Page 5, 2nd June 1967

2nd June 1967
Page 5
Page 5, 2nd June 1967 — RITE OF MASS: WHO IS OUT OF STEP?

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Organisations: Vatican Council
Locations: London


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The missions: begging for funds

THE possession of the honoured name of McCabe is clearly A no guarantee against reaction in its holder, as is evident from the letter sent you by the gentleman of that name in the CATHOLIC HERALD of May 26.

The writer speaks of an alleged promise that the present "rite" (of the Mass) would endure for two or three years at least. Such a promise has never been made, nor could it have been. What was said had nothing to do with the "rite," but was that the current translation of the Ordinary of the Mass would he valid until superseded by the definitive version, now in the making. to be used throughout the entire Englishspeaking world, and ready in a few years' time.

Again, Mr. McCabe employs the derogatory and tendentious—not to say questionbegging-word "foisting." apparently without having paused to consider just who is doing the "foisting." These new changes (and they will be by no means the last) have been prepared by the Consilium, that scholarly body set up by the Pope to implement the Council's Liturgical (onstitution; they have been specifically and expressly approved by the Pope himself, and are now promulgated and imposed with his direct authority. So we may conclude that the principal and arch "foisters" are no less than the Pope and the Council.

More proximately, the changes are to be brought to our churches and ourselves through the National Conference of Bishops; and whatever our private opinion of them may be, at least they deserve, when carrying out their plain duty, a tribute of outward respect scarcely apparent in such a word as "foist."

It must indeed be a strange Church that regulates one of its most sacred and essential functions—the public worship of God--by "foisting" on to its allegedly reluctant members changes they are said by a small disgruntled minority not to want! Who, think you Sir. is out of step: the Pope. the Council and the Church (not to mention the Holy Spirit), or Mr. McCabe?

Frank R. James Brighton.

ALTHOUGH the Vatican Council stated that the work of the missions is the greatest and holiest task of the Church and must be supported by the whole Church, nothing. has really been done to change the prevailing situation.

Men who have heeded the words of Our Lord to go and teach all nations and who are willing to devote their lives to this, find they have to spend much valuable time begging, for funds to enable them to carry on their work. This would he unnecessary if parish priests would follow the lead given by the Catholic Press to make the laity missionminded. Except for Miesion Sunday, missions are forgotten throughout the year by most parish priests.

Also, because only ablaut 10 per cent. of the laity are mission-minded. missionaries in order to raise funds con only appeal successfully if 'they are able to emphasise the poverty prevailing in their areas—the miserable state of orphans. lepers, etc. Conferences should be arranged between bishops, representatives of mission societies and the parochial clergy to endeavour to discover the best method of helping missions. Then perhaps missionaries could devote all their time to the life for which they were ordained.

G. Breen Liverpool, 5.


WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Miss Beamish (April 28) that prayers for Russia should be restored, but during the Bidding Prayers, as some people missed them before by leaving the church before Mass was ended.

However, I would like to remind Mr. Noel Lamb (May 12) that the Mass is a family and community act, where the whole Church unites herself to her Divine Head. What better moment than the Canon, when Christ becomes wholly and truly present?

Mary McCafferty (Miss) South Shields.

I Cramer

I AST year I went to a I-1 "Brains Trust" in London at which two of the panel were Hugh Ross Williamson and the then administrator of Westminster Cathedral, Mgr. Tomlinson.

Mr. Ross Williamson said: "If Cranmer's English doee not contain any errors, why can't we have Cranmer's English?" Mgr. Tomlinson shot in: "Cranmer's English means nothing to young people today."

Perhaps that explains the English complained of .

Myfanwy R. Stone (Mrs.) Bexhill-on-Sea.

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