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29th September 2006
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Page 14, 29th September 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Organisations: Missionary Institute, Liverpool Archehowsan Centre for Evangelisation, Assisi School, Council of Priests, Archbishop's Council, Formation Day, Oxford and Coventry Area Osairt College, St Mind's Church, Service for the Opening, Liverpool Hope, Bishop's Council, Opening Address, Justice and Peace Assembly, Guild of St Stephen, Bishops' Conference Retreat and In Service Count St Alban's College, Cardinal Newman School, Episcopal Council, OfECOR College, ES-Ecumenical Service, St Peter's School, FIIILUIEM Board, Committee for MiSSiOft, St Mary's Primary School, Archdiocesan Finance Advisory Committee, English Mxtyrs School, 10,30am Ecumenical Commission, Cafod Assembly, Bishops' Conference Retreat and In Service Course St Alban's College, English College, RC Primary School, Board of Religious Studies, Archbishops Council, V St Mary's School, St Benedict's RC College, Fzglish College, Litter Committee, Come St Alban's College, CAPDD Board, College of Consultors


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Keywords: Religion / Belief

October 1 to October 7

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun Mon: Annals Bishops' Conferarce mtg. Valladolid Spain. WedSun: Attends ML g of Presidents of tiumpean Bishops Conferences, St Petemburg. Archbishop V Nichols (Rimingliam): The 7pm North Stuffs Deanery opening Mtg. ClaytOn.Wed: Clerrgy Ongoing Fonnation Day, ()deed and Covenny Arca, OfECOR College. The: 930 Opening Address. The Wives Fellowship, Botanical (Rodeos: I I sin V St Mary's School, Nuneaton; 730pm Birmingham East Deanery Opening Mtg, Stechford. Fn. 930 Atchbishop's Couneil nag. ArchbrshopN Houser 7pn) Si thad's Association Dinner. Sat: 10ani Opening Address, Justice and Peace Assembly. St Peter's School, Solihull; 12pm MIMS 25th Anniversary of Midlands section of the Equestrian Oates of the Holy Sepulshre, St Chad's cathedral.

Ardthishop P Kelly (Livaspoolt Sun Mon: Bishops' Conference Retreat and In Servire Come St Alban's College, Valladolid. Spam. Tue. 730 pm Litter Committee Meeting Metropolitan Cathedral of Cbrist the KUlg, Livapool. Fri: 2pm Nugent Cure Annual General Meeting Floral Hall, Southport. Sat 10am Chinches Together in Lancashite Ram, Preston. Ardibialsop K MeDowdd (Southwark): Sun Mon: Bishops In-service Training Vall-. doll& Tue: Archbishops Council, Axilbishop's House 4pm. Wed: Council of priests. Sat: ordination to the priesthood of Sean O'Comsor and Beyruz Raf' al. St Geotge's Cathedral LICKM.

Bishop K Catry (Arundel & RiigIiton Sun: Sunday 24 Monday 2 Bishops' InService at Valladolid. The: CAPDD Board Meeting. Wed Golden Jubilee of St Francis of Assisi School, The Friary Crawley; St Mind's Church, Hailsharn. Fri: Breaking Turf for New Chusch Building. Woking; Mass Inc Permanent Deacons at Corpus Christi , Henfield. Sat CAR) Trustees Meeting.

Bishop MeGough (Wham atorit): The: 1030 Chapter Mtg: 12.15 chapter Mass: 7pm North Staffs Deanery Opening mtg, Clayton. Wed: Clergy ongoing Formation Day, Oxford and Coventry Area Osairt College; 730pm Mass and presentations. St Francis of Assisi school, Aldrtdge. Thu-Sat LNCPEL Mtg, Roehampton,

Bishop Prargeter (B'ham auxin: tue: 1030 Claimer Mig, 12,15 Chapter mass. Thu: 10-am Securing the Future Mtg, Coleshill; 730pm Bitmingham East deanery Opening biltg, Ste...Ilford. Fri: 930 Archbishop's Connell Mtg,Ardshishop's Howe, Sat: 12noon KtliS Silver Jubilee Mass, cathedral.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: Leads pro-life pilgrimage, Walsingharn Bishop 13 Lang (Clifton): Sun Mon: Insets:ice formation week at the Fzglish College, Valladolid, Spain. Wed:

4 pm Sonserset Churches Together meting. Bristol; 730 pin Confirmation.St Geotge, WamiinsterThu: 10.00 am Cumberledge Cormnission, London. Fri: 10 am Headleackans• Conference, Bath; 7pin Golden Jubilee Mass for Fr George 0 Sullivan MSFS, St Aldhclm, Malmesbury. Sat: 11DO urn Diaconal Ordination. Downside Abbey. Stratton-on-the-Fasse.

Bishop M Evans (Fast Anglia): Sun Mon: Bishops' 1n-service Training. Valladolid. Wed: Diocesan prism chaplaincy mtg at Potingland 1030am. Thu: Confirmations at Cogency 7pm. Fri. School service Commission Symposium at Poringland 10ant. Sat: Parish V to All Souls. Peterlaaough. Bishop J Ranstlborne (Hallam): Sun Mon: English College, Valladolid. Toe: Color] Bored and Trustees mtg. London. Wed; Assembly Management Committee Mtg, pastoral centre 1030ans: Committee for MiSSiOft dal Unity, pastoral dam 2.15pn); schools collaboration nag, St William's 730pm. Thu: Interfaith Working Group. Bishop's House 14_30aus Meeting of Deans, pastoral caure 11 am. 50th anniversary celebration, St Joseph's Rasymatrds 7pm. Eri; Celebnaion Mass. St Alban's. Denahy Main 730pm. Sat Cafod Assembly. London.

Bishop K Duan (Ilexham & Newcastle); Sun Mon: Attends Bishops' In-Service Training to Valladolid Wed: 11 30um Board of Religious Studies, Si Mary's Cathedral House; 630pm Financial Semiarid: Meeting. Hinsley Hall. Leeds. Thu: Financial Secretaries Meeting Hinsley HAD, Leeds. Fri: 9300m Episcopal Council andllustees Meeting; 7pm Maas at Our Lady Queen, Wheatley Hill. Sat: 1030xm Dieresan Youth Conference. Newcastle up:arsine. Bishop A Rods° (Leeds): Sun Mare bishop,' In-Service Valladolid. 'Nes 10am launch of the Leeds Community Civic Hall, Leeds, Wed: 7pm Appeal Meg, Cathedral Hall. Thu: 10am WYEC Executive Mug, Sr Luke', Headingley; 3pm Annual Review of Inter-Religious Dialogue, Hanley Hall; 7pm Cathedral Appeal mtg, Cathedral Hall. Fri: loam V05 nag, Bishop's House. Bishop V Malone (Upool auxin: Sun Marc Bishops' Conference Retreat and In Service Course St Alban's College, Valladolid, Spain. Wed: I pm Service for the Opening oldie Academic Year Liverpool Hope Uthversity: pm Pilgrimage Association Dinner Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Bishop T Wlfflame (1.; pool auxil): Sun to Mon. Bishops' Conference Retreat and In Service Count St Alban's College. Valladolid. Spairt.Tue: I lam Incluctiou &VILE far newly appointed Hospital Clasplams, Royal tivapool Hospital: Chapel 7pm COnfirmation: St Mary and Sr John, New:tonic-Willows. Wed: 12 Noon Celebrates Mass: St Matthew's RC Primary School, Skelmendale; 7pm Confimiation: Sr Pauick. Newton Thu: 2pm Award Ceremony: St Benedict's RC College, Liverpool; 7pm Coufimsanott Holy Rosary, Old Roan. Liverpool. Ms: Ethan Archdiocesan Finance Advisory Committee Meeting, Liverpool Archehowsan Centre for Evangelisation: 2pm Nugent Care Annual Ceneral Mooing Floral HA, SOlithpOrl. Sat: Visas isle of Man Pastoral Bishop J Crowley (Middlesboaugh): Sun: Attends Bishops' 1n-service, Valladolid Wed: Bishop's Council. Bishops House am; Induction of FT JP Leonard as Episcopal Vicar fos the northern Vicariate St Closet 7pm. Thu: Attends intg of diocesan rClallItC11 of RCIA SS Mary and Id:hard. Mahon 730pm. Sat Celebrates Annual Education Mass Cathedral 1030am Bishop P Doyle' (Northampton): Sun Mon: Bishops' Conference In-Service Training , Valladolid, Spain. The: 11.00am FIIILUIEM Board, Bishop'S House; 7pm Meeting Key Catechists, Coffee Hall. Milton Keynes. Wed: 2pm Opening of Science Block, Cardinal Newman School, Luton; 7san Mass for Year 7, Cardinal Newman School, Luton. Thu: Ilana Counell of Priests, Bishop's House; 2IX)-530pm Meetings. Bishop's House; 730pm Confinuation Sr Edmund's. Wellingborough. Fri: 11110am Mass for Golden Jubilee of St Brendan's, MIME/. Corby; 730prn Confirmation St Mary's,

Dunstable. Sat: 10,30am Ecumenical Commission, Heelands. M Keynes: put Mass for Silver Jubilee oboe Lady of QOM, High Wycombe. Sun: Visitation Guzadian Angels , Aylesbury.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun Mon: Bishons• In-Service rata, English College, Valladolid. Wed: Annual Mass for Re-affirming Diaconal Vows, St BLUTILtbLiS Cathedral I pm: Confirmation, Our Lady ol Lourdes, Mickleover 7pm. Thu: Celerbutes Mass for the 40th Anniversary of St Mary's Primary School, brigg. 1030un. Fri-Sat: KSC Supreme Council Mtg,Glasgov,. Bishop C Hollis Wonsmoudn: Sun Mon: Bishops' In-Service Training, Valladolid, Spain.

Bishop B Noble iShrewstgaryt No engagements.

Bishop P Hendricks IS 'walk Awn): Sun Mon: Bishops In-Service week, Valladolid. Toe: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House 4pm. Wed: Council of Priests, Amigo Hall I lam; College of Consultors,Archbishop's House 2prn.lhu: St John's Association Mass and AGM, Wooers!) Ilium Sat: Commissioning Of MillliSlera of Holy Commmion, St George's Cathedral 10am. Bishop J Hine (S•wark Auxil): Tut: Archbishop's Council mtg. Southwark 4pm. Wed: Attends Council of pnests Mrg, Mug° Hall 1130am; Attends College of Consultors mtg, Atchbishop's House, Southwark 2pm. Fri: Celebrates Mass and Thanksgiving at st Simon's Ashford lOarm Induction of pp at St Lawrence, Edenbriclge 730pm. Sat: CCRS Awards ceremony. St Dunstan, Southborough 12noop.

Bishop P Lynch (s' watt Auxil Sun Mon: Ongoing Formation Course for Bishops. Vaildolid: The: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House 4pm. Wed: Council of priests, Amigo Hall I I _Vials Fri: Farewell Mass for the Sacred Heart community at St L'had's, South Norwood 730pm. Sat Celebration of El Dia dela,. Americas Westminster Cathednd 730pm; Induction of Canon Into McHugh as pp of St Joseph's, Bromley 6P113

Bishop JAmold linger Auxil): Thu: 10ani Cumberlege Commission Mug, !media; 1230pm Mut of editors. of dimes= newspapers; 7pm Mass and Marian Novena at St Monica's, painless Green. 930um Archbishop's Council mtg., 730pm Opening Mass ot academic year, Missionary Institute. London. Sat: Parish V. St John Fisher, Notth Harrow, Bishop A Hopei (Wtninster Auxilb Sun Mon: Attends Bishops' In-Service Mtg. Valladolid, Spain, The: Attends Hammersouth and Fulham Deanery Mtg Brook Green; pm engagements Archbishop's House. Thu: Meets with deans of the West London area, Om lady of Victories presbytery; pm engagements, Archbishop's House; 730pm Mass. Centenary of Guild of St Stephen, Brook Green_ Fn: am Archbishop's Council mug. Archbishop's House: pm engagements Archhishop's House Sat: Pastoral V, St Raphael's, Yeadmg.

Bishop B Longley (W'Ininster Auxil): Sun Mon: Bishops' In-Service Training, Vailclolid, Spain, Wed V to English Mxtyrs School, Tower 1111 20n.Thu: 12 noon Catholic Women of the year luncheon, Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch; 330pm Day fur Life confess.= call. Fri: 930am Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House; 11 30run St Joseph's Hospice, %ski Ike:price Day. Mare St Eft; Papal Knights Mass Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick St Followed by dinner 7pm. Sat: 1030asn Youth Event; 4pm Ncw College Choir reunion, Oxford. Bishop G Stack (W.minster area): Sun Mon: Bishops' Conference. viluainiid, Spain. Bishop T BUMS (FCIM"-9 Sun: Bishops Conference Valladolid MonFri; Militras Chaplains Retreat Ampleforth.


Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sim Mon: Bishops' In-Service Ml g in Madrid. The: CAFE Mtg in St Brigid's Hadl, Cardiff 2pni. Wed: Child Protection Training Day for Clergy, All Hallows church. Miskin I 11 pm. Fri: New intake Mass at St Alban's Hiaja School. Pontypool lOatn; mtg in St s, Pontypool 12-2pm, Confumations in St Rolant's.Aberkenfig 7pm. Sat: Mass at Our Lastly of l_ourdes. Gabaega. Cardiff bon. Bishop M Jahal6 iMenevia1: Sun Mon: Valladolid Bishops of England awl Wales In-Service Meeting. Sat Day with Our Lady. Our Lady of Lourdes parish, Townilsill.Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: Bishops' In-service Training, Valladolid. Wed Anglican/RC meeting 2pm, Thu:

Meeting with Primary School Headteachers, 2pm; 730pin Catettion Dinner. Fri: 7.0fIlan Confirmations, Bangor. Sat: SW Festival and Mass. 2pm Buckley Visitation St Asaph.

Key: M-Mass, C-Confinnation.

hon. 0-Ordination. Mtn-Meeting. SchSchool . ES-Ecumenical Service.

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