Page 2, 2nd December 1960

2nd December 1960
Page 2
Page 2, 2nd December 1960 — Britain an 'evil society'?

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Britain an 'evil society'?

S1R,-Those who come into a society still adjusting itself to the problems that material security brings must look more closely before making facile judgments. One letter in your last issue says: "After all, let's face it . England is a spiritual vacuum" and "an evil society." Another writes "an environment in which the only relief from materialism is national pride masquerading as patriotism.

These statements must be challenged. They show a total ignorance of the development of England over the past four hundred years. The energies and moral forces of the English people were directed to the struggle for political liberty, parliamentary democracy, and the rule of law. These great tasks were painfully achieved, step by step, and have only been completely realised in our time.

The past 20 years have been spent, by both parties, in creating the welfare state. This one could say, is an aspect of love: a general agreement by a democratic society that the weak, sick, and helpless arc, the responsibility of us all. We have an honourable tradition of humanist ethics in England and a host of responsible people

of all creeds are actively concerned with the moral state of society. That the last phases of this struggle were carried through in spite of the exhaustion caused by two great wars is an indication of the spiritual resources of this country.

Might I suggest that Irishmen should work together to produce the benefits of "Babylon" in Ireland?

James Tower The Old Vicarage, High Street.

Corsham, Wilts.

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