Page 8, 2nd December 1949

2nd December 1949
Page 8
Page 8, 2nd December 1949 — Will America Oppose Partition ?

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Locations: Dublin, Derry


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Will America Oppose Partition ?


A reference to the question of partition by a leading and influential American visitor to Ireland appears to be of some considerable significance. He is Senator P. McCarron, who is the chairman of the United States Senate Committee, which supervises the spending of Marshall Aid in Europe.

One presumes, therefore, that be is likely to have a very considerable say in the future shaping of Western policy. It is therefore interesting, and leaves one with a sense of expec tation, to find him giving his views in no uncertain terms to a Press conference in Dublin.

Many Irish Americans have made public speeches about the question of Partition, but these have been rather from the standpoint of sentimental patriotism. by which term I by no means wish to disparage their sincerity.

Senator McCarran is also of Irish blood (his father came from Derry and his mother from Cork), but it is noteworthy that he has approached this problem purely from the standpoint of the Atlantic Pact.

May I give his exact words, as I think they are important:

" I see a great opportunity for Ireland with the establishment of the

Atlantic Pact. I think one of her golden days has just dawned, because her strategic position cannot be overlooked. To me that means that what I call the little controversy which has arisen for political reasons, because of the imaginary dividing line, must of necessity disappear. " Ireland with the division gone, would then come into the Atlantic Pact. and hold a most important position in the world. She is indispensable. in my judgment, to the success of the Pact."

One does not imagine that anyone in Senator McCarran's position is likely to speak in such definite terms merely from a personal point of view; what do his words foreshadow?

REPATRIATION OF ASSETS The Taoiseach, Mr. Costello, has made an important speech at the dinner of the Institute of Bankers, which has caused widespread discussion. He has announced that there is a possibility of the Government introducing a system of two budgets, one of which will deal with capital, and the utilisation of natural resources, while the other will deal with revenue.

He further revealed that the Government intends if possible to withdraw a certain proportion of the country's external assets, and invest them in financial schemes at home.

It is reasonable to surmise that they have gone a considerable distance with the plan, if the Taoiseach is thus prepared to bring up the subject at a bankers' dinner.

The projects at home which Mr. Costello has in mind are agricultural development and housing. The external assets of the country are mostly holdings belonging to the Post Office Savings Banks and Certificates. and contributions to National Health and Unemployment Insurance, coming to an amount of about £225,000.000.

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