Page 3, 29th October 1943

29th October 1943
Page 3
Page 3, 29th October 1943 — Garden in War E. J. KING AN urgent reminder is that

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Garden in War E. J. KING AN urgent reminder is that

everything • possible should be done to ensure a supply of salads throughout the while' and spring. It a too late to sow outdoors, but it is worth while sowing a very small and quickly maturing lettuce in a greenhouse to provide salads in the dark days. Toni Thumb is a well-tricd sort, but there are several excelleut ones. For outdoor arid frame work it is my late in the season ; but even partial success with winter salads epays our efforts. It is worth while risking the transplanting of even half-grown lettuces or endives to a position of safety under frames.or cloches or a sheltered border rather than to go without. Usually transplanting is fairly easy at this season.

Users of cloches will be able simply to put, these splendid investments finally in place, taking care in frosty spells to dose' up the ends. Even small lettuce plants are worth taking care of ; they come to early maturity next year. Endives are hardier, and can come through without any protection where lettuces fail. Make stre of some paisley, too.' with a little grass protection if possible. American or Land Cress is ready for cutting bow. But rather than go short of salads, and certainty rather than pay the fantastic prices of the shops, try a salad of finely shredded cabbage heart with a little grated raw carrot.

DEAD WOOD At leaf-fall we can usually tell which is diseased wood on fruit trees. It is not so easy later ou. Before it is too late, go round and trim eut the dead stuff now, also any cankered or similar wood. Especially do this where' mummified fruits are left on the trees. Remove them, and for safety remove the spurs near the infection, too, if you have plenty of these.

While about this work, carefully pinch off from the blackcurrants any buds infected with Big Bud. There is no mistaking them; they are about the size of small peas, and round inetead of pointed like the healthy ones. Burn all these big buds at once, and make a note of infected bushes for spring spraying.

All leek seed heads should, be brought in now for final drying. They will mature indoors until about Christmas if hung up where dry and not too hot.

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