Page 7, 2nd December 1960

2nd December 1960
Page 7
Page 7, 2nd December 1960 — CHRISTMAS AND FORTY MARTYRS

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uses the line conceits of a Protestant gentleman and soldier-,poet like Sir Philip Sidney. But he speaks of the love of God Who so loved us that He 'became a child for us. And his fealty is sworn to Christ the King, who rules from the Crib as well as from the Cross: Himself at His birth foreshadow His passion and death. The swaddling-clothes foretell His shroud, the Wise Mens' gift of myrrh the armointing for His burial. Christ is -born to redeem us; and the price is His life.

011 R martyrs shared hunger, -poverty and bitter cold with Christ the Child. They were straitly bound, as He was. They were outcasts and unwelcome guests; like the Holy Family at Bethlehem. there was no room for them in their own country.

It was thus that Christ prepared them to pay, with Him, the full price, lest the precious gift of His love be lost to us.

It was of this price and this love that the Child spoke to Blessed Robert. reminding him that it was Christmas-day.

Here is the true Christmas joy. It flows from the strength and the loyalty of our martyrs, from their faith and hope in the Word made flesh.

Lip, heavy hearts, with joy your Joy embrace!

From death. from dark. from deafness, from despairs,

This Life. this fight. this Word, ;his Joy repairs.

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