Page 5, 2nd June 1944

2nd June 1944
Page 5
Page 5, 2nd June 1944 — "Clinics for Parents" L While many parents were Iv anxi Est T luato do right

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Locations: Liverpool


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"Clinics for Parents" L While many parents were Iv anxi Est T luato do right

they did not know how to Noceed—they had not the vocabulary nor the biological knowledge necessary for giving sex education, and sonic, were too illiterate to read books on the subject, said Sister Monica, S.N.D., lecctulraesr goawt ,Nsopteraek Dingamher Tsrta. ighnilipCsolHleagiel: Liverpool, on Thursday last week tinder the auspices of the Liverpool and District Catholic Head Teachers' Association. She suggested the establishment of climes for parents, where they could learn how to impart necessary sex knowledge to their children, and added that the teaching of the Hierarchy would serve the same useful purpose in regard to sex teaching as the Papal Encyclicals served in regard to labour,

Indiscriminate imparting of sex

krzowledge to all and sundry had been proved inimical to the best in,terests of the nation. In Scotland, special sex teaching for children was not favoured, because it bristled with difficulties and dangers. They preferred health education, with rules for clean living and a healthy balanced fear of disease.

In a training college in Scotland they had been teaching biology since 1925 and were convinced of its value. She regarded it as second in importance to theology. Even boys' schools admitted at least some biology. Catholic views and suggestions were asked for and in some schools biology and ethics had almost become biology and Christianity.

As a biologist, Sister Monica thought that in ten years the attitude of social workers would be that of the Christian world to-day She urged the claims of biology as being the best preparation for sex teaching in school, but biology should not be the basis of such teaching. Active games and occupations, practical nature study, picnics, boxing and SO 013, helped adolescents in a difficeli period when an inferiority complex dominated them and they tended to become introspective. Experienced teachers were painfully aware of the harm of too frequent attendance at eintmas, even when harmless pictures were seen.

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