Page 6, 2nd December 1949

2nd December 1949
Page 6
Page 6, 2nd December 1949 — BOOKS R,ECEIVED

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Organisations: Church of Scotland
Locations: Bizhar, Glasgow


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In the well-printed pages of The Whole World is my Neighbour Van Mierlo-Proost. (Turnhout: no English price) the Rev. E. De Meulder, S.J., of Hazeribagh, Bizhar, India, makes " a study of. . . man's greatness and meanness as a loyal nationalist of The Human Race." Father De Meulder writes from an Indian background, and his understanding of that country's problems is in the best traditions of his great society. His appreciation of American " good " films is too generous. They are hardly yet " the films a sick and outraged world is clammering (sic) for." Among several good illustrations " The Crest of India " is cryptic-and " The Darling of India " is unintentionally comic!

In a short but well-furnished account of the Life of St. Columba of lone (Iona Community, Glasgow. 5s) Miss Lucy Menzies provides an invigorating draught of that " early Christianity," which, at first " Columban," became Cistercian in the 12th century, and was destroyed by the Scots Parliament Act of 1561. In 1899 the Duke of Argyll presented the ruins to the " Church of Scotland " which, under the auspices of the " Iona Community." has restored Divine worship. " The old Gaelic prophecy attributed to Columba has in part

come true . . Iona shall be as it was.To which we add Brevi adveniat. Meanwhile there is noble inspiration in this vivid picture of a rugged founder and his times with a background of fresh air and poetry.

Those Who like their spiritual reading well-diltited with " homely illustrations" and " an easy conversational style will enjoy Is Life Worthwhile? by Fr. R. Nash. S.J. (Browne and Nolan. 10s. 6d.). Those who prefer a stronger mixture, with rich Scriptural and Liturgical ingredients, will welcome a re-issue of Prayer For All Times, P. Charles. S.J., translated by Maud Monahan (Sands. 15s) which. as La Pri'ere de Tomes Les Heures, has become a minor classic in France.

The short life of Charles de Condren, Woodgate (Brown and Nolan. 7s. 6d.) is a well-meant attempt to summarise the 700 quarto pages in which Amelote eulogised the second Superior of the French Oratory (1588-1641). The religious' and political background is so vast that this brief study can hardly do more than whet the appetite for Bremond, Huvelin and other students of a very complicated epoch.

Long After Summer, by Robert Nathan (Sampson Low, 5s.) is the gossamer-slight story of an orphan girl who, in three short months, learns love for the first time in her life and then sees the sea take it away from her. That is, from the point of view of plot, practically all there is to it, but Mr. Nathan invests it with the faintest of those lights that never were on sea or land, and those whose hearts warmed to Jennie will certainly find another corner in them for Johanna.

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