Page 6, 29th March 1946

29th March 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 29th March 1946 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad


On Saturday last, the Pope received in private audience Mr. Herbert hoover, former President of the T.U.S. and chairman of the American Famine Emergency Committee, who was on a fact finding tour of Europe.

Cardinal Antonio Caggiani, of Argentina, who has been in hospital in Rome, received his Red Hat and Cardinal's ring from the Pope in private audience last week-end.

The Pope, in addressing a group of American immigration officials whom he recently received in private audience, called on the U.S. to exercise "Christian charity " in its restriction on foreign immigration, as a happy alternative to the " enforced transfer of helplees, innocent populations."

Mgr. Guiseppe d'Avack has been consecrated as Archbishop of Camerino by Ws Eminence Raffaelo Carlo Cardinal Rossi. Archbishop d'Avack is an official of the institute for Religious Works.

On Thursday, March 21, the Pope received a group of Slovenes from the refugee camp of Cervignano, who on the following night broadcast Slovene songs and hymns from Vatican Radio.


Cardinal Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, made his tirst public appear ance in Sydney since his elevation to the Cardinalate, when he attended a service of welcome in St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.

The Director of the National Catholic Welfare Conference of America has arrived in Vienna, where he was received by Cardinal Innitzer on March 20. The first cargo, consisting of 500 tons of food and 12+ tons of clothing. worth 375,000 dollars, has already left Antwerp on its way to Salzburg by rail. Austria is to be the first country to benefit by the collections of food and clothing in America, organised by N.C.W.C.


Mgr. van Weyenberghe, Rector of Louvain University, recently paid a striking tribute to Mr. Otto Gramann, the Germany Army Chaplain of the prison in which Mgr. Weyenberghe was interned. Mgr. Gramann is now back in his parish of Vienna and the Rector of Louvain University was appealing for help for his former prison chaplain.


The Quebec Legislature is shortly to consider the Liberal members' proposal asking the Canadian Federal Government to establish a Canadian Embassy in Vatican City.

FRANCE The Polish Catholic Mission in Paris recently received a gift of 100,000 francs from the Pope, which will be used for educational purposes. Polish students in Paris are now installed in the Irish Seminary placed at their disposal by the Irish Bishops. The Polish Catholic Mission in Paris, headed by Fr. Cegialka, co-ordinates the work of over 100 Polish priests among the 500,000 Polish emigrants.

The French bishops issued last week a strong joint statement on their determination to secure justice for the private schools in France.

The declaration states; "The whole French Episcopate is resolved to save freedom of instruction by all the means in its power." The bishops go on to say that in defending this right they arc only defending human liberty which, when attacked in any one particular, as the example of totalitarian States tragically shows, is soon reduced completely.


The Dean of the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Tuebingen, Professor Theodor Steinbuechel, has been elected Rector of the University for the cooling year.

Cardinal Faulhaber, after his return from Rom, said that while in Italy he

had visited prisoners of war camps where there were still 200,000 Germans. They were well housed and had sufficient food. He also inspected some smaller camps where the prisoners were in tents. " I went into the tents," said the Cardinal, " and I must say that my study in Munich was never as warm during the whole winter."

In accordance with the recent decision of the Allied Control Council in Berlin, whereby', persons in occupied Germany must not be deprived of the opportunity to have religious instruction imparted so their children in the public schools, the authorities in the Russian zone have now agreed that such instruction can again he given.

The Archbishops and Bishops of Western Germany met under the presidency of Cardinal Frings, Archbishop of Cologne on Tuesday of this week at Wel in Westphalia, to discuss international problems of the Church in Germany.

Cardinal Von Preysing, on the occasion of his solemn entry into his Cathedral in Berlin, stated that the honour bestowed on the Bishop of Berlin by the Pope is in thc first instance a token of appreciation of the steadfastness with which the Catholics of Berlin resisted the fight against our Church.


Catholics of Venezia Giulia have asked, through their bishops and political organisations, that the Allied Boundary Commission should receive a delegation From them. It is stated that the Russian delegation has opposed the request.

Brilliant weather favoured the celebration of the Feast Day of St. Benedict at Monte Cassino. In the new temporary monastery, many monks were able to gather for the occasion. The entire community it is hoped will be able to return to Monte Cassino SOM.

A hospice to be called The Shoo

Shine Hotel, has been opened in Rome. Cardinal Spellman paid a visit to it recently. Organised work was begun about a year ago by the Salesian Fathers.

At a meeting of the executives of the Rome section of the ChristianDemocrat (Catholic) Party, 9,000 out of 13,000 members present voted in favour of Italy becoming a Republic.


Warsaw Radio reports that an honorary committee of ceremonies has been set up in connection with the return of the famous altar of Wit Stwosz to Cracow. The Committee is headed by Beirut and includes Cardinal Sapieha and Blond. The altar is due to reach Cracow at the beginning of Aril.


Dr. Rogerson, medical director of the Cassel Hospital in Swaylands, psychiatrist of international reputation, has been appointed medical director of the Catholic Scion Institute of Psychiatry, Baltimore, which is conducted by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

The Knights of St. Columbus have sent a letter to President Truman, vigorously protesting against the " highpressure procedure of unwarrantable intervention in Spain," which they declare has been ." instigated by Communists in France."

It has been announced at the White House that Myron C. Taylor will return to Vatican City as President Harry S. Truman's personal representative to the Holy See.

YUGOSLAVIA It was announced in Belgrade on Friday last that three British papers were banned by the Ministry of Information, THE CATHOLIC HERALD,. Time and Tide, and Nineteenth Century and After. In a statement, the Ministry said, " The writing of these papers is full of insults and calumny against our country. They are also systematically spreading false and alarmist news."

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