Page 2, 29th October 1943

29th October 1943
Page 2
Page 2, 29th October 1943 — CAPITAL AND LABOUR

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Locations: Slough


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Sue-Your leader last week on 'he " Coal Deadlock " displays a deeper understanding of the fundamental problem of industry than has so far appeared in the press, or in any public utterance, in my humble opinion.

Many leaders of thought have spoken of the desirability of applying Christian principles to " trade," but none have yet dared to carry their arguments to their logical conclusion.

I have attempted to visualise a form of enterprise-the Workers Enterprisewhich would apportion thy rewards of that enterprise in fairness, reason and Justice, as briefly described in the attached leaflet of that name.

If a fair return on capital is regarded as five per cent., for example, then no enterprise should be expected to pay a dividend of more than five per cent., and then only for so long as that capital is needed in the enter

prise. All profits, then, in excess of that five per cent. should accrue to the workers who have, by their efforts, produced them.

A return to the original, and truly ethical, conception of the relationship between Capital and Labour in this manner would ensure that the labourer would receive the fruits of his labour, no more and no less. Every ground for dissatisfaction on his part would then disappear overnight. HENRY J. STODDART,

2, Sutton Avenue, Slough.

[We do not think it is possible to lay down a fixed percentage as " fair return on capital," nor to distinguish arbitrarily between the production value of tire various elements that go to form an enterprise. Our point was rather Mat with real moral, social and economic partnership between State, capital and labour such matters can be satisfactorily settled for each concern.


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