Page 5, 29th March 1940

29th March 1940
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Locations: Milan, Moscow


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According to "lsvestia"

This is the way history is being made by the Vatican—according to the Moscow paper Isvestia.

a Before Cardinal Pacelli became Pope the German and Italian Press in unanimous voice protested that he was the creature of the French and British Governments.

publicity. It was well known, of course, that it had been arranged by Cardinal Pacelli.

" Later articles wore published in the Press showing how the Vatican was lining up England and France on an anti-Soviet and anti-German front. The "Tribune des Nations " of Switzerland, for example, said: The Vatioan and England are using France for their own ends. France becomes the eldest daughter of the Pope and the first soldier of England!

"At the Vatican was prepared the betrayal of the Spanish republic, a betrayal in which England connived. . . .

" Demagogic Pastoral"

"In the beginning of 1939 there was for a short time open opposition between the Vatican and Italy. The Vatican (obviously under the influence of Cardinal Pacelli) adopted a negative attitude towards the Italian racial policy, with no other reason than anger against the German-Italian alliance. As England was working to get the separation of Italy from Germany this attitude of the Vatican was naturally welcomed.

"During the Papal election In February the Anglo-French bloc openly advocated the candidature of Pacelli. The French Press, from the Radicals to the Extreme Right, described the future Pope as the special friend of France and Poland; whilst the leaders of the Party governing Italy, represented by Farinacci, strongly opposed Cardinal Pacelli and the Vatican organ, Osservatore Romano, which he controlled. Similar opposition was made by Claim Italian Foreign Minister. In Germany all the Press advised against the election of an obviously political Pope.

" The Anglo-French bloc was triumphant at the Conclave. Facetl was elected Pope. From that moment the Vatican began to give active political support to France and Britain.

" Pius XII named as the head of his diplomatic cabinet Cardinal Maglione, one versed in 'Marxist doctrine and questions concerning the working class,' with whose add the Pope produced a demagogic pastoral suitably sympathetic to the false democracies of Britain and France."

Tswana chronicles the Pope's activities up to the outbreak of war as being one Unremitting attempt to involve European nations in an anti-Soviet Front,

" Pope's Impudence" "In September war burst upon Europe. Pius xn had the impudence to pronounce a homily on the destiny of Poland as guardian of Christianity ' in Eastern Europe. Moreover, in October. Pius XII, in a harangue before the Lithuanian representative at the Vatican, expressed his hope that Lithuania would remain ' a bastion of Christianity against the atheists that surround her.' It is easy to see from a map what Pius XII had in mind

"November and December were months of feverish activity at the Vatican. An anti-German encyclical was published; pious prayers were ordered for the Finnish White Guards, who were not even Catholics. . " Roosevelt, President of the United Stetee, has taken the trouble to send a. personal representative to the Vatican. It is curious that this representative, sent to promote ' peace, should be the former head of the American Steel Trust, a man truly bourgeois and much Interested in the machines of war."

The daily newspaper of Milan. Italia, which reproduces this article that appeared In Isvestia, January 22, mocks at the Soviet grotesqueries.

Razors and Silk Shirts

In concluding Its account of Vatican Iniquities, levestla manages to drag in British and French Labour leaders.

"Union with the Vatican is very characteristic of those persons who in England and France try to wear the mask of democracy. In this gay crowd of Blum, Joakaux, Getrine and Greenwood, only a Papal NUTEC40 has been missing. The Jesuit cassock would adapt itself perfectly to these gentlemen."

In commenting on the Isvestia article the outspoken Catholic Italian daily, Inftalia, says:

" Such an article can only find credence among the unfortunate Soviet masses who are kept in such ignorance of the world outside Russia as to be amazed to discover, as some of them did discover on their courageous' advance across Poland, a way of living in which Gillette razors and silk shirts are a commonplace."

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