Page 2, 29th October 1943

29th October 1943
Page 2
Page 2, 29th October 1943 — WRECKERS OF BUTLER ' S

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Si.-Therc are only three mis

statements in your short report of the

I. I was not asked whether the Council for Educational Advance will be part of a widespread opposition that would wreck the Bill if it proposed to provide new denominational schools.

The question was " whether the Council for Educational Advance would be opposed to providing new denominational schools under the Bill,"

2. There was no point of order during the whole meeting and I did not need to profuse evasive and indirect. 3. No one, least of all myself, raised any question about " wrecking the Bill.

My experience of these meetings is that members of your faith are doing no good service to the Roman Catholic Church by misrepresentation, rudeness and iritoIerance-though I ought to say in regard to this particular meeting that I had no complaint-and that the discussions began and ended without illfeeling.


General Secretary. W.E.A.

[We are necessarily dependent on reports sent in, usually by the secretaries of the Assockations. It would be impossible far the paper to check the numberless ineduings,-Evrrog. C..H.1

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