Page 1, 29th November 1946

29th November 1946
Page 1
Page 1, 29th November 1946 — Fr. Agnellus Andrew Replies to the Criticism of the B.B.C.

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People: Andrew Replies
Locations: Nottingham


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Fr. Agnellus Andrew Replies to the Criticism of the B.B.C.

Commenting on criticism of the Catholic broadcasting by the B.B.C., Fr. Agnellus Andrew, Catholic Advisor to the Corporation, has stated that last month the B.B.C. held a conference on Catholic broadcasting, to discuss all matters relevant to the subject. The conference was attended by the Director and members of the Religious Broadcasting Department and official Catholic representatives from every region of England and from Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Bishop. of

Nottingham presided throughout. A report of the conference is being pre pared by Fr. Agnellus and will he published in about a week.

Meanwhile, Fr. Agnellus in his statement notes that the name of every Catholic who has broadcast during the past year or more, was suggested to the B.B.C. by official Catholic representatives at headquarters or in the Regions, and the B.B.C. has always asked that the broadcast service should come from the priest's own church. No pressure of any kind has been applied during this time by the B.B.C. either as regards the form of service or the content of the sermon.

" Production " from beginning to end is in the hands of a Catholic priest. Broadcasters have been asked for doctrinal and dogmatic sermons, with the suggestion that the manner and terms used should take into account the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of nonCatholics as well as our own people.

In fact, Catholic priests have recently preached on Hell, Heaven, the Life of Grace (with the Sacraments, and particularly the Blessed Sacrament, as the main channels of Grace), on our Blessed Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces, and on Saints Peter and Paul.

The number of services, he states, is inadequate and does not reflect our members, vitality or significance. But the B.B.C. has honoured its

standing agreement with us. We have pressed for changes since recent developments. and especially the recently required autonomy of the Regions have caused the agree

meta to operate very differently front what was anticipated. And there is clearly need for some arrangement about Catholic broadcasts on the great feasts of the Church and on great public occasions such as Remembrance Day.

Nevertheless, Fr. Agnellus goes on to state, there has been great development of late. In the past twelve months the number of Catholic services broadcast at home has been multiplied by three. Scotland had, last month, its first Catholic service for several scars. Northern Ireland, which had never previously broadcast a Catholic service from its own territory. now has a Catholic service once a month; and once a quarter this is provided by the Northern Ireland

clergy thentieelvea.

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