Page 4, 2nd April 1948

2nd April 1948
Page 4
Page 4, 2nd April 1948 — CATHOLIC WORKERS' NOTEBOOK

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Locations: London, Newcastle


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THE holiday season saw many a organisations holding Easter Conferences all over the country. In London the Young Communist League occupied Islington Town Hall, and discussed everything from Communism to tea and buns.

They start very young in this movement and some of the delegates had not left school. But even at this early age, they had acquired the art of cheering with the cheer leader; applauding anti-British remarks, and screeching loudly when a " young democrat " from one of the Free States behind the ever clanging iron curtain " stated the party line One reporter described the young Communists as " the most politically conscious adolescents in Britain," and there were signs at lglington that this is true.

Ihe main results of this conference. however, were: That the young Communists would follow their big Brothers' example and infiltrate into every organisation they could; that great annoyance was felt with the Home Secretary. for daring to put the Fascists and Communists together. when he condemned evils of the day; that the catering side of the conference was excellent. Most of the delegates eat their tea and buns in the traditional Etonian style—gorging and gorging.

CLERICAL WORKERS AT Llandudno, North Wales, the

Annual Conference of the Clerical and Administrative Workers' Union discussed the ban on Communists in the Civil Service. A resolution asking for the withdrawal of the Government decision to ban the " Comrades " was defeated by 153 votes to 62. This Conference also unanimously approved a charter which demands a four-grade-salary scale, which would give engineering clerks a minimum ranging from 15 to £7 a week. The present rate is, on an average, Lst 10s. 6d

According to the correspondence 1 have received from members of this union, the present wage is considered totally inadequate and without going against the " freezing policy " I think that the demand of the Conference is a just demand.

By the way, talking to a bloke the other day about wages, he coyly remarked that many • who complained of receiving low wages. forgot to include Family Allowances when stating their income. Family Allowances, however, are not paid by the employer and should not excuse any payment of wages below the required standard.


THERE were lively scenes at the I' Co-operative Party Conference in Newcastle, and representatives of the Communist Party fought tooth and nail to get their resolutions passed. A motion. supported by three Labour Mies calling for a reversal of the Government's policy in Greece was passed by a large majority.


mORE trouble over the national ' wages award of 7/6 a week to transport men, took place in Lancashire last week-end. The holiday arrangements for thousands were upset, because bus workers at Atherton and Hindley refused to work as a protest against the award.

Mr. .1. 0. Dickie of the passenger transport group of the Transport and General Workers' Union. accused " a mischievous minority whose activities are under official observation," of being responsible for the unrest among the transport workers. It may be true, hut the men are genuinely hurt at the rejection of their claim for a fl rise.


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