Page 4, 2nd July 1943

2nd July 1943
Page 4
Page 4, 2nd July 1943 — IN A FEW WORDS

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Locations: London


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Corpus Christi—Jesuit Style I TOOK part this year in the Corpus Christi procession at Beaumont—the first time for some years that I have been present at this ceremony as carried out in the Jesuit style. I felt on this occasion that, whatever purists may say about the Jesuit liturgical flamboyance, this at any rate is an occasion when there is everything to be said for it. Blaring organ, triumphant music, treble solo, the choir harmonising away as the congregation bellowed, the flash of bayonets, bugles and drums, cottas of diffeeent hues, the line of rich vestments — and last, but not least, a brass band contributed by a local Home Guard I This, I under'tend, is something of an innovation. It stands at strategical points to lead the hymns on the long processional way. Its members are not Catholic, but there is no occasion they love better Hardly less characteristic of the Society was the sermon at the fine war memorial; a young priest, very intellectual-looking, preaching a short, very simple, direct, very moving little sermon, is priest who in his spare time devotes himself to the writing of learned philosophical works on Nietzsche—a thinker whose name I can never even spell ! I forgot to mention the four tall young gentlemen to beautifully polished in their tails and fuII-flower white ties who can ied the canopy. To think that a grubby little angel who made his first communion that morning and because of whom I was in fact present, may one day attain to such adolescent perfection I (I can't mention the weather we enjoyed because I understand that until next Saturday it is a military secret.) Contrasts A FRIEND tells me of a contrasting " procession. It was in Blandford, and so simple and, in its way, so moving that he was reminded of the mediaeval processional scenes on the benchends in Trull. From St. George's, Weybridge, I hear that the school itself provided the Horne Guards to carry the canopy, Sea Cadets for the guard of honour and A.T.C. for the Colours' escort. Vera Brittain LEST readers derive the impression

that Grace Conway has a monopoly of contacts with all the famous womer in London, I must mention that lunched in Chelsea last week with Vera Brittain and her. husband, Professor Catlin (who is a convert). Miss Brittain showed me a little " newsletter " which she publishes It is called Letter to Peace-Lovers. and she tells me that it has a circulation of 2,000 Though she is a pacifist—where are the thousands who devoured her Testament

01 Youth ! what she showed me seemed rather to be an effort to stem the tide of hatred than to defend formal pacifism. In the latest number she answers those who accuse her of ,, being sinisterly inspired," by asking whether " the gospels are of German origin?" I do not, however. agree with her in the way she seems to single out the bombing of the dams as a special example of barbarity. I very much prefer to see our airmen concentrating and hitting a genuine strategic target (whatever the undesired consequences) than dropping bombs on great cities in the certainty of hitting something more or less directly connected with the war effort at the cost of any number of Innocent lives and the destruction of homes and beautiful buildings.

Two Voices TOM O'Brien, Catholic Trade Union. J. ist and General Secretary of the National Association of the Theatrical and Kine Employees, sends me a copy of a broadcast he has just made to the Italian people. He tells them that British workers have no hatred for the Italian workers. He distinguishes between them and the " Fascist geng." And so it goes on expressing sentiments that could not be more admirable and Christian. But then I pick up a Sunday paper and find him reported as saying in a Swansea speech: "I ask the workers of Britain and the Allied workers to reject the poppycock of the queer school that preaches kindness to ' good ' Germans." Somehow I hope that his Italian audience does not beat of this particular denunciation of the teaching of the Beatitudes, or they might just wonder if he was entirely in earnest when e appeasing" them Maybe, ofmourset the press report got it all wrong—in which case I shall be very glad indeed to apologise.

God's Spy ACORRESPONDENT writes to remind renders Of the work the late Fr. McNabb did to make the Scriptures better understood by Catholics. " In this connection," she writes. " tie ilways referred to himself as one of God's spies, trying to give us a glimpse of that Promised Land into which others worthier than himself would lead US.

" Many will miss that well-known figure walking • humbly before his God ' along our 'London streets He 'aught many how to live; by his ready ecceptance of death, he has also taught thern how to die.

" Some years back. treating of that Supreme Moment, Fr. McNabb wrote the following lines, which readers might like toknow: " ' 0 darkness-frighted one, Let faith thy fears outrun.

Within thy Father's arms Peace be to Death's alarms.

And on God's mothering breast Take, child, untroubled rest.'

" May that Eternal Rest be his!"

Misprints I AM consoled to see so often in con temporary journals a little Rasagraph beginning with this head. Misprints, indeed, are very common in war-lime when editorial and printing staffs are cut to the bone. But I must, in my turn, apologise for a line that makes nonsense in Fr, Vincent McNabb's last article where " social first and " in the.fifth line from the bottom should read " social first aid." Also Mr. Pepler's appreciation was marred by " scapillar " for " scapular."


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