Page 11, 2nd December 1938

2nd December 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 2nd December 1938 — " STRATOSPHERICAL INSIPIDITY " Italian Writer Fights . Back at Anti-Fascists

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Organisations: Ku Klux Klan, Tammany Hall
Locations: St. Louis, Florence


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" STRATOSPHERICAL INSIPIDITY " Italian Writer Fights . Back at Anti-Fascists

A tilt against ideology-infected Catholic writers in the democracies is made by the well-known Italian writer, Guido Manacorda, in the Florence newspaper, La Nazione.

First, he drops heavily on Temps Present, a Catholic review, for its special number devoted to Fascism. The writer does not approve of Fascism being called a " modern form of tyranny," " Moloch," " Leviathan," " made by souls who love slavery," " the sin of Europe."

The writer, as an Italian, and apparently a Catholic, thinks this is going too far. In a number devoted to Fascism, he asks, why not mention the rehabilitation of the family, the maternity and children welfare work, the fight against malaria, deserts, and marshes, etc.? This would be better than criticisms of a "stratospherical insipidity." L'Aube, Left-Wing Catholic newspaper, is attacked also, for its anti-Fascist bias, and La Croix is upbraided for not printing a protest by a Spanish Bishop against an anti-Nationalist article.


American Catholics who are " shocked " by brutalities in the Axis countries, are reminded of lynchings, Ku-Klux-Klan, Tammany Hall, " Fordismo," and Wall Street.

Next, England. Donald Attwater, former editor of the CATHOLIC HERALD, " greatest organ of English Catholics," is pilloried for his pacifism. Mauriac, the French novelist, calls force " hellish." These writers, especially French Catholic pacifists are invited to consider St. Louis, St. Joan of Arc, and many other warriorsaints, This doctrine of non-resistance is the ancient Gnostic heresy, says Manacorda, and gratefully quotes " wiser English Catholics " who call it a poisonous heresy.

Our French Friends

The writer concludes by repudiating the identification of latter-day democracy with Christianity. The Church acknowledges any form of Government acknowledging Divine and human rights.

" Finally, for our French friends . . . instead of eternally splitting hairs (bizantineggiare) on the metaphysical essence of

the human person ' and liberty,' prepare that atmosphere of sanity, discipline and sacrifice without which both are vain words."

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