Page 2, 29th October 1943

29th October 1943
Page 2
Page 2, 29th October 1943 — SHORTS

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Locations: Preston


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" Funny, isn't It ?" (F. J. R.)

We have received a letter ending with these words, which states that certain contributors to the correspendence columns of the Catholic Press (a) hope " that no one is going to call the mass-murder of civilians immoral."

(b) hold " that whatever methods our leaders may employ to shorten the war will be morally justifiable."

If F. J. R. will substantiate his accusations, we will try to answer his letter ; for we think he has misunderstood the contributors in question. Certainly, as they stand, both (a) and (b) are clearly quite untenable.

A Catholic recently stated that all novels are automatically placed on the Index. What should one say to such a .person? (E. K.) The statement as it stands is a gross exaggeration which no Catholic with the elements of information or Commonsense could make. At the same time it es well to remember that any booknovel or other-which is obscene is on the Index by the natural law.

Can a Catholic marry a divorced non-Catholic? (E. K.) No Catholic can marry any civilly divorced person, assuming that the marriage of that person was valid, and that the other party to it is still alive, Medico, Preston.

What you say in your letter is most probably true. If you will send your full name and address, we shall be pleased to send you a fuller reply.

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