Page 1, 29th March 1940

29th March 1940
Page 1
Page 1, 29th March 1940 — To Crucified Poland

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To Crucified Poland

Cardinal Hinsley, broadcasting to the Polish nation on Easter Sunday, spoke M these words: Men and women, boys and girls of Poland, I address you on this bright Easter day to convey to you my heart's prayer and, if I may, to inspire you with the hope and confidence which the resurrection of Christ, our Saviour and our King, kindles in the souls of Christian people.

Poland holds the faith of the resurrection.

For the moment she is crucified between two thieves. She le endurMg a ruthless pereecution from one of the malefactors who mocks at her faith and would seem to desire to blot out her national life and culture from the face of the earth. By the other she is submitted to a subtle campaign of militant atheism and to a system little removed from the worst form of pagan slavery of pre-Christian days.

My earnest prayers are offered for the workers and peasants who are writhing under the harrow of this tyrannous invasion. You may leave to your oppressors the vile boast of their cowardly victory by overwhelming numbers and mechanical supremacy. Their triumph was a treacherous attack from two sides on a small nation unprepared.

You, through all history, will have the glory of a brave reeistance against overwhelming odds and of heroic suffering heroically borne. The like brutality and the like cruelty of exterminating hate the world has never seen before. For your resurrection to repewed life I raise my entreaties to The throne of the Father of Mercies and the God of all Consolation.

pray also for those who have so unscrupulously outraged and robbed you and still pursue their murderous fury in the land that is yours.

To the thief, in his dying hour, grace wins given to enter the Kingdom of Peace when he repented and Made what amends he could. May the like all-powerful grace be given even to one or to the other or to both the perpetrators of rapine and slaughter who have ravaged your historic and cultured land. God's grace is at hand for them, if and when they repent and repair, as far as in them lies, the infinite evil of their deeds. The power of the resurrection in centuries past gave newness of life to the hordes of barbarians who are described by an ancient writer as " more ferocious than the ferocious Germans themselves," and the arm of God is not weakened now.

For your soldiers and sailors and airmen, also, do I pray that they may contribute their strength and their sacrifices towards the victory of right over might—a victory issuing in a just and lasting peace, and bringing ultimately happiness and prosperity to Poland and to Europe.

Your faith in the love of our Risen Lord will give you courage and unquenchable hope. Your charity will prompt you to join your prayers with mine even for those who are now relentless foes. Poland will rise again: 'fear not those who are not able to kill the soul."

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