Page 2, 2nd January 1959

2nd January 1959
Page 2
Page 2, 2nd January 1959 — Defending the Faith

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Defending the Faith

SIR,-Wc are prompted to write to your paper in answer to the queries raised by two of your correspondents in your issue of December 19 In reply to' Miss Pamela Kitchener, we wish to inform her. and any other interested Catholics. that an organisation is being set up by two Catholic Hay persons with the object, amongst other things, of ensuring that every attack on the Church or staaement of false doctrine that appears in the press is answered with a clear and readable exposition of Catholic teaching

That Catholics are slow to defend their Faitih is undeniable, and the fact that Catholics do not influence public opinion in England in proportion to their numbers (one in ten of the population) has been commented on by several journalists in necent articles about the Church Newspaper editors are on the whole swilling to give space to both sides. and the absence of the Catholic point of view in any controversy can only be attributed to Catholics own indifference.

As Miss Kitchener says, an organised approach to the problem is required. It is our intention to contact such Catholic societies as the Guild of Sit. Francis of Sales. the Newman Association, etc., with a view to establishing a network of active C_athelies all over the country, who will;

1. Contribute news and articles about Catholicism. 3. Be willing to assist in answering these attacks.

4. Report of any development on a national or local level that affects Catholics (e.g., establishment of a family planning centre) against which a firm Catholic stand must he taken in the Press.

As we wish to make our scheme self supporting, authors will be remunerated in the usual way, when their contributions are accepted for publication. Any surplus of funds will be used to subscribe to secular and non-Catholic religious papers, and to a news cutting agency. Much can he achieved by taking action, as was demonstrated in a letter to the CATHOLIC HERALD a few weeks ago in which a lady described how her complaints resulted in the removal of contraceptive advertisements from a local cinema. It is only by concerted action on the part of Roman Catholics that Christian principles will be prevented from being overwhelmed by materialism.

Perhaps, too. your correspondent who feels as we do that many Catholic societies do not seem to be actively concerned with the conversion of England, will be willing to take part in the scheme mutlined above.

Peter F. Jr Retrffignac Catholic Press Features. 7 College Street, York.

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