Page 9, 29th May 1964

29th May 1964
Page 9
Page 9, 29th May 1964 — DIOCESAN ROUND-UP

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Keywords: Religion / Belief


Archbishop Heenan of Westminster.Sunday: Presides at Civic Mass. Whetstone Church. 10.30 a.m., parish visitation Headstone Lane. Monday! Addresses students. .Si. Mary's Training College. Strawberry Hill. 6.30 p.m. Tuesday: Visits Cardinal Manning Sehuuls, St. Charles' Square, and blesses new wing. 2.311 p.m. Wednesday: Attends talk on "The liturgy and the Constitution", Cathedral Hall, 3 p.m. hursday: Parish visitation. Hayes.

Arent:bible Beck of LIverpool.-Tuday (Friday): Addresses ast.m. Catholic Social Se/Tice Bureau. TOYill Hall, 3 p.m. Saturday: Interviews eandidaies fur the priesthood at Curial Offices. 10 a.m. Attends Catenian dinner, p.m. Sunday: Amens and preaches at civic Mass at Leigh. II a.m. Assists and preaches at Dialogue for Catholic Nurses' Cathedral. 3 pen. Monday: Visits St. Vincent's Blind School. 3 p.m.: Visitation and Confirmation at SS. Peter and Paul's, Ilarefineh, St. Helen's. 7 p.m. Tuesday: Distributes 'gins at All Hallows CtirlS' School. Speke, 8 pan. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Mary's, Blackhrook.

Archbishop King. Bishop of Portsmouth.Monday: Confirmation and Benediction at Parleigh House sehuol, Earleigh Wallop. Friday: Consecration of altar and Mass at church of the immasklate Conception. Westbournemouth. 11.30 Et.M. Sunday: Conk-elegem and Pontifical Benediction. St. Theresii'e,i,ition. 3.30 p.m.

B ishop Pareer of Northampom.-Sunday: Gives holy Communion, S a.m.; Corpus Christi precession, 6.30 p.m.. Cathedral. Wednesday: Attends Chapter and other diocesan meetings, Northampton.

Bishop Brunner of filiddleshmugh.Sunday: Presides and preaches Mayor's Sunday !O&M, St. Patrick's, Thornaby. Iia.m. Monday: Attends reception Guild of St. Luke, SS. Cosmic% and Damian, for Bishop Wheeler, Middlesbrough. 8.15 p.m. Wednesday: Attends Newman Society reoepe tion for Bishop Wheeler, Middlesbrough, 8.15 p.m. Thursday: Pontifical Mass for golden jubilee celebration, Sacred Mean church. Recker, 11 a.m.

Bishop Rudderhans of ClIftom-Sunday: Confirmation. St. John's, Bath. 3.30 p.m.; Presides at High Mass at Pro-Cathedral. 6.30 p.m.

Bishop Cooderoy of Southwark. Saturday (tomorrow): Ordination at Coulsdon. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation at Hampden Park and Rye. Monday: Mass for school children at Crawley; Confirmation at Worth Priory school. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, West Croydon. Wednesday: Open day for clergy at Wonenh. Thursday: lion and Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Wimbledon.

B ishop Restleauz of Plymouth.-Sunday: Pontifical Benediction after annual Corpus Christi procession in grounds of St. Bonif ace's

College, Plymouth. 3 p.m. Wednesday: Confirmation and visitation at Stepehill. Dorset 6.30 p.m. Thursdae: Confirmation and visitation at Lyme Regis. Dorset. 6.30 p.m.

Rishop Cunningham of Hezham and Newcastle. Sunday: Visitation, St. Mary's. Alnuick with Confirmation at 3,30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Anne's, Sunderland. 7 P.m. Thursday: Visitation, Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Windiestone. 7 p.m.

B ishop Dwyer of Leeds.-Sunday; Confirmation at St. Teresa's Church and St. William's Church, Sheffield. Monday: Consecretion of Church of the Holy Spirit, Heekmondwike. Tuesday: Visits sick and schools at St. Stephen's, Skipton. and Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Silsden. Wednesday: Opening of Catholic Women's League's Old People's Home, Beeston, Leeds; Governors' meeting. St. Thomas Aquinas G1211111120 School, Leeds. Thursday: Governors' meeting, Cardinal klinsley Grammar School, Bradford. Friday: Meeting of Hierarchy Committee at Archbishop's House, Westminster. Saturday: Open Day at St. Thomas Aquinas Grammar School. Leeds.

B ishop Foley of laneaster.-Satueday: Ordination at St. John Vianney, Blackpool, 10 a m.: Attends meeting of Serra Club, Iddwood, 2.30 p.m. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation nt Erixington, 6 p.m. Thursday: Cunfirmation at St. Austin's, Preston.

Bishop Granar of shreeshurs.-Soneayl Presides and preaches at Mayoral Mass, Oswestry, 11 a.m.; Confirmation at Craven Arms. 5.30 p.m. Thursday: Sings Anniversary Mass for Bishop Moriarty at Cathedral, 11,30 a.m.

ORDINATIONS Westminster.-Arshbishop Heenan ordained the following students of St. Ednitind's College. Ware. at Westminster Cathedral on Whit Saturday: Rev. Francis Hegany, Neville Symington, John Perry, Peter Day. John Woods. Michael Roberts, Antony Binning. (All for the diocese of Westminster.) Rev. Victor °case was ordained for the diocese of Geed. Uganda: Rev. Simon Rulatekuntrwa. for Bukoha. Tanganyika. On the same day in the chapel at Warr, Bishop Cashman, Auxiliary of Westminster, ordained Rev. Patrick Carey (Westminster). The following were raised to the Diaconate: Rev-v. Charles, Alt, C.M.F.: Justin Rodriguee. CALF.; the following Were ordained eub-deacotts: Revv. Brendan Soane, Michael Garnett. James Woolokthan, Philip Divcrryhouse, George Ennis, Henry Carlin, Richard Champion. Michael O'Meara, John Crowley. (All for the Westminster diocese.) Also: Rem Andrew I avert y. C.R .1 .A., Christopher Fullerton. 0( 5.

Oeentl College.-On May 19 Archbishop Grinehaw of Birmingham ordained the following to the sub-diaconate: Rem C. Crawford (Northampton); P. Evans (Clifton): A. Foreman (Northampton); T. Glan (Northampton); D. Hall (Brentwood): A. Handforth (Rirmingliartee D. Renky (Birmingham); J. Lawless (Salford); A. eleGavin (Birmingham); D. Oliver (Birmingham): J. O'Neill (Birmingham); E. Reville (Clifton): G. Ryan (Northampton); 3. Smith (Northampton); C. White (Northampton): M. Lloyd (Cardiff); D. Smith (Northampton).

English College, Lisbon: On May 23 Archbishop Maximilian Furstenberg. Archbishop of Palm and Papal Nuncio to Portugal, ordained the following to the priesthood: F.Calderbank. Liverpool; P.Sheridan, Leeds; B. Shaw. Leeds; T. Higgins, Brentwood: G. Hetherington, Portsmouth; P. Chappell, Westminster: J. Swann, Southwark: P. Harrison. Clifton; M. Delaney. Cardiff; P. Devaney, Birmingham. The following were ordained to Subdiaconate: Revs. P. Sartori. Mcnevia: G. Ellis, Nottinitham.

MAY HE REST IN PEACE Fr. William Brown, S.D.B.

Fr. William Brown, S.D.B., probably the first army chaplain to fly in Eneland the new with Col. Cody at Farnborough in 19010, died in Oxford on Wednesday last week. He was 65 and had celebrated his diamond jubilee in 1962. 'Though It failing sight for many years, he learned Braille no that he could continue his lifelong habit of reading and studying.

Born in Sheffield. Yorks., in 1878. William James Sebastian Brown entered the Salesian College, Battersea, as a student in 1892. He was ordained there by Bishop (later Cardinal) Bourne in 1902.

He became successively Master of Novices, Superior and Parish Priest at Burwash, teacher and in charge of aspirants and lay brothers at Battersea. confessor to converts, and army chaplain.

In 1910 he was back at Battersea as Professor of Theoloy and at this time secured hi B.A. and L.C.P. In 1919 he became first Prefect of Studies (Headmaster) at the then new Salesien College. Cheresey. From 1921 to 1945 he held posts successively as reacher of philosophy and general examiner in philosophy and theology, chaplain to Notre Dame nuns. Battersea, and Conlessor at Thernieigh College, Button. lie meted in 1945,

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