Page 3, 2nd December 1960

2nd December 1960
Page 3
Page 3, 2nd December 1960 — MIND THE STEP .

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Keywords: Human Interest


WHEN the editor of one of those glossy magazines cannot think what to do next, it seems that he turns to one of his staff and commands: "Produce me a quiz; people seem to like 'ern !" So I though it time this column had a go — for the CATHOLIC HERALD'S Christmas Number. After all, the editor can only sack me in the New Year. I hope he won't. You may prefer to cut this bit out and keep it for that moribund afternoon which usually follows Christmas dinner, when you sink into a deep chair by the fireside with a pleasant sensation of plentitude All you have to do is answer the questions (maximum five marks each) which follow, as honestly as possible, and then reverse the page for the final paragraph (which I hope the printer will put upside down). It may provide a sobering thought or two. For Mum: 1. How old are you? (—); 2. Are you a good cook ?

(--); 3. How many pairs of socks has your husband? (—); 4. How many holes are there in them? (—); 5. How much do you owe housekeeping—or vice versa? (—); 6. How many children have you? (—). For Children: 1. Would you rather be a cowboy or an Indian? (—); 2. Do you pull your sister's hair—or brother's leg? (—); 3. How soon after you've been called do you get up? (—); 4. Where are Dad's slippers? (—); 5, Is Mummy tired—and why? (—); 6. Who takes the centre front seat at the telly? (—). For Dad: 1. What colour are your wife's eyes? (—); 2. When did you last a wash up, b dry up, c shut up? (—); 3. What would you do if you won £75,000 in the pools? (—); 4. What would you do if your wife won £75,000 ditto? (—); 5. Who makes morning tea? (—); 6. Are you awake? (—).

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