Page 9, 2nd December 1960

2nd December 1960
Page 9
Page 9, 2nd December 1960 — A Christmas Quiz for your Amusement

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A Christmas Quiz for your Amusement

There are no prizes in connection with this quiz, but we believe that those who attempt it will not only get enjoyment, but learn quite a lot. Readers who feel that they have satisfactorily answered all the questions may send them to the Editor before Friday, December 16 (mark envelope "Quiz" in top left hand corner). The Editor will comment on these results and publish the names of those he deems worthy of honourable mention. Who knows-its Christmas time!-he may even send out a few bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates! Answers will be given in a few weeks' time.

1. THE OLD COUNTRY: Glastonbury, Waverley, Tintern, Mount Grace, Sempringham, Walsingham, Aylesford, Llanthony, Bolton, Welbeck. All these religious houses flourished in Old England. Give the religious orders to which they belonged or still

belong. * 2. CHURCH MUSIC (Generally not very Liturgical!): Who wrote: The Missa Papae Marcelli; The Mass of St. Cecilia; The Grande Messe des Marts; La Petite Messe Solennelle: The Glagolithic Mass; The Pater Dotninicus Mass?

3. A SAINT TO PRAY TO: (a) Who are the Patron Saints of : fishermen, nurses, musicians, foreign missions (2), shoemakers, lawyers, domestic servants, midwives. (b) To which saint or saints would you pray in a storm; if you have an epileptic fit; when you lose something; if you are visited by evil spirits; in childbirth. (c) When travelling and wishing to pray for the welfare of the country you are passing through, which saint would you invoke in Spain; Canada; Mexico; Switzerland; Norway?


4. THE AGE OF MARTYRS: Distinguish between and briefly describe : "The Forty Martyrs" (two sets); "The Martyrs of the Commune"; "The Martyrs of Ciorkum"; "The Martyrs of Lyons" and "The Innumerable Martyrs".

5. ALL THAT GLITTERS: Distinguish between : The Golden Bull; The Golden Fleece; The Golden Mass; The Golden Sequence; The Golden State; The Golden Rose; The Golden Horn; The

Golden Rule; The Golden Stream; The Golden Mouthed; The Golden Age; The GoldenTongued.

6. DO YOU KNOW YOUR POPES? (a) How many Roman-born Popes have there been since Nicholas 111 who died in 1280? (b) How many French-born Popes since the same date? (c) How many English and Dutch Popes have there ever been) 7. SHALL THE FIRST BE LAST? Place in order of precedence : (a) Domestic Prelate; Protonotary Apostolic Assistant at the Pontifical Throne; Privy Chamberlain. (b) The Archbishop of York. The Lord High Chancellor, The Bishop of Durham, The Lord Privy Seal. The Bishop of Hereford, The Prime Minister, The Archbishop of Canterbury.

8. QUEST FOR UNITY: To the nearest million estimate the number in the world of all Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants (C. of E. and all variations), Buddhists, Confucians, Hindus, Mohammedans.

9. HIERARCHICAL PRECEDENCE (NEW TYPE): List the Archdioceses and Dioceses in England and Wales according to the number of counties to be found in each.

* 10. CHURCH ART: (a) Who painted or sculpted : The Madonna in Cavendish Square, London; St. Francis Preaching to the Birds; the Light of the World; The Vence Stations of the Cross; The Madonna with the Red Angels (Antwerp); The Ansidei Madonna; Moses (S. Pietro in Vincoli, Rome). (b) Who built: The new Coventry Cathedral; The Dominican Monastery (15 miles from Lyons); St. Denis (Paris); Cupola of Florence Cathedral; Campanile of Florence Cathedral; St. Paul's Cathedral; St. Peter's, Rome; Westminster Cathedral; Liverpool (C. of E.) Cathedral; and who will build the new Liverpool Catholic Cathedral.

11. CATHOLIC AND ROMAN: (a) Pick Odd Man Out in: Catholic King; Catholic Roll; Catholic & Apostolic Church; Catholic Committee. Briefly describe the odd-man out. (b) Pick the Odd Man Out in : Roman Collar, Roman Question, Roman Law, Roman Rite. (c) Arnold Lunn, Vincent Cronin, Frances Parkinson Keyes, Montgomery Belgion, D. B. Wyndham Lewis.

12. DO YOU READ YOUR CATHOLIC POETS? Identify authors and complete lines:

(a) Thou art like silence unperplexed A secre: and a mystery

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