Page 8, 29th May 1981

29th May 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 29th May 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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0 W Ordination, M Mem V Re Visitation. C Confirmation

Page 8 from 22nd February 1985

Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Nume, Archbishop of Westminster:

Fridey: Lourdes. Sunday: Preaches University Sermon, St Mary the Virgin. Oxford. 10.15 are. Monday: Meeting with Central Services Senate. Archbishop's House, arn_ Silver Jubilee of Priesthood. Mass. Hemel Hempstead. 7_30 cm. Wednesday: CCM and planning for the Spirit team. Archbishop s House. am_ Mass and meets parishioners, Haringey. 7_30 pm. Thundery: Meets newly-ordatned priests, Archbishop's House.

Archbishop Dwyer of Blrmingharn: Sunday: Mass, Oxford Chaplaincy. 11 ant Tuesday: Chapter Mass. St Chad's Cathedral. 12 45 Pm Archbishop Warlock of Liv•rpoot: Tuesday-Wednesday: Beard of Governors' meeting, Ushaw College. Durham. Thursday: Archbishep's Council meeting, Curial Offices, 10 am.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Mass and confirmation. Downside Abbey. 6.30 pm. Attends Diocesan Pastoral Council at Bristol Polytechnto Mass. 10 15 am. Saturday: Visitation. The Immaculate Conception, Stroud. 4 pet. Sunday: Visitation and Mass, The Immaculate Conception, Shroud_ Mass and eonfirmation. 10.30 arn. Monday: Mass and inducts Flt Rev Mgr, Donald McMillan as Priest-in-Charge cf St Augustine's Church. Matson. 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Attends Meeting of Junior Priests at St Ambrose, Leith Weeds, 1 I arn-3.30 pm. Mass on occasion of -retirement of FP_ Rev Mgr_ T. J. Hughes, Clifton Cathedral. 7 pet. Wednesdey: Attends Meeting of DioCesan Finance Committee meeting. St Ambrose, Leigh Woods. 4 pm. Mass and confirmation, Sacred Heart. Westburrecn•Trym, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Mass on occasion of Teachers In

Service Day at St Joseph s School. Ponishead. 12

noon. Mass and confirmation, Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Milton 7.30 pm.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Northern Bishops' Review Committee Saturday: Faith and Light Ttustees, Birmingham, Sunday-Monday: Visitation and confirmation, St John' s , Bridg north Tuesday-Wedn•Eday: Governors meeting, Ushaw. Thundey: Management Committee Dehon House.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Sunday: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingharn. Tuesday/Wedneedey: Northern Biihops, Ushaw College. Durham Thursday: Visits schoor and sick, Preswich, I 030 arn.

B ishop Clark of East Anglia: Monday.: Catechists Commissioning. Thetford_ Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham. Tuesday: Chapter meeting and Mess. St Chad's Cathedral. 11.45. Mass and confirmation. St Augustine's, Coventry, 7 pm. Wednesday: Mass and confirmation. St John, Tamworth, 7.30 pm Thursday: Mans and confirmation. Christ the King, Coventry, 7 pm.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: FridaySaturday: Mass for conferring of ministries, St Johns Seminary. Wonersh. Confirmation, Crowthorne. 11 ern. Confirmation. Our Lady Help of Christians. Farnborough. 4 pm Wednesday: Blesses new extension to Church. Hungerford. Berks. Thursday: Governors' Meeting, LSU College of Higher Education. Southampton. 2.30 prn.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster -Friday: Meeting of representatives of Blackpool Deanery Council. Bishops House 11 am. Sunday: Attends Golden Jubilee masses at Scorton, Preston, Torrishointe and at Eccleslon. Tuesday-Wednesday, Attends Meeting of Northern Bishops, Ushaw College Bishop Grant of Northampton. Friday: Everting confirmation, Holy Ghost, Luton, Saturday, Consecrates Church. Rushden Sunday-Friday: Rome B ishop Grey of Shrewsbury, Saturday: Confirmation, Moor Park. Ludlow Sunday: Altar Servers Award. St Joseph-s. Upton_ Monday: Attends Oekengates and Donningtoe Assocration of Churches Eeumenical Supper TuesdeyWednesday: Governorsmeeting. Ushavy, B ishop Guanelli, Biahop in Earl London: Sunday: Visitation and Confirmatioc. Portuguese Church, 5.30 pm. Monday: Central Services Senate meettng, 10 arn Tuesday: Meeting with Conti, mend/. Camden, 7.30 pm. Wednesday, CDA. 10 are. Confirmation Kentish Town, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Hann of Middlesbrough: Saturday: Vocations mass. Mount Grace Sleine, Osmotherley. 3 pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Our Lady's Church. Lealholm, Mass, 10.30 aim Tuesday-Wednesday: Attends Northern Bishops Meeting, Ushaw College. Durham Thundery: Attends Clergy Study Day. Newiands Convent, Middlesbrough ' B ishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Sunday: Mass. Legion oil Mary. Damascus Mouse. 9.30 are. Confirmation_ Sacred Heart and Mary Irernacurate. Mill Hill, 11 30 am Tuesday: Meeting of Deans, 1.30 pm Chapter. 4.30 pro Werfneaday: COAL 10 ant.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Attends Centenary celebrations, Corpus Christi, Brixton, 6 om. Attends Opening Service of thn Ecumenical Mission to Chat:it-tarn 7 30 pm Saturday: Mass ror Priest's Gulden Jubilee of Ordination. Dorking 10 arc Attends Prayer aftereoon with mass kg the Charismatic Prover Groups-of the South East Area. Ctayfred, 2.30 TO 4.30 pm Monday: Presides at D-ocesim FiralICe meeting. 11 arn Meeting of the Diocesan Bishops, 2.30 pm. Tuesday: Chapter Mass anti meeting, S. George s Cathedral. Suuthwary 11 am. School Reorganisation meeting of Parents St Totem's School. Bermoni B pm. Thursday: South London Ecumenical Sponsorieg Bodies meeturg, Crowherst. 11 am to 3 pm. South East Area Justice and Ppaes meeting, Blackheath 6 30 TO 8.30 orh Bishop Hitchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Bishops' review committee. Haar ewood Castle, Yorkshire. Tuesdey-Wednesday: Governotsmeeting, Ushaw College. Co_ Durham, Thursday: Archbishop's Council, Curial Offices. 10 am Confirmation, Our Lady of Walsinghant, 7.20 Bishop Holland of Salford: Sunday: Diocesan Norm-nage to Walsingham. 'Tuesday/Wednesday, Northern Bishops, Ushavy College. Durham.. Thursday: Rescue Council. Didshury. 11 am.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Cent,ral London: Sunday: Confirmation. French Church, 10 am, Monday: Meeting of Catholic and Anylican Deans, Kensington, 10.30 aan. Mass. Allen Hall, B pm_ Tueaday: Deanery meeting. White City, 1 r am. Confirmation Brook Green, 7 pm Wednesday: COO Meeting, Archbishop s House. 10 are. Confirmation. St Charles' Square 7.30 pm_ Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham: -•Monday: Mass and Cunfirrnatiun, USAAF, Upper Hayford. 6 ram Tuesday: Chapter meeting and mass, St Chad's Cathedral, 11_45 am Wednesday: Council meeting, Selly Oak Colleges.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Saturday: Mass. Catholic Children s Sociaty Good -Shepherd. .41^01d. 3.30 per Rishop McMahon of Brentwood: -Sunder Mass, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Stock. 9 30 an, Tuesday: Attends Chapter mass and meeting. Brentwood, 11 ann. Attends AGM of Diocesan Trustees, Ursuhine Colvent Brentwood, 2 pm. Visits Staingfield, Chelmsford. pen Wednesday, ',..1sitotion and confirmation. Our Lady Help of Christians and'St Helen's Westcliff. Thursday: inten,ews prospective church Students, Ursuline Convene, Brentwood. 2 pm. Mess arid confirmation. Sr James the Less and Si Helen Colchestec 7.30 pm.

Bishop o'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Monday: Confirmation. St Benets. Netherton, 7 30 pm. Tueeday-Wednesday: Governors' Meeting. Ushaw College. Co. Durham. Thursday: ArchPshop 5 Council mee-tIng. Curial Offices. 10 am. Mass arid presentation of the Bene Merenti Meda.. Sacied Heart. Liverpool. 7 pm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Attends Canon 0 Moriarty Golden Julatlee celebrations. Attends meeting of committee for Europe, pre Saturday: Mass, AGM of CVVL Arundel Cathedral, am. Epsom Deanery Confir nation. Arundel Cathedtar. 3 pre. Sundays Visitation. Chichester Parish. Tuenday: Waking Deanery confirmation. Our Lady Gueen of Heaven. Frirniey, 7.30 art. Thursday: Eastbourne Deattery Confirmatiun Out Lady of Frensom Easthounse 7.30 Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday-Saturday l English National Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Tuesday: Harts and Beds. Ecumenical Con sultative commit,. 10 am Wednesday: CDA Archbishop's House. 10 am Conifers ministries on 'Jurors students at Elstree. 530 pm Thursday: Confirmation. Been-floor are Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria, Sunday: Confirmation. St Bede's. Carlisle. 11 am. Tuesday-Wednesday: Attends meeting of Ushayv Governors Thursday: Visits St Gregory 5. Preston.

B ishop Restieaux of Plymouth: Sunday: Visitation Mass. The Assumption Rediutt•10 aer. Presides at Mass. St Agnes Cr1111Ch 1 I.30' Crrlfil• motion service Chuich of Assumption Redryith. 3 pm. Monday: Mass. Camborne Primary Suhool 9.30 are. Wednesday: Atmencin DenIcatic01 New Chapel, Dernford New Hospital. Plymouth 3 prn.

Biahop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday , Attends Liiurgy Study Day at Addiscombe. Monday-Friday: Visits various pens' institutions in the diocese of Sonthyyaris. Wednesday: Attends Schoulh meeting. Battersea Town Hall, 8 pm B ishop Walmsleiy, Bishop of the Forces: Saturday-Sunday: Visitatice RAF Abingdon TF.sue,sdboe:%Vhicsfitia,,temadministrative COursail meeting.

Biehop Wheeler of Leeds: Saturday: Mass Rosary Rally, Hades'/cod CaSee. 3pm. Sunday: Solemn Mass tor Lisid Mayor s lestailation. Cathe MA, 11 are Annuar Pilgrimage Macs Our Lady of the Crag. Knareshorough. at pm. Monday: Attends Reception for Rabbi Brown_ Civic Hall, Leeds. 7 30 Tuesday-Wednesdey: Meeting of Northern Bishops, Usharyi College.

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