: Visits Scheel. Sviyoncorna 2pm; Confirmations. Swyonenon, Span. Fri: Arch.Inahops Council meeting, Archbtshop's House, 9.30ain: Mass. Faber School. Cation. 6_30pos. Sat Celebrates 70t5 Anniversary of St Huiterra Primary School, Watley, 122111.

Bishop McMahon (11nrotwoodl Mrelingsibitersiews. Cathedral House_ Wed; Meeringsamerviews, Catherkal House; anendo retirement sersice for Veal. Michael Fox, Barking Cathedral En Attends High toaniffa Garilm Party. 4pm. Sat: Bradwell Ecumenical Pilgrimage Bishop MeNlahoo 0.1 ottinaharM SunNOCCSIIII Pilmimage al Rodsley, 3pm_ Moo Confirmaron, St Augmone Webster, Barton-upon-Homber. 7pm. Wed: Golden Jubilee Mane. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Primary School.Bulwell, 1030am, Coifsmatioa, Si Joseph 's. New Merton. 7pm. Thu: Confirmation, Holy Trinity, Newark. Fri Sat: Krughts of St Columba Board meeting. Glasgow.

Bishop !Malone (Liverpool) Sun: Mass with Young People, St Mary, Lowe House, St Helens, 630pm. Mon, Liverpool University Deg.ree Countgation , Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, 3pm. Fat: MUSS of Thanksgiving for the Golden Jubilee of Canon Gerard Wharton, St Oswald. Olik Swan. Liverpool. 7pm.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: Pastoral Viso taton, Our Lady's. Palate Faelda. Runcorn; preaching at Syro-Malabar Eucharist. St Anthony s. Wytheashaw. 430prn. Mon: Viotti Headtcachers' Day,Romada Hotel, Chester. ano.Tue: Confirmation, St Raphael's, Stalybridge. with St Peter's Slatybridge.51 Mary's Dukinfield and St James'. Hattersky. 7pm Thu: Education Team meeting, Curial Officm, 1030am COOGIBIllikon. St JOSCpil'S, Sale, with Holy Family, Sale Moor, 7pm. FM Confirmation. St Edward's, Runcorn, with Holy Spirit, Our Lady's. St Augustine's and St Martin's. Runoorn. 7rrn_ Sat ! Diaconal Ordinations, Cathethal, I lam.

Bishop O'Donoghue 11.cmcaster) Son: SyroKaaba' rite Liturgy, St Maria Gomel, Preston, 4pm: Confirmation. St Clare, Preston, bpni. Mon: School meeting. llam Toe: Tribunal Mass. Soonon. 10.10ant Toomies' meeting, lorn. Tim Mass, Our Lady's High School, Prescott, 10.15em. Fri; Stephenson Trust meeting, Dodding Green, Mem. Sat Visitation. Sr Margaret Mary. Carlisle Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun: Confir111160714, Stechford, 930am; Confirmations, Sunkford, II 2.0am. Toe: Chaplet meeting. Cathedral House, I lam: Chapter Mum, Cathedral. 12.15pm; visits St Cutheranra School. Binninghen, 2pm: Confornations, St Calhcriae's. flimingbato, 7pra Wed: Lourdes Committee meeting, Cathedral. 7.30p.m Thu. Visits School. Halesowen. 2pm: Comathaations, Haletiowen. 7pm Fri: Anilthishop's Council meeting. Atebbishop's House, 9_30am. Far Installedion OCHS) Moat, Cathedral, larm.

BkhopRawslhorrie {Hallam) Sun -Fit Diocesan Pilgrumge to Lourdes.

Bishop Roche (Seedy) Fri. Ditsesan Pagrimage to Lourdes

Bishop Stack (Westrnmeeti Sun: Conform. von. Sacred Heart. 13erkamsred. 10.30am. Monr Mass for reams Heatheachers.Weseninster Oahedral. 6_30pcn. Toe; Presents Radio 4 BBC Daily SerVice, 9.30am; Confirmotion, St Michael 's , Garotte, 7.30pro. Thu Historic Churches Cannotroe meming, 3 lane Pmperty Sob-Committee meeting. 2.30pm: Westminster Cathedral Choir School Prdegiving. St John's. Smith Square. 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, 930arnt Celebrates Mass, St Agnes Primary School, Bow, 2pm. Sat Speaks at Sr Alhal. Diocesan Yciuth Foam. 11. am Coofirmation. Om Lady. Mother of the Saviour Chippeofield, arm Bishop Williams CLIverpool) Sun: Confirm.. min.& Pete and St Michael , Wookon. Warrington. 630pm. Toe Wed • Lisbon= Meeting. Ffinsley Thalli Lads Wed Reception for Mempolitan Cade. drat Staff. Archbishop's House. 3pm: Confirmation, St ThOMAS More, Liverpool, 7.30pm. Thu: Archthocesan Finanoe Advisory Committee meeting. Liverpool Orr:haps-man Centre for Evangelisation 1030am: Reception for Cathedral Servers, Archbishop's House, 7pm. Fri: CATEW Meeting, Whalley Grange. I I 30-ain: Mass of Thanksgiving for the Golden Jubilee of Canon Gerard Wharton. St Oswald. Old Swan, Liverpool. 7pru.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sim UCM Notional Pilgrimage to Cardigan, 2pni. Mon Sat Arlidioccoan Clergy Retreat in Merville.

Bishop inhale. ( Money ia) Sun: Cardigan. UCM Pilgrimage_

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Pwilhek Ca-Won Jubilee Celehmtion for Fr Harry Clarke. I hffl Mat Launch of Wrexham Schools Tapestry of Life arid Faith Festival 2-6 July. Wrexham Guildhall, Ilam. Toe: Confirmations. .1 lamludno, 7pm. Wed: '(cacti School Leaves' Mass, Cathedral. I lam: Rah Lana]era. Erins Centre, Wrexham, fipro. Thu-Fri: AllWaleo Heatheacivers meeting Fri Confimmtions. Mold, 7pm.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's Sc Edinbiegh) SIMI Preview Mass for Arcialiocesan Pilgrimage tar Lourdes, St Cuthhert's, Edinburgh, 3prn. Mon, Fortieth AlltliVeSSEltY of ordinatior to priesthood of Monsign.or farriet Ryan. St Peter's, Patna, 7pm. Wed: Lunch marking conferral of MBE on Met Maureen McEvoy. St Andrew's Childrena Society, 1.3flthin, Gooier. Party. Palace of Holyroodhouse. Edinburgh, Spot. Thu: Inauguration of Queen Margaret Univeraity ian Installation of Sir Toro Fanner as tint Chore:41ot% Assembly Hall. Mound Place , Edinburgh, I tam; Reception Marking 500th Anniversary of presentation of the Swortl of State by Popo Julius Ii to King lanes IV. Palace of Holy

roodhouse, Ediohurgh , Opm. Depurtore for annual Archdiocese, Pilgrimage to Loathes. It am.

Bishop Logan Haunkelittundae3 The: ParPilgrimage Mutt. Si Leonardo and St Fergus. Dundec,7pre . Thar. Graduation LIMCIV0111, University of Abertay. Dundee. 12pm. Fri: Hew Lorimer Toot meeting. Kettle Castle, l 771tr iisiing war ennynieri by Ca)orie,' Corrrernenrairons Lai and also appetite in 010 UniVellt and Catholic Turas

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