Page 3, 29th October 1982

29th October 1982
Page 3
Page 3, 29th October 1982 — CND priest tells Moscow peace rally of 'pro-Soviet defamation

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Locations: Washington, Moscow


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CND priest tells Moscow peace rally of 'pro-Soviet defamation

by Christopher Rails MGR BRUCE Kent of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament called for a bilateral freeze on all new atomic weapons when he addressed a rally organised by the officiallyrecognised Soviet Peace Committee in Moscow this week.

Mgr Kent was invited to take part in the Peace Committee events to mark the 1982 United Nations Disarmament Week. When he addressed the committee on Wednesday, he told them: the `no first use' undertaking which you have given should be at once matched by the West. All work on new weapons of great accuracy should cease at once. Not only should Salt II be ratified but there should be an immediate

bilateral freeze. The partial test ban treaty should become the Total Test Ban Treaty as you have suggested.

"On site inspection arrangements for verification should be agreed. The nonproliferation treaty should be honoured in all its parts and the militarisation of outer space, now proceeding apace should cease at once. The transfer of weapons to the countries of the Third World should be put under the strictest international control and their security guaranteed in other ways. The only positive result of the 1982 United, Nations Second Session — the World Disarmament Campaign should be generously supported by every State."

He said that what Pope John Paul had called the "Cathedral of Peace" on his recent visit to Britain had to be built not only at top level but also in a thousand small ways, to include all the social groups of common' humanity.

If this sounded naive and simplistic, is should be compared with the irrationality of those who had led us to the present arsenals and present risks.

Mgr Kent took the opportunity to make a sideswipe at critics of CND who were claiming that it was pro-Soviet: "I have been amazed at the vigour of the defamation, always just within the law, which has flowed from Western militarists and commentators about our aims. and our motives. We are supposed to be pro-Soviet your instruments and amazingly,

they claim, even your paid servants. Believe me, we are not pro-Soviet, or Pro-Washington, or pro-Whitehall. But we are a very pro-human race."

He referred to what he termed the "cyclops syndrome" — a disease whereby political leaders saw evil in the enemy, but not in their own ranks. He criticised the West "which included in its vast network a long list of countries from Asia to Latin America of repression, cruelty and violence." Turkey. a Nato partner in the "free world" was "a brutal military regime persecuting trade unionists and peace workers alike."

But he also criticised the USSR for its military occupation of Afghanistan, the SS20 missile programme and the suppression of the independent Moscow Peace Committee.

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