Page 7, 2nd December 1949

2nd December 1949
Page 7
Page 7, 2nd December 1949 — Train Speakers For Factories And Offices

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Organisations: Catholic Evidence Guild


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Train Speakers For Factories And Offices

The Catholic Evidence Guild is needed today not only for outdoor pitches but to train speakers for personal and small group discussion and talks in factories and offices places where the priest cannot go. This point was made by Er. adoption of the Secretary's report John Coyne, C.M.S., moving the of the year's work of the Westminster C.E.G. in the Cathedral Hall on Friday last.

Speaking on behalf of the retiring Master, Mr. F. J. Sheed, Mr. Flaxman welcomed Mr. Walter Jewel, the new Master, and thought that his most pressing problem

would he a financial one, the position today being worse than he had known it for 25 years. Mr. 'IS S. Gregory held the interest of his audience throughout his brilliant talk on the evidence of reality. Presumably, the C.E.G.'s main function, he thought, was to

present the evidence. This evidence must he a reality; a false argument, however convincing, was worthless.

The great difficulty facing the C.E.G. was to persuade the people that truth does exist. The modern world is not concerned with the truth or falsehood of things, but with their attractiveness or desira bility. He saw persecution of the Church as an attempt to destroy the evidence-" This is the heir, let us kilt him."

Mgr. Myers, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, presided, bringing a message of encouragement and blessing front Cardinal Griffin.

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