Page 4, 2nd January 1948

2nd January 1948
Page 4
Page 4, 2nd January 1948 — THOCE WORKERS' NOTEBOOK

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People: Walter Holmes
Locations: Trieste


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festive season, I managed to have a look round the induslrial field, and the most important item that I discovcreed, was the serious effect that negative Catholic activity was having in certain Trades Unions. I was informed by a leading official of the Amalgamated Engineers Union, that meetings these days are, in many cases, a waste of time. The trouble is that branches are being split up into two camps; on one side are the Communists and the other Catholics. The area from which my information came was the Merseyside. My informant, who is neither a Catholic nor Communist, stated that some over-zealous Catholics were responsible for this state of affairs, and said it was doing harm not only to the Catholics but also to the Trade Union Movement. Negative leaflets issued by a nonsectarian organisation called The British Workers' Information Bureau, have also caused alarm, because even though they attack the Communist Party, they also attack the Left in general, and offer nothing constructive in its place.

A warning has often been given in these columns, as to the results of such negative action, and it is to be hoped that those responsible will make amendsand soon. Our job is to win all trade union members to a Christian way of lifesplitting branches info camps, will only strengthen the anti-Christian elements.


TALKING of the British Workers'

Information Bureau, in reply to the request of many correspondents, I can state that it is not a Catholic organisation. It is claimed that it is non-sectarian, and non-political. Its violent anti-Communist line, to my mind, is harmful. as to our shame, the Communists have, within the trade unions, been of service to the workers. Their motives we know are wrong, but only by our own Christian example will we become the influence which will bring the working class under Christian leadership.


TLabour Party's denunciation of the Communists, is a little late, but still welcome. From the

Catholic point of view, it might even make the task within the Trade Unions a little more difficult. Those who were of the Extreme Left will probably join the Red ranks, and we must be careful, and aim at unity, trot separation.

The Daily Worker has certainly become hysterical over the Labour Party announcement, and practically denies any infiltration by the Communist Party. They bring all their leading members who hold trade union positions to substantiate the point.

Walter Holmes, the Daily Worker Columnist, also becomes anxious, about the future, and calls this paper vulgar. Our exposition of Communist tactics-our positive call for Christian unity within the trade unions, has certainly been successful and this will obviously be called vulgarity, by the vulgar.


those who read the Journal, the official organ of the Post Office Engineering Union, I would add a word of warning about a letter in the December, 3947 issue. It is from the British Yugoslav Association, and appeals for funds and the strengthening of ties between the two countries. No doubt we should all want to be friends of the Yugoslays, but the sickening part about this appeal. is the way it makes out that under the new Federal Constitution of Yugoslavia, complete equality is guaranteed between all peoples in the State.

This as we know, is far from being practised under Tito, and before any worker supports this organisaeon, he should meditate on the "friendly" treatment meted out to British and American Service personnel in the troubled areas of Trieste and Pole., within the last two years; he should also read about the Courts of Justice, in this new regime.

If the British workers are asked to support an appeal for friendship with Yugoslavia, or any other Communist-dominated state, let these socalled democracies show their desire for such friendship by friendly example on the spot.

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