Page 2, 2nd December 1949

2nd December 1949
Page 2
Page 2, 2nd December 1949 — 1 POINTS FROM LETTERS What Had Churchill l o

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1 POINTS FROM LETTERS What Had Churchill l o

Do With It?

'' Broken-Down Mater " may have just cause of complaint against the " Tory Bosses " (though I never heard of anyone, Tory, Liberal or Labour, adopting as a slogan so uninspiring a phrase as " To hell with you, I'm all right.") and it is Christian of him to try to forgive them.

But why should he drag in Churchill? Churchill was never Prime Minister during the years between the wars of which Broken Down Miner is complaining. Of the gentlemen who were (all now dead), one was it Liberal, one was Labour, and one (the last) had a passion for social reform, and was, in fact, though nominally a Conservative. much closer temperamentally to the Old-fashioned Birmingham Radical type of his adored father. ENDUE 'Dnw, Golders Green, N.W.11.

Litany of Loreto _

It is true. as Fr. Munster says, that the Litany 11711 be sung to the former melodies, with Ora pro nobis

after each invocation. But in this way the Litany becomes long and tedious, and there is a temptation to sing it too fast. There seems much uncertainty as to why. the old way was discon

tinued. Was it ever definitely forbidden, and if so could not the ban

perhaps be removed? Or was it merely represented as forbidden, by

over-zealous busybodies? At any rate, the idea that the indulgence was being lost now seems to have been all a mistake (see Universe for November 25).-Meacr1senacei.

Graham Greene

On the night of the " Bookmakers' Brains Trust " I had an extremely

bad cold. My voice wobbled on more than one point. This, I believe, explains your correspondent's statement that I described Mr. Graham Greene's " attitude " as " vicious." I said no such thing. I hope a more disintegrating disease in my head than a cold would be necessary beim e I could express this opinion of any writer. In this instance it is an aberration of truth. I believe the contrary.-W. J. 100E, 60, Frith Street, W.I.

Polish Technical School

should be very grateful, if you would again grant a little space in your correspondence column for an appeal on behalf of the boys of the Polish Technical School at Lilford. near Oundle, Peterborough, Northants. We have 490 Catholic boys40 of whom are orphans, who have been brought from India, Palestine, East and South Africa. They are taking a course at this school to fit them for positions in British in dustry. We are anxious that the orphans should find hospitality vrith British families during the Christmas holidays. If anyone feels he would like a Polish boy to share his home for all or a part of the holiday period. I shall be very sled to supply further details.-H. HOYER, Headmaster, Technical School at

Lilf ord. Lilforcl. Oundle, Peterborough.

Dante-And Dorothy Sayers

Many indeed will share your gratitude to Miss Dorothy Sayers and to "The Penguin Classics." The absence of the original text can be remedied by those who are lucky enough to possess the three exquisite little volumes of the " Temple Classics" which provide the text and the " classic " prose translation of John Aitken Carlyle. A comparison of the translations and of the notes shows that Miss Sayers has used the solid foundations and the rich material of many predecessors in the fashioning of a great construction. We pray that God will give her health and strength to conduct us through Purgatory to Paradise.Woe DANIEL. Prestatyn. North Wales.

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