Page 7, 29th March 1940

29th March 1940
Page 7
Page 7, 29th March 1940 — Another Thin Man

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Locations: New York


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Another Thin Man

HERE are Miss Myrna Loy and Mr William Powell wise-cracking their wedded way through yet another Thin Man tale. (Mr Goldwyn should get somebody to watch Mr Powell'e middlesection or he'll have to get somebody else to think tip a different kind of title for the next one !)

There is now a Nick Charles, Junior, and if I were Iris Conley I might be able to say if this is the same infant who brought such discredit on Miss Ginger Rogers in "Bachelor Mother."

His name is Mr William A. Poulsen (baby-star fanciers please note) Domesticity is not the Charles' strong suit, but it is nice to think that Mrs C. beheld at length the time when she resolved to turn away from crime long enough to

Myrna Loy make this addition

to a family of whom there could hardly be too many.

SOMEBODY did for Colonel McFay, an officer but no gentleman. Realising, no doubt, that he was destined to be a corpse in a Thin Man mystery. he took the proper step of surrounding himself with persons of low, or no, moral pretensions. He rang up Nick Charles, who duly arrived; and, MI. Charles not being the man to spoil a good story by preventing a nicely worked out murder, the Colonel died at dawn.

Nobody cared very much, except the police. Everybody went back to New York, where, among those Bowery types who make such perfect stooges for the Charles' conversational style, several suspects are run to earth, while Mr and Mrs Charles amuse each other and us very much.

Finally the Thin Man reconstructs the crime, you pick your candidate for the "chair," and you are, of course, just as wrong as everybody else.

William Powell

ACTING and direction of this picture are both so good and Mr Hammett's fluent dialogue so unexpected-yet so Continued in next column.

spontaneous -that we can honestly recommend it to all but the inhumanly solemn. Miss Loy's Mrs Charles is beyond praise, but then Miss Loy is a very understanding actress indeed. There are exchanges when Mr Otto Kruger looks like out-smarting Mr Powell, and two or three minor characters are played in a manner which argues the acute direction of Mr Van Dyke. who has, to be brief at last, done It again.

G. T.


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