Page 2, 2nd April 1965

2nd April 1965
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Page 2, 2nd April 1965 — .Armmd the Universal Church

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.Armmd the Universal Church


pRIESTS in Catalonia are say

ing Mass in Catalan instead of the official Spanish language, Castilian, which is spoken by most people in the region. It is believed that Bishop Modrego of Catalonia did not favour the move, but that the pressure from the priests of the strongly separatist region was too strong.

After the Spanish civil war, which ended in 1939, General Franco attempted to snuff out separatism by suppressing the Catalan language in schools and prohibiting publications in the language, although Catalan publications have recently been allowed again. The Catalans also embarrassed their opponents by publishing the official translation of the Epistles and Gospels in Catalan before the release of the Castilian translation,

In Barcelona, where there are many workers from other parts of Spain, Masses are said alternately in Catalan and Castilian in Santa Ana Cathedral and some of the large churches after complaints from many people that thy could not understand Catalan.


The first oriental group of Sisters to come as missioners to Latin America have settled in a small colony of Japanese immigrants from Okinawa Thcy are four members of the *Caritas Sisters, an order rounded in Japan, who went to Bolivia at the request of Fr. William Marley, M.M., of Belmont. Massachusetts.

• ISRAEL An Italian priest and doctor have become the first "righteous (kitties" to receive an Israeli medal for heroism in aiding the Jewish people in Europe. They were given to Fr. Arrigo Beccari and Dr, Giuseppe Moreali for their part in helping 100 Jewish orphans escape from the town of Nonantola. in Northern Italy. during the last world war, • TANZANIA Austrian youths are collecting fundk to build a new cathedral

for the diocese of leirema, Tanzania, to replaee an old building made of mud bricks. They arc members Of Katholische Lividiregend, the Austrian Catholic youth movement, who made a nationWide collection in January to aid Catholic projects in Sweden, South Korea and Tanzania.

• WEST GERMANY Dr. Kurt Scharf, chairman of Evangelical Church Council, told the Western Synod at its meeting in Frankfurt that his church was eager for co-operation and closer contacts with the Catholic Church. He expressed hope that a Catholic Protestant commission would be established soon to deal with the problem of mixed marriages.

• CONGO Pope Paul added a new name to the list of Africa's native-born bishops by naming Mgr. Gabriel 1.11sec to the diocese of flunia in the Congo. He had been serving as Apostolic Administrator of the See since the death of Belgianhorn Bishop Matthysen in 1963.


Refugees from Red China are arriving at the Catholic centre of Casa Ricci. in the Portuguese island colony of Macau, at a faster rate than last year. During the first three months of last year 443 refugees reached the centre. By March 18 this year. 739 had arrived.

• MALTA To help tin growth of the tourist trade and the general economy of newly independent Malta. the Church has leased land to a company for a holiday resort. containing gardens. a clubhouse. swimming pool and 400 houses, • N.:AIR:AN CITY Cardinal Herrera of Malaga received his cardinal's ring from Pope Paul in a ceremony at the Vence!' last Friday, and was given his title to the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, in the Parioli district of Rome. He was the only one of the 27 new cardinals not to receive hisred biretta from the Pope in St. Peter's Basilica on February 25. Be had remained !in Spain, where according to tradition, the presentation of the red biretta is made by the Chief of State, General Franco.


Several copies of the encyclical Mater et Magistra are reported to have been confiscated earlier this month at the Rio de Janeiro State Book Fair on the grounds that Pope John's treatise on social justice is "subversive". They were seized by officials of the Political and Social Order Department.

• CANADA Ottawa University spokesmen have described as "pure speculation" newspaper reports that the Catholic university is to divide into tett instittaiens, one officially Catholic and the other Christian in inspiration.

The French language daily. Le ornit, reported that the new St. Paul University would he made up of the ecclesiastical faculties of the present university operated by the Oblate Fathers, Ottawa University as such, the report added, would be placed under a hoard of governors made ttp of 22 lay members and eight Oblates,

• AUSTRALIA Dr. Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury has told congregations on two occasions during his tour of Australia how well the State education plan works in Britain. Speaking in Brisbane he said that Catholic and Anglican schools in England were regarded as "partners" in the system.

Catholics and three other church groups will staff apd maintain new residential uoits for elderly patients at State psychiatric hospitals in Sydney. This has been recommended by the New South Wales Health Council.

• UNITED STATES Mgr. Loyola OlDougherty. VicarGeneral of the Tucson diocese, Arizona, said last week that it might take 100 years to complete the reforms launched by the Vatican Council. "All the bishops will have to die," he said. "All the older priests and professors will have to go. The new look will come along as the youths now studying in the seminaries take over in the churches."

Fr. Francis J, Connel, C.Ss.R.. dean for religious communities at the Catholic University of America, Washington, expressed fear last week that the use of nonlethal gas in Vietnam would be an "opening wedge" to the use of poison gas. He granted, however. that the use of non-lethal gas against enemy troops was not in itself morally wrong, "In fact." he said, "it would he more merciful than lethal weapons."

The tiara of Pope Paul and a Gutenberg Bible will be the major additions at the Vatican Pavilion of the New York World's Fair when its second sesason begins on April 21. Mgr. John J. Gorman, the pavilion director. also announced that the Good Shepherd statue, on loan from the Lateran Museum in R ome. will he repositioned for better v'ewing. Michelangelo's Pieta, seen last year by 13.823,037 visitors, will remain in its setting.

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