Page 7, 2nd July 1937

2nd July 1937
Page 7
Page 7, 2nd July 1937 — By-Elections

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Two more by-election results were announced last week—Bewdley and Hollandwith-Boston. At Bewdley Captain Carrara (Cons.) polled 15,054 to 8,511 polled by Dr. Johnson (Lib.), the majority being 6,543. At the last two General Elections Mr. Baldwin was returned unopposed and the Conservative majority in 1929 was 9,407. At Holland-with-Boston Mr. H. Butcher (Nat. Lib.) polled 21,846, while Mr. Reynolds (Lab.) polled 14,556, the majority being 7,290. The previous National majority was 11,898.

Ilford polled on June 29, a large Conservative majority over Labour being anticipated, This was followed by St. Ives on June 30, when there was a close fight between the National Liberal and Liberal candidates. Kingston-on-Thames polled on July 1, a large Conservative majority over Labour being anticipated here, too. Cheri.sey polls on July 2, and here a surprise was occasioned by the last-minute withdrawal of the Independent candidate. There is now a straight fight between Commander Marsden (Cons.) and Mr. R. Haylor (Progressive).

Hyde Park Review

The King and Queen, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, reviewed 80,000 ex-Service men and women in Hyde Park on June 27. The King delivered an address, in the course of which he referred to the value of interchange of visits between ex-Servicemen of different countries. He also spoke of the necessity

to preserve peace. The march past followed, the large array of flags being very noticeable and colourful.

Hendon R.A.F. Display

The eighteenth R.A.F. pageant at Hendon took place on June 26 in the presence of the King and Queen, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Kent. There was the usual handicap race, followed by impressive demonstrations of mass flight and aerobatics. Mock fooling in the air amused the vast crowd and the customary weaving of patterns with coloured smoke made an effective and beautiful sight.

Harworth Rioting Sentences

Mr. Justice Singleton passed sentence on twelve of seventeen . defendants charged with rioting at Harworth in connection with the recent colliery dispute, five being bound over. Michael Kane, chairman of the Harworth branch of the Notts Miners' Association, was given two years' hard labour and others lesser sentences. A woman, Mrs. Haymer, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment, and collapsed in the dock. A Labour Conference at Nottingham immediately protested against the severity of the sentences and numerous other similar protests have since been made.

S.R. Train Crash

Four people were killed and eleven wounded when a train from Ashford (Kent) to Victoria ran into a dead-end siding at Swanley Junction and crashed into two empty coaches and a truck last Sunday night. The train was twenty minutes late. A near-by electrical transformer was badly damaged in the collision. The. engine and three coaches of the train ran up a steep embankment, two coaches being telescoped. The customary enquiry will be held. This is the third railway accident involving loss of life in Great Britain this year and the second on the Southern Railway.

Primate and Politics

The Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking at the Church Assembly, condemned the activities of certain prominent digni taries of the Church of England who have been in the public eye of late. He referred to the recent pro-Nazi statement of the Bishop of Gloucester on the religious position in Germany as purely personal and expressed sympathy with the persecuted Catholics and Protestants of Germany. He also referred to the Dean of Canterbury's recent pronouncements on foreign affairs, which he repudiated and which, like the Bishop of Gloucester's, could in no way be said to commit or represent the Church of England.

Foreign Policy Debated in Parliament

A full-dress foreign affairs debate with reference to the Spanish crisis was notable for speeches by the Premier, Mr. Attlee, Sir A. Sinclair, Mr. Eden and Mr. Lloyd George, The Premier and Mr. Eden nobly defended the policy of non-intervention, while Sir A. Sinclair attacked the Government's record and Mr. Attlee demanded the abolition of the policy as a farce. Mr. Lloyd George made a striking speech in which he referred to German and Italian lack of sincerity. Mr. Chamberlain made a particular appeal for level-headedness and discretion at a dangerous moment.

Exchange Equalisation Fund Increase

Sir John Simon, Chancellor of the Exchequer, asked the House of Commons for an additional £200,000,000 for the Exchange Equalisation Fund, thus raising it to £550,000,000. He stated that Great Britain would have to be prepared to add to its stock of gold in order to avoid fluctuations. He further added that this policy was in accordance with that of the United States. The Opposition opproyed the action in principle, but were inclined to question the necessity for so large an amount. An amendment to limit the sum to £150,000,000, moved by Mr. PethickLawrence; was rejected by 197 to 96, and the Chancellor's request was agreed to.

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