Page 8, 29th May 1998

29th May 1998
Page 8
Page 8, 29th May 1998 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES 31ST MAY 6111 JUNE Cardinal B Hume (Westminater):Sun:

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BISHOPS ' DIARIES 31ST MAY 6111 JUNE Cardinal B Hume (Westminater):Sun:

M, Westminster Cathedral, 10.30, U Thanksgi for the life of Mother Teresa, Westminster C'dr.d Hal], 6.30. Tue: Canons Dinner, 7pm, Thu: Cons'n of Altar, 0 1. of Rosary-, Staines, 7pm. Fri: C. 0 I. of Victories, Kensington, 6.30. Sat: C, Whitton, 6pm.

Archbishop M Couve de Murville (Birmingham): Fri: Archbishop's Council Mtg, 10am. Sat: A.G.M. Churches Together, B'ham, 2.30 Archbishop l' Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: Solemn M of Pentecost (televised), Cathedral of Christ the King, L'pool, Ilam. Tue: Ushave College Standing Comtee Mtg. Thu: PCTL Comtee Mfg, 7.30. Fri: Visits the Nugent Care Soc, I Oarn. Sat: Interaction J & P Comtee Mtg, London, am, V & M, St I.uke's the Evangelist, Winston, 6.30.

Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Sun: Adult C, Aylesford, 3pm. Mon: Area Bishop's Mtg, Archbishop's House, 5.30. 'rue: Mem. M for Fr. William Dinan, Clapham Park, Noon. Wed: Bishop's staff Mtg, St. John's Seminary, Wonersh. Thur: C, Herne Hill, 7.30. Sat: M & Inv., Knights of Holy Sepulchre, St. George's Cathedral. Sun: M for Jub. F.M.D.M. Sisters, Ladywell Convent, Godalming, 11.30, Bishop's Confer. Standing Cmtee, Ardthp's House, Westminster, 5.30.

Bishop C Murphy O'Connor (A & B): Sun: Visits Youth 2000 gathering, gi'intershall Estate, 10.45, Adult C, 'Weybridge Surrey, noon. The: Chair mtg of Deans, St Joseph's Hall, Storington, 4.30. Wed: Mtg at St Joseph's Hall, 11.30, Bishop's staff mtg, St John's Seminary, Wonersh,4prn. Thu: MtgLourdes Chaplains, St Joseph's Hall, 1 I am, Chairs mtg, St Joseph's Hall, 3.30, Worthing Deanery Arundel Cathedral, 7.30. Fri: S Jubilee of 0 to P'hood, 7.30. Sat: Woking Deanery C, Arundel Cathedral, 11-2.30.

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxil): 'rue: Chapter Mtg, I l am, Chapter M, 12.45. Wed: V, St Patrick's Sch. Wolverhampton, 2pm, & C, St Patrick's, 7.30. Thu: V, Rosary School, Saltley, 2pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council Mtg, 10, Visit, St. Gerard's Sch. Castle Vale, 2pm, C, Castle Vale, 7.30. Sat: 0 to Diaconate, St_ Chad's Cathedral, noon.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: M & C, Cathedral, 11.10. Tue: Liturgy Mtg, Sarum College, Salisbury, pm. Thu: Co of Priests, Cathedral Hse, Bnairwix,d, 10.30, Ded of Chapel, Millwood Hall Prison, Rayleigh, 6.30. Fri: Clerg.Study Day., Dioc Hse of Prayer, Brentwood, Sat: 0, Hainault, 11.30. Sun: Visit C, St George's, Walthamstow, Bishop M Alexander (Clifton): Sun: V & C, Clifton Cathedral. Tue: Formal opening Bristol Anne Frank Exhibition, Bristol, City Museum, pat. Wed: C, Holy Family Church, Swindon, 7.30. Thu: 150th AnnivM of Catholic Educ, Nympsfield, 9.30, C. St Peter's Church, Swindon, 7.30. Fri: Farewell Celebration for Baptist Superintendent, (SW Area), Upton Vale B't Church, Toquay, 7pm. Sat: Induction, Super'* of Baptist Union (SW Area), Upton 'Vale B't Church, Torquay, 2.30.

Bishop I' Smith (East Anglia): Stm:C, St John's Cathedral, I I am. Wed: C, St Neots, 7.30. Fri: CTS Nltg,1130.

Bishop A Griffiths (Benham & Newcastle): Sun: M, St Mary's Cathedral, 11.45, Inst. of Readers/Lectors , Ushaw College, 6pm. Tue: Social & Spiritual Regen. Conf. 6pm. Wed: Ushaw Mtg. I larn. mu: All day V, Annitsford, C, N Gosforth, 7pm. Fri: Cons. of Altar, St Mary's, Newton Aycliffe, 7pm. Sat: M, Annitsford, 6.30.

Bishop j Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: C M, Cathedra:, The: Broughton Soc A.G.M. noon. Wed: Ushaw nag I I. Thu: (in Jub. M. St. Anthony, Preston, 7pm. Fri: Gn Jub. M, St. Patrick, Morecombe, 6.30. Sat: Theol Comtee. Mtg. Oseon, 1 lam Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Sun: International M, Bradford, 7pm. Tue: Salford Univ Chaplaincy, 7.15. Wed: Ushaw College Goys' Standing C, Durham, tiara. Thu: C for Huddersfield Deanery, 7.30. Fri: M I 25th Anniversary of St Robert's Church, Harrogate, noon., C for Keighly & Skipton Deanery, Barnoldswick, 7.30. Sat: C, Menwith Hill USA base. Sun: V, St Joseph's Parish, Moot-thorpe.

Bishop V Malone (L'pool auxil): Sun: C, St Christopher, Speke, 11.15, C, Sacred Heart, Leigh, 6.30. Mon: C, St Helen, Crosby, 730. 'rue: L'pool Hope Univ College Staff Mtg, 2pm, C, St Alden, Wigan, 730. Wed: Cath Chaplaincy M, 11.30, C, Holy Name, Frazakerly, 7.30. Thu: C, St Joseph, Wrightington, 730. Sat: Joint Dial. Group Conf. B'ham.

Bishop JCrowiey (Middlesbrough): Sun: M , Cathedral, 9.30, Poverty Hearing & M, Cathedral, 5pm. Tue: Holy Hour for priests, Cathedral. 11,15, Vita with yg priests, Filey, pm Wed: Mai (cont.) Filey, am, M of C, St Alban's Redcar, 7pm. Thu: Mtg

with Priests Fraternity, Cms.sbeck, arrepm, M for Gn Jub. of S'd Heart, Redcar, 7pm. Fri: Mtg with grps of priests, Bishop's Hse, 12. Sun: S. Jub. of Rev 'Tom O'Neill, St Gabriel's, Orrnesby. I lam.

Bishop L MeCartie (Northampton): Tue: C, St Joseph's, Luton. Wed: Council of Deacons, Bishop's Hse, 4pm, C, Holy Family, Luton, 7.30. Fri: C, St Augustine's, Dayentry, 7.30. Sat: Parish D. Jubilee, Princess Rishorough, 1 lam, Sat-Sun: V, St Augustine's Datchet.

Bishop J McGuinness stress (Nottingham): Sun: C, St. Bnbs Cathedral, 11.15, S.of Sick, 3. Thuarisvce Day, Clergy, Goes, Heads, DiocCentre. Mackworth. Sat: UCM , St Bobs Cthdl, 2pm.

Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sun: C, Cathedral, am, Pigrimage to St Boniface, Crediton, pm. Mon-Fri: Clergy Retreat, Buckfast, Thu: Sec School RE, Buckfast. Fri: Even, Torquay, UptonVide Baptist. Sat: Alter Servicers Cel'n, Cathedral, am'pm.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: M, OE. Queen of Apostles, Bishops Waltham, I lam, Cons of church and C, Mon: Visit to Dem, Farnb'gh, 1 I am. Tue: Mtg with Guernsey Dean, Guernsey, 7pm, C, St Joseph & St Mary, Guernsey, 7pm. Wed: Bishop's Staff Mtg, St John's Seminary, 3.30. Thu: Omits Mtg, Bishop's Hsc, Portsmouth, 10.30-11. Fri: Advisory Board Mtg, St Anselm, Cliftonville, Kent, 10.30, 0 to Disco of K Bidgood & R Jennings, St Greg the Great, Alresford, 6.30.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun: C, Storrehurst College, 10am, M Sr C, Cathedral, 3pm. Tue: AGM & lunch Broughton Catholic's Charitable Soc. noon, UCM Rally, Lancastrian Hall, Swinton, 7pm. Wed: Chapter M, Cathedral, noon. Thu: Rescue Council Mtg. I 1 am, Mtg Council Christians & Jews, pm. Fri: Conf. with Chaplains in Education, Holy Cross College, Bury, I 1-3pm, Reception for Civic Leaders, Bishop's Court, Manchester, 7.30pm. Sat: Rescue Society Garden Party, 2pm.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: Pastoral V, OL& St Oswald's, Oswestry, Deanery C, Cathedral, 3pm. Tue-Wed: Annual Seminar, Nat Lit Comm., Salisbury. Thu: Mtg, Jesuit Spirituality Crntee. Preston, 1.45, Dean C, St. Anne's, Rock Ferri, 7.30. Fri, V. OL & Oswald's Print Sch, Oswestry, 9.45, V, St Patrick's Prim Sch, Wellington, 1.15, Deanery C, All Saints, Stirchley, 7.30. Sat: 'v".. Our Lady's, Stockport, 7pm.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Sun: M & C, Orpington, I lam, Adult C, Aylesford, 3pm. Mon: Dioc Bishop' Mtg, 5.30. Tue: Mem, M for Fr W Dinan, Clapham Prk, noon, M & C, Eltham, 7.30. Wed: B1 new bdg, Ss Mary & Joseph's School, Sidcup, I 1 am, Bishop's staff mtg, Wonersh, 4pm. Thu: M, Good Shepherd School, Aylesford, I I am, M & C, Lee, 7.30. Fri: MIS Vigil Mtg, Amigo Hall, 6pm. Sat: KHS Chapter mtg, 9am, Investure M, St George's Cathedral, 10,30.

Bishop John Jukes (S'wark Aux11): Sun: 0, D French, OlAnnunciation, Ackliscombe, noon. Mon: Mtg of Deans, West Mulling, 11.15, Mtg, Southwark Bishops, 5.30. Tue: Seminar, 2-4pm. St Mary's, Strawberry Hill, rpm, Wed: Wonersh Mtg, 4pm. Thu: C, St Thomas of Canterbury, Sevenoaks, 7.30. Fri-Sun: Official V, Gillingham.

Bishop Howard Tripp (S'wark Aux11): Sun: C, St George's Cathedral, 11.30, C, Faithful Virgin parish, L'Islonvood, 3pm. lvion:London Churches Group Mtg, 10am. Wed:Wonersh mtg, Mtg of Myrrh, Vauxhall, 6.15. Thu: Mtg of Health Care Chaplains, Boston, 11 am, Mtg of Multi-Faith Joint National Hospital Chaplaincy Consultation, Fielden Hse, 2.15, Lit Comm Mtg, A'bishop's Hse, 6pm. Sun: C, Roehampton, 11.30am. C for Portuguese community, Stockwell, 4.15.

Bishop V Guarnefti (W'rninster, E area): Sun: C, Clapton Prk, 6pm. Tue: C, Hackney, 2pm, C, Hornerton, 7.30. Thu: C, Hampstead, 7.30. Fri: Chinese Students, Mill Hall, am, C, MmHse, 7.30. Sat: Italian C, Brixton, 4pm, C, Clerkenwell, 6.30.

Bishop V Nichols, (W'minater, N area): Sun: C, St Margaret Clitherow, Graham Park, C, St Mary's, Ponders End, 3pm. Toe: CCB1Mtg, I Gans, C, St Edmund's , Edmunton, 8pm. Wed: V, St. George's RC school, Sudbury, pm, C, ST Peter's parish, New Barnet, 7.30. Thu: 1n-service, Notts Dioc heads am, (Si for New Catholics, St Philip's, Fincbley, 7.30. Fri: M, St. George's RC School, Sudbury, 8.30, Deans Mtg, 11am. Sat. V,St George's, Sudbury, Visit to Interfaith Pilgrimage at All Saints, Kenton, 12.15.

Bishop J O'Brien (W'mbister, Herts area): Tue: Re:IA Thanksgiving Service, Holy Rood, Watford, 8pm. Wed: Men Hall Students, Gate Hse, 3pm. Thu: Blessing Nursery, St John's School, Baldock, 11 am, C, St Vincent's, Potters Bar, pm. Fri: Blessing new school courtyard, St Teresa's Borehamwood, 9.30, Meets Hearts Catholic Head Teachers, St Annes Else, 4pm, C, St Alban & St Stephen, pm. Sat: C, St Hada's, Stephall, Stevenage, p Bishop P O'Donogime (W'rninster, W area): Sun: NI, Our I ady & St. Bridget, Isleworth, Rpm, C, St Matthew's. Northwed, Mon: Bishop's C, Migrant's Comtee Mtg, I 0.30, C, Our Lady of Grace, Chiswick, 7pm. Tue: Chapter Reception, 7pm. Wed: Heathrow Airport, Immigration Dep. 9-noon, C, Our Lady of Lourdes, Acton, 3pm, Sacred Hearts, Ruislip, 7pm. Thu: M, Our Lady & St Bridget, Isleworth, 9am. Fri: Area Deans Mtg, II am. Sat: Our Lady & St Bridget, Isleworth, 6pm.

Bishop F Wahnudey (Forces): Sun: Administers C, Raf Lvneham, liam. Thu: Chairs Pastoral Development Project Mtg, Aldershot. 10.30. Fri-Sat CWIL Pilgrimage, Walsingharn.

Archbishop J Ward (Cardiff): Sun: M, St David's Cathedral, Cardiff, I lam. Tue: Blessing of new Chapel in Llandough, 2pm. Wed: C for Parishes of Maesteg & Bridgend, our Lady & St Patrick's, Maesteg, 7.30. Thu: C, Parishes of St Helen's, Barry & All Angels, Caicos, Barry in St Michael's, Colcot, 730. Fri: Mtg with Pastoral Planning Group, Bishop Brown Hse, Cardiff, 5pm. Sat: V, St Brigid's & St Paul's, Cardiff, 6pm.

Bishop 13 Muffins (Menevia): Sun: C for Swansea Parishes, St Joseph's Cathedral, 3pm. No public engagements for 2 wk.s.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: C, Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Clem/ Assembly Loreto. Thu: C, Colwyn Bay, 7pm. Fri: Reception for Catholics in Public Life, Bishop's Hse, 7.30. Sat: Wrexham Liturgy Course.

Key: M-Mass. (;-Confirmation. VVisitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-,Meeting. Sch-SchaaL ES-liewnenical Service.

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