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2nd February 2007
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Page 14, 2nd February 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishops' Diaries

Page 10 from 24th May 2002


February 4 to February 9

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Mass. Westminster Cathedral, 530pm. Mon. Attends Faith & Church Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, pm. The: Meets with priests of Camden & Islington deaneries, Angel-St Join's. Duncan Tenure, 1030am. Wed: Meets with priest's ot Hackney & Tower hamlets deaneries. The German Church, Alder St. Aldgate. 1030am. Thu: Attends reception for St Augustine Society, Archbishop's House. pm. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 930am; meets with named clergy of Westminster Diocese, Archbishop's House, 6pm. Sat Celebrates Mass for Archconfraternity of St Stephen Westminster Cathedral, 230pm.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun-Sat: Pastoral visit to Iran (cont.) Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, St Vincent's. Dartford. 230pm. Mon: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 4pm, Wed: Council of priests, Amigo Hall, I lam.

Ardibishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Mass and Dedication of Altar, Stone, 10Attam. Tue: COPCA Board meeting , Archbishop House, 1030am; catechesis for teachers, Christ the King, Coventry. 7pm. Wed; West Midlands region churches forum, Archbishop's House, 330pm; Confirmations, Hall Green. 7pin.Thu: Lunch with priests of the diocese, 12.30pm; Confirmations. Timstall, 7pm. Sat Parish visitation, Newcastle.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun-Fri: Continuing Pontifical Mission Society visit to Myanmar (Burma) Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun: Pastoral visitation and celebration of Mass, St Mary's parish.Oswalckwistle. 10am; vocations Holy How, Holy Cates. Paticrofi, 4pm. The: Caritas Social Action meeting, Wardley Hall. 12pm. Wed: Chapter meeting and celebration of Mass, 11.30am. Thu: Visitation of St Mary's Primary School, Oswaldtwistle. 1030am: pastoral visitation of sick and housebound, St Mary's parish, Oswalthavisde. 1.30pm. Fri: Private appointments. Wardley Hall.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sun: Visitation. Liskeard, Callington & Saltash. Time: Caritas Social Action meeting, London. Wed: Visit Further Education College, Plymouth. 1030am; Cuthbert Mayne School, Torquay, 6pm. Thu-Fri: Lenten deanery meeting with Plymouth Deanery. Fri: Mass for Marriage Care. Cathedral, 7pm. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council. Bucicfast, 1030am.

Bishop Burns (HM Forces) Tue: Finance meeting, Aldershot. II 30am. Wed: Catholic Women's League Service Committee meeting, Laidca. 1130arn.11ur Chaplain's meeting, 4pm; reception. Farnborough, 7.15pm. Fri: Chaplain's meeting, London. 4pm; Mass Society of Our Lady of Lourdes. Westminster Cathedral, 7pm. Sat: Talk to coafirmants. Church of Notre Dame De France, Leicester Square; Confirmations, depart for Royal Naval College. Dartmouth.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Sun-Sat Continuing official Cafod visit to Nigeria.

Bishop Crowley (Middlesbrough) Tue: Northern Vicariate Day of Recollection. amrpm. Wed: Priests Council, Curial Office, arn; Bishop's Council, Curial Office, pm. Sat: Hull Parishes Pastoral visit, cont.

Bishop Dann (Hexham and Newcastle) The: COPCA meeting. Birmingham. Wed: Confirmations, St Teresa's, Darlington. 7pra, Thu: Opening of Alan Shearer Centre (St Cuthbert's Care), 9am; blessing of foundations of St Beret's School. Chester-le-Street, 1.30pm. Fri: Episcopal Council and trustees meeting. Bishop's House, 9.30am. Sat: Memorial Service for North East Victims' Association, St Mary's Cathedral, 11.30am; meeting Diocesan Youth Council, Ushaw College, 3pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Mon: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House,4pm. Wed Council of priests, Amigo Hall, 1130am; College of Consultors, Cathedral, 2pm. Sat Discovering Priesthood Day, Baltham, 10am.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Attends Marriage and Family Life Co-ordinators' meeting, Hinsley Hall. Leeds. Mon: Meeting of the Kent Deans, West Mailing, 11.15am; Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, Southwark, 4pm. Wed: Attends Council of Priests' meeting, Amigo Hall, I lam. Sat: Visitation. Southborough.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Fri: Meeting with co-ordinating pastors. Bishop's House, Portsmouth, 103001am Sat: Ordination of Leslie Adams to priesthood, St Bede's, Basingstoke, Ilam.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Pastoral visitation, Our Lady of Lourdes, Acton. Mon: Engagements, Archbishop's House; meeting with selectors, Allen Hall Seminary, 7pm. Tue: Engagements, Archbishop's House; meets new committee members of the Young Adults in the West, Our Lady dance and St Edward, Chiswick, 6pm. Thu: Engagements, Archbishop's House; attends memorial concert, Our Most Holy Redeemer. Chelsea. 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House. am; engagements, Archbishop's House, pm; attends meeting with married clergy and wives,Archbisbop's House, 6pm. Sat Pastoral visitation of Holy Cross. Parsons Green; Mass with healthcare professionals, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Tue: caritas Social Action trustees meeting. Salford, 12pm. Wed: Attends day for recently ordained clergy, Oscott College. 9am. Thu: Induction of parish priest, St Anthony of Padua, Oxford, 7.30pm. Sat: Parish visitation. Sacred Heart. Coventry.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Sun-Sat: Contintang Cafod visit to Nigeria.

Bishop Longley (Westminster)Tue: The Cardinal meets Camden and Islington Deanery priests at Islington parish, 10.45am; Underwood parish council meeting. 8pm. Wed: The Cardinal meets Hackney and Tower Hamlets' Deanery priests at The German Church, 10.45am; The Rosary. 7pm; celebrates ass with the Youth 2000 Prayer Group. Maiden Lane, 7.40pm. Fri: Archbishop s Council, Archbishop's House, 930am. Sat: Celebrates weekend Masses, St Mary & St Michael's, Commercial Road.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Mass and presentation of Bene Merenti Medal, St S within's , Bromley Common, 10am. Mon: Meeting with Ethnic Chaplains, Scalabrini Church. Vauxhall. 11am; Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, 4pm. Tue: Lunch with Bexley Deanery meeting. Blackfen. Wed ouncil of priests, Amigo Hall, 11 am. Fri: Anniversary of the opening of Holy Rosary Church, Yelverton, Northants, 7pm.

Bishop McGough (Birmingham) Sun: Parish visitation. Leek. Tue: Chapter meeting. Cathedral House, I lam; Chapter Mass, St Chad's Cathedral, 12.15pm; Confirmations. Great Barr, 7pm. Wed: Confirmations, Great Barr, 7pm. Thu: Visits Painsley Catholic High School. Cheadle, 9.15am. Sat: Annual Mass for Lourdes Hospitalite Group. St Chad's Cathedral, 2pm; parish visitation. Abbey Halton.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Presides and Preaches, Oxford Catholic Chaplaincy. Tire: Meetings/interdews. Cathedral House. Wed: Confirmations, New Hall School, 7pm. Thu: Attends meeting of Council of Priests. I lam; attends meeting of Consultors, 2pm.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Vtsitation, St Mary & St Augustine,Stamford. Tue-Sat: Visits Diocesan Seminarians, Rome.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: RCIA Candidates' Retreat, St Nicholas Catholic High School. Hartford. 11.15am. Tea: Pastoral visit of ManclaesterAirport.930am; Eucharist with distribution of Catholic Certificates in Religious Studies (CCRS). St Columba's. Chester. 7pm. Wed Episcopal vicars, Curial Offices. 930am; bishop's board of cauultors. Curial Offices, II am; Eucharist to mark 40th anniversary of the opening of All Saints. Ashton-on-Mersey, 7pm. Thu: Education team meeting, Curial Office. 1030am; Waal head teachers, Curial Office, 2pm. Fri.' Retired priests' lunch, Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake, 12.30pm. Sat: Chester Deanery Council, St Columba's, Chester. 10am.

Bishop O'Donoghue (Lancaster) Sun: Anniversary celebration, St Clucks, Grange over Sands. The: llustees meeting,Pastoral Centre, 1pm. Thu: Council of Priests Steering Committee, 1030am. Sat: Visitation, St Mary & St James, Scorton.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun: Parish visitation, Saltky. Tue: Chapter meeting, Cathedral House. I lam: Chapter Mass, St Chad's Cathedral. 12.15pm. Thu: Visits schools. Sheldon, rpm: Confirmations, Sheldon, 7pm. Sat: Parish visitation, Chelmsley Wood.

Bishop Rawsthome (Hallam) Mon: Visitation. Emmaus School, Sheffield, 9.45am. Tue: World Youth Day meeting, Pastoral Centre. 730pm. Wed: Rainbows meeting. Pastoral Centre, Ithum College of Consultors, Pastoral Centre. I lam; Interfaith Steering Group, Bishop's House, 230pm. Thu: CAP Breakfast, St Mary's Centre, Sheffield, Sam; Tribunal Day, Pastoral Centre, 11.30am: Manor LEP Celebration Senrice, Victoria Hall. 730pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Visitation, St Philip's, Leeds, 10am. Tue-Wed: 24-hour meeting of four deaneries Bradford South. Halifax. Leeds South & Wharfedale. Cmiglands Hotel, Ilkley. 12pm. Thu-Fri: 24hour meeting of four deaneries Huddersfield, Leeds West, Pontefract and Keighley/Skipton. Craiglands HoteLlIkley, 1.2pm.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Tue: France Board meeting, Archbishop's House, 1030am. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. 930am.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Maitation Mass, St Julie, St Helens, 9.45amt visitation mass. St Teresa, St Helens. 11.15am; visitation Mass, St Julie, St Helens, 630pm. The: Service of Induction for hospital chaplains, University Hospital. Aintree, 12pm: Mass of Thanksgiving. St Laurence, Kirkby. 730pm. Wed: Visits St Julie's RC Primary School, St Helens, 9.30am. Thu: Visits St Teresa's RC Primary School. St Helens, 1pm. Fri: Visits Holy Spirit RC Primary School, St Helens. 930am; visits HM Prison, Walton. fpm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) The: Meeting of Interfaith Council, Baptist College, Cardiff, 2pm. Thu: Council of Priests meeting, Pastoral Centre, Cardiff, I lam; visit to Poor Claret Convent, Hereford. 4pm. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council, Pastoral Centre, Cardiff, 10 30arn.

Bishop Jabale (Menevia) Sun: Mass, St Joseph's Cathedral, Swansea receiving the AOS Icon. The: Diocesan trustees, Curial Offices. Sat: Governor training day, Dylan Thomas CentreSwansea.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Thu: NBRIA Induction Day, London, Sat: Youth Retreat. Loreto. pm.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Mon: Meeting of Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, 7pm. Tue: Meeting of priests deanery. St Ninian's Deanery. 4pm; meeting of Deanery Pastoral Council, St Ninian's Deanery. 7pm. Wed: Meeting of priests deanery St

St Margaret's Deanery. 4pm; meeting of

Deanery Pastoral Council, St Margaret's Deanery, 7.30pm. Thu: Meeting with Glenrothes Rotary Club, Balgeddie House, 12.30pm; meeting of Edinburgh Churches Together, Augustine Bristo Church, Edinburgh, 7pm. Fri: Meeting of Vicars General, St Bennet 's. 11am; meeting of trustees of Archdiocese, Gillis Centre. 2pm.

Bishop Logan (DunkeWDundee) Tue: Priests for Scotland meeting, Glasgow, 1 I am. Wed. Mass in Diocesan Centre, 12pm. Thu: Child Protection Day, Pastoral Centre, Dundee, I lam. Fri: Graduation Ceremony, Caird Hall, Dundee, 4pm. Sat: Semi Mass for vocations, Lawside Convent, Dundee, 1 lam

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