Page 2, 29th October 1943

29th October 1943
Page 2
Page 2, 29th October 1943 — MASS IN THE EASTERN RITE

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Organisations: Catholic Church


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Si,-There is a society known as the Society of St. John Chrysostom which, before the war, was responsible for the Mass of the Eastern Rite being celebrated in churches in this country. There could not be a more appropriate time than now for introducing the Eastern Rite of the Church to members of the Latin Rite. It is practised extensively in countries that are very much in our minds now-Poland, Czechoslovakia, • Greece, Yugoslavia, Syria and to some extent, we may hope, in Russia. Those who have attended a Mass in this Rite cannot have failed to bave been impressed by the beauty of the ceremonies, and a trans-. lation of the prayers, etc., reveals a language of stately simplicity. It IX, indeed, both stimulating and refreshing occasionally to see the church clothed in an entirely different garb and it should correct such entirely erroneous ideas that the Latin Rite is an essential ingredient of the Catholic Church or that it is the only one that is truly Catholic.


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