Page 2, 2nd December 1938

2nd December 1938
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Page 2, 2nd December 1938 — SCHOOLS .IN THE NEWS

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Locations: Perth, Glasgow, Nottingham


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St. Joseph's College, Beulah Hill

The Old Boys' Club Dinner

On Saturday, November 26, the " 49 Club," the Society of Old Boys of St. Joseph's College, Beulah Hill celebrated the golden jubilee of the Club by a dinner and smoking concert at the Thames House Restaurant.

Mgr. Amigo, Archbishop-Bishop of Southwark was the president and about 160 Old Boys were present.

Mr. Valentine Smith, the chairman, in proposing the health of the Archbishop, referred to the progress in the diocese, and mentioned specially the work of the Travelling Mission which did so much good to Catholics living many miles from church.

His Grace thanked the Brothers for the good work they were doing, chiefly in the way of fostering vocations.

Rev. Bro. Simon, the headmaster, in reply to Mr. Redman's toast of the " College and the Club " gave a brief summary of the scholastic and athletic achievements of the year, and considered that in spite of the crisis and consequent hard times, the school was easily holding its own in numbers which remained in the region of 500.

The examination results were particularly gratifying and the erection of the new gymnasium had given an added impetus to physical training. He concluded by saying that in his opinion the present boys of the College were at least as hard-working as their predecessors.

Other speakers were Bros. David and Elwin, Messrs. Catling, Coates and d'Alton.

Bellingham, Kent

New Senior School for 240

St. Augustine's Catholic School at Beckenham Hill, well known for its allround efficiency and strong list of academic successes, has long been seriously overcrowded.

Recent building developments in the district have further aggravated the situation so that, even with outdoor class rooms and every available space in the school hall occupied by temporary classes, the accommodation is insufficient to meet the needs. Within the past few months over 100 pupils have had to be refused admission.

It is now proposed that the problem shall be solved by the parishes of Catford, Sydenham, and Bellingham uniting to provide a senior school for 240 children.


Extensions Needed at Becket School

The parents of the boys attending the Becket School, Nottingham, which was opened at the request of Bishop Dunn in 1931, themselves organised and conducted a bazaar in aid of the building fund for the college, held in the Circus Street Hall last Saturday.

The numbers in the school have now reached the hundred mark, and further building is essential.

The school, which is the only Catholic Secondary School for boys in Nottingham, is conducted by the Fathers of the Assumption.


Plans for New School Passed

Parkhead, Glasgow, where some time ago Catholic parents threatened a school strike unless better accommodation was found for their school children, is to have its own school.

Glasgow Dean of Guild Court, last week passed plans for a new school in the district, for the parish of St. Michael's. Among the features of the new establishment are a fully equipped cinema and wireless hall, with projection and rewinding rooms, a large stage, and seating accommodation for over 500; laundry rooms, cookery rooms, special rooms for boys learning trades, and rooms specially fitted for very young children.

There are also to be spray baths, a large drill hall and ground for gardening. The school is planned to accommodate 1,000 pupils


Headmaster Traffic Conductor

The headmaster of the Catholic school of St. John Storment Street, Perth, has recently been in the news as one who refuses to let his responsibilities for his pupils end with the end of classes.

Pictures of Mr. James Hogg, the headmaster, shepherding his pupils in long rows across the road outside the school have ap peared in the Press. The crossing is, as a matter of fact, a particularly busy one.


A New Senior School for Four Parishes

A new £30,000 senior school is to be built in North Road, Darlington, for local Catholic children.

A grant of 75 per cent. of the cost had been made by the committee and the remaining 25 per cent. would have to be raised by the local Catholic community.

The proposed site of the new building is opposite St. Thomas's Aquinas Church, Harrogate Hill, but the land has not yet been bought.

The burden of the cost will be shared among the four Darlington parishes, and the school will take pupils from all parts of the town. It is expected that it will be built by the end of next year, and is to accommodate 500 pupils.


£20,000 for Senior School

Barnsley Education Committee on Monday last approved a five-year plan of capital expenditure amounting to £224,605. Included in the plan is a new Catholic Senior School estimated to cost £20,096.

Record Bazaar at Soho

A three days' bazaar was held at St. Patrick's, Soho Square, last week. The Bazaar was opened on the first day by Lady Blanche Girouard, on the second day by Mrs. W. J. O'Donovan, wife of Dr. W. J. O'Donovan, of Harley Street, and by Bishop Myers on the third day.

In the absence in hospital of the Rector, Canon Reardon, Fr. Burdett welcomed the visitors and parishioners. Canon Daniel, Dr. Mathew of the London University, and many of the local clergy were present. Bishop Myers was presented on Saturday with a bronze crucifix on which was the inscription : " With affectionate thanks from the Parishioners of Soho Square."

The Bazaar was in aid of the debt of St. Patrick's, Soho Square, and St. Anne's, Seaton Place, which together amounts to over £9,000. As a result of the Bazaar a sum of £375 was made, which is a record for the Parish.

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