Page 6, 29th May 1942

29th May 1942
Page 6
Page 6, 29th May 1942 — Communists Talk the Multitude in the Language of Trafalgar Square

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Organisations: Leeds University
Locations: London


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Communists Talk the Multitude in the Language of Trafalgar Square

By a Staff Reporter.

Close on 50,000 people assembled in Trafalgar Square on Sunday night. It was the muchheralded Communist rally, and it attracted this huge mass of party members and others from many parts of Greater London.

I arrived in time to watch the collections being taken. It was an objectlesson in generosity and sincerity. Two thousand pounds were raked in within twenty minutes in successive appeals for notes and larger and smaller coins. But it was also a triumph of masspersuasion. Had I been even the most wishy-washy Marxist, my hand would have stolen into my pocket and my money would have leaped into the jingling bags at the commanding magnetism of that ear-filling voice.

A Catholic graduate of Leeds University joined me as Pallid began to speak. Both of us sags flaws in his in

passioned speech demanding principally the opening of a second front arid the lifting of the ban on the Daily Worker. But logic looked insignificant beside the towering effectiveness of the appeal to the patriotism and democratic feelings of the crowd.

The better conduct of the war, with victory in 1942 as the aim in view, was the alleged reason for this display. This was thundering good propaganda with the kick of a giant mule. The remarks of my friend are worth recording; " Though the mass-appeal to the emotions is wrong. they're using she right weapons in one sense. They gel down to the level of the ordinary mass. Though it sounds almost blasphemous to say so in the present connection, that is what Our Lord did also: lowering or humbling Himself in the end to the degraded death of the Cross. When I see all this I remember that we have Christ's message, but these intent have taken Christ's ntethod from us in one important respect. How can we raise the ordinary Mail to the Church's level unless by coming down into the market place—into Trafalgar Square —and speaking the language he understands and in the vocabulary and pictures and interests that appeal to him? What's the earthly use of standing above him in superior style and talking over his head?"

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