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29th May 1942
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People: Bodkin
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—PROFESSOR BODKIN Professor Bodkin, of Binrningham, has been to Spain and Portugal to lecture on the culture of England and on its art in particular, having gone there on behalf of the British Association. Here are some of his impressions of Spain and Portugal at the moment.

PORTUGAL Atmosphere far happier than that in Spain. May possess subconscious fears which are seldom vocal, but lives In relative contentment. Officially preserves a strict neutral front, bra unofficially the people are very proAlly. Hard work on the land is very apparent; every inch of soil capable of being cultivated is being used to the fullest extent. The measure of that industry is reflected in the life of the community.

SPAIN German propaganda simply staggering; the whole of the Press controlled by Germans, but to Spanish readers the news Is always suspect. Keeo desire to receive a true picture of conditions In England. Spanish people may not unreservedly support Britain, but they admire her. Politically, Spain would appear to be both anti-Hitler and even more and-Bolshevist. No one suggests any alternative to Franco government at the moment. Socially, conditions are not good, due to lack of organhatlon. People can purchase many articles from shops If they have the money, but for the poor there is a terrific ohortage of creature colufnriS. Bread Is bad and the black market Is rampant. Germane are sucking the country dry. In spite of vicissitudes, the country maintains a close interest in national culture,

Professor Bodkin lectured on English portraiture (Reynolds and Gainsborough), English landscape and English medieval art. The principal addresses were delivered at the British Institute in Madrid, the National Museum in Lisbon, the University of Coimbra, the University at Oporto, and the College of Fine Arts at Oporto.

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