Page 5, 29th March 1940

29th March 1940
Page 5
Page 5, 29th March 1940 — NEW FRENCH GOVERNMENT

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Locations: Laval, Tunis


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How will the war's progress be affected?

" The duty of our Government is clear—to make war on all fields. To-day, for the first time, French soil has been spared the horrors of war, and this allows our chiefs to make their preparations for the future. But it is not enough to resist invasion. We have to fight on many more domains," This is M. Paul Reynaud's, France's new Premier, first message to the French people—made on Tuesday night.

Does it mean total war? Our diplomatic correspondent thinks not, but believes that developments depend upon the Allies' treatment of the neutrals.

By Robert Sencourt, Special Diplomatic Correspondent

What is the meaning of the change of Government in France?

We are told it is more vigorous prosecution of the war, such as M. Reynaud has demanded more than once. But it is nothing of the sort, for the plain reason that there is no opportunity for more vigorous prosecution of the war, and no prospect of it.

In these circumstances all depends on Our diplomacy with neutrals; and there the change in France is anything but reassuring. What is needed in France is a Government ready to follow Laval in advances to Italy. Had such a policy been pursued three yeare ago Austria. Czechoslovakia, Poland and Finland all would have been saved. But Laval, like Hoare, was sent into the wilderness; and the present situation is the result.

It appears that neither England nor France has learnt the lesson : the lesson is that neither freemasonry nor Bolshevism will save Europe from the Nazis; but only the constructive plan of those who see the meaning of what

both the Pope and Mussolini consistently demand : a peace founded on justice.

Italy's Claims Italy's claims for justice are strong and urgent.. Her position In Europe is central. She lieu athwart the Mediterranean. She adds to her strategic importance the power of a decisive popular and practical leader, who has beside him the unique wisdom of the Vatican. It is madness to ignore her; it i6 foolish even to compromise. What she aeks is trust. confidence and co-operation.

That 'macaw that at every turn of their Mediterranean policy, inctuding Turkey and Greece, the Allies should commit her. They should see that the Italians in Tunis are treated as they deserve. Yugoslavia should not be supported against Italy, as for twenty years France did support her. On the Suez Canal the Italians should share administration in proportion to their USU of the canalAnd why not hand them. over Djibutif

All these are claims on France. M. Laval wanted to meet them. But neither he nor any of his friends approve of the Reynaud Government any more than they approve that of Daladier, who rather than placate Italy held back essential aid at the critical time from Finland,

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