Page 8, 2nd June 1995

2nd June 1995
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Page 8, 2nd June 1995 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Cardinal Basil Hume (Westminster): Sun: The Great Banquet Liturgy, Westminster C.a dirtiest', pm_ Mon: Standing Committee, Bishops Conference. Tue Wesurunster Bishops Mtg, 5pm. Wed: CCJ Rexeo gni, St James's Place.Fri: M, St Pius C Chinch. St Charles Square, 7pm. Sat: E Area Centenary Pilgrimage, C.athedral. Archbishup Maurice Couve de Murville (Birmingham): Sun:Beatification Ceremony Fr Damien, Brussels. Mon: Standing Committee, Westminster. Wed: M, St John Wall Sch, Handswonh. Blessing of New chapel, Trinity Sch, Leamington Spa, 2.30pm. Thu: M, St Dominic 's Sch, Brewood, I lam. European Receptiun, Westminster, Rpm. SatV, SS John and Martin, Balsall Heath. Archbishop Derek Warlock (Liverpool): Sun: 11wo Cadtedrik, liverpod, 3pm. Moir Bishops' Conference Standing Committee, I I.30am. Thu: Interviews and Mugs, UHE, pm. Fri: Golden Jubilee M, Sawed Heart, (horley, 7pm. Sat: YCW M, Cathedral, 3pm. Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, Cathedral, 11.30am, Pentesiose95,Wesuninster, 7pm. Mon: Bishops Standing Cttcc. Tue: C, Lee, 7.30p Wed: Bishops/Staff Mtg, Wunersh, 4pm. Thu: C, Shooters Hill, 7.30pm., Fn: Study Day, Downham. Bishop Coeliac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): Sun: Cathedral Deanry C, Arundel Cathedral,m 2pm. Royal Holloway Foundation Day Service, bon. Mon; Standing Committee hits, Weinninster, am. The: 0, Storm-gum, 6.3pm. Wed: Trustees Mtg, Stonington, 10.30am. Bishops' Staff Mut , Wonersh, pm. Thu: Agerv,ies' Mtg. DABC PC, Crawley, 10.30am. Fri/Sat: Ampkfonh. Bishop Terence Brain (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: Cursillo M, ficonagnwe, 3pm. Covenant Signing, All Souls, Coventry. 6.30pm. Wed: V, St Catherine's Sch, Bristol Street, pm. C, Bristol Street, 7pm. Thu: Schs Commission, 1 lam. Fri: V, Small Heath, 9.45am. 40th Anniversary M. West I Ieath. 7put. C. Small Heath. 6300m. Bishop Philip Pannier (Birmingham =Meryl:Wed: V St Marys Sch, t eck, 2pm C, St Mary's, I eck. Thu: V, Holy Cross Sch, Wahnky, 2pm. C, Holy Cnvis, Watmley, 7.30pm. Fri: V St Patrick's Sch, Coventry, lOarn., V, Ss Peter and Paul Sch, Coventry, 2pr. C, Coventry, 7. 3Optn.„ Sat: CCR Mug , London_ Bishop Mervyn Alexander (Clifton): Sun: C, Clifton Cathedral, 6pm. M, St Patrick's, Redfield, 7.30pm, C, St Thomas More, Cheltenham, 7.30pm. Wed: C. Holy Family, Swindon, 7.30pm. Fri' V, St Augtraine's Seth, Ikasmorki, 10am. Sat: 0, OW Lady of Victories, Cinderford, Ham.

Bishop Peter Smith (East Anglia): Sun: C, St John's Cathedral, Norwich, 11 am. 'We Golden Jubilee, St George's Noraich, 7.30pm. Wed: C, St Pima, Ipswich, 7.30pm. TM': Clergy Lunch, Poringland, Norwich. Fri: C, Peterborough. Bfithisp Gerald Moveriey (Hallam): Sun: Pilgrimage, Walsingham. AGM, Churches Together, S Yorks, 7.30pm. Wed: Council of Clergy hitg, Quarters, 10.45ani.

Bishop Ambrose Griffiths (Nahum and Neweasde): M, St Mary's Cathedral, 11,45am. ES, Walbend, 4pm. E Prayer, Ushaw College, 6.30pm. Mow Tour Sunderland City, Churches Rs-portal Conmaisraun, I I am. Wed: M, St Robert's Sch, Noon. En: V, Byermonr. Newcastle. Sat: Council,! airy Communications Day, Burn Hall. Durham. M. Byerrnoor, 6pm. Bishop John Brewer (Lantsiester): Sun: C, Cathedral, Lancaster, 10.30am. C, St Philip Howard, Glenrickling, 4.30pm. Tue: Brighton Society Mtg, C, St Columba, Barrow. Weed Council of Priest& C,St Mary, Morecambe.Thu: Housekeepers, M, Lancaster, 230pm. CCM Mtg, 7.,30pm., Fri: Diaconate 0, SS Peter and Paul, Preston, 7pm. Bishop David Konstant (Leeds): Sun: M, Cathednil, 11 am. C, BradlOrd University, 5.30pm. Mon: Standing Commute, Bishops; Conference. Tue. Claw Retreat. Mvddelton Lodge. Fri: C, Sc Austin's, Wakefield, 7,30pm. Sae Test Match, Heading's'. Consecration, Si MS1i1dIVS. Halifax, 6.30pm.

Bishop Vincent Malone, (Liverpool sudhary): Sun: Two Cathedral? S, Liverpool, 3pm. 'I've: V, St Oswald, Lonpon. C, St Aidan, Wigan, 7.30pm. Wed: Schs Commission Mtg, 9.30am. C, St Aidan, Wigan. 730pm. Thu: FE and IfE College ?rumps's' Mtg, Birmingham. Fri: Drottwich Catenian Association M. Bishop John Ramthurne, (Liverpool awdllary): Sum Two Catherals S,Liverpool, 3pm. Mom Digby Smart College Govenring Body: London, 2prn. Toe: John Muore's University Chaplaincy Mtg, Liverpool, 3pm. C, St Bartholomew, Ritinhill, 7.30pm. C, St Jerome,

Formby, 7.30pm. Thu: St Bernadette, Shen, limn, 9. 15am. C,

Our likly, Formby, 7.30pm.

Bishop John Croaky (Middlesbrough): Sun: M / C, Ca thndr.1, 9.30am. Tue: Marriage Tribunal, Study Day, Harkwood Castle, am. M C. SS Mary and Romuald, Yarn, 7pm. Wed: V, Corpus Christi Sch, Middlesbrough, 9.30am. Silver Jubilee, Sacred Heart, &dear, 7prn. Thu: V, St Clare's Sdt, Acklam. am. Ifoly Land Cure, 7pm. Eric M/C, St Joseph's, Grove Hill, 7pm. Silt Assembly, Hull Bishop Kevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Sun: C,St Wilfrid's, Hull. Tut: Day of Recollection, Hoak. Wed Herne Mission Committee, Bishops' Conference, Leeds, Noon. The Membasof Madonna House, Robin Hood's Bay. Sat: Day Aa.sembly, Pastoral Coma of 1 ourdes, 10am.

Bishop Leo MeCarde (Northampton): Sun: C, Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Liturgy Commission, 2.15pm. Diocesan E Commission, Milton Keynes, 7.30pm., Tile: C, Our Lady of Lourdes, Milton Keynes, 7.30pm. Wed: Anniversary, Woburn Sands, Noon. C, Newport l'agnell, 7.30pm_ Thu: V, St Bede's Sch, Bedford, am. V, St John Rigby Sds, Bedford, pm. C, St Patrick, Duston, Northampton, 7.30pm Fri:1. Diocesan E Commission, 6.3qm. Sat: V, Holy Cross, Bedford. Bishop James McGuinness (Nothapharn): Sun: C, Cathedral. Tue: Briars Trustees Mtg, am. V, Franciscan Sisters Belper, bpm. Wed: Silver Jubilee Celebration, 1 incoln, 7.30pm. Thu: E And Furmation Commission, 2pm. V,Presentation Sisters, Buxton, 6pm. En: 131ess new Nursery, Our Ladyis Sch, Bidwell, 2.30pm.

Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Soy C, Cathedral, urn. Standing Cuee, Bishops' Conference, arn. Mnn-Sat: Retreat, Buckles' Sat: RC1A Thanksgiving M, Cathedral, Midday. Bishop C:rispian Honis (Portsmouth): Sun: C, Portsmouth Deanery, Cathedral, 2_ 30pm. Wed: Good Shepherd M, Cathedral, 11 am. Bishops Staff Mtg,Wonersh, pm. Thu: C, St Peter's, Winchester, 7pm. Fre V, English Martyr Primary Sch, Presentation College, Reading, 10arn. M, CMAC, Holy Ghost, Basingstoke, 7.30pm. Sat: M, Catholic Fellowship for the Handidipped, Cathedral, 3pm. V/ ht, English Martyrs, Reading, 6.30pm. Bishop Patrick Kelly (Salford): Sun: V M St Joseph's, Accrinvon, Oam. C, Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Standing Committee, Bishops; Conference, Mon-Fri, Retreat fur Priests, Rainhill Reception, Wan:Hey Hall, 7.30pm. Sat: Churches higether, St Patrick's, Mancheater, lOarn. V/M, St Mary's,Oswaldtwisde, 6.30pm.

Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: C, Cathedral, 3pm. The: V, St Joseph's Sch, Seacorribe, 10am. Laying Foundauon Stone, St

Lake's Hospice, by Ductless of Kent, 2.15pm. C, St Michael's, Bititerthead, 7.30pm. Thu: Deanery C, St John's, New Ferry, 7.30prri. ' Fri: Cathedral Day for Shropshire Primary Setts, M,Cathedral, 10am.. ' lihhop (33ntrics Henderson, (Southwark atudliary); Sun: Pentecost ES Westminster Cathedral and Abbey, 7pm, The: WC, Orpington. 7.30pric Wed CCJH Reception, St James's Palace, 45pm. Thu: M /C, Sidcup, 7.30pm. Fn: S E Area, Claw hint, D0wharni 2M11-4Pfd M/C, Woolwich, 7.30PorSac S London Church Leaders E Mtg, re: Greenwich Waterfront, Bromley, 9.30am. Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark atudliary): Sun: Pairecost15 Service, Westminster Cathedral, 7.30pm. Moo: Catholic Child Welfare, Council, Crewe, 3.30pm. Wed M, Battersea Park for Si Mary Sch, 125 years, 10.30am. M, leSC,Thames Drum, 8.30pas Thu: liturgy Commission, 6pm. Sat C, Morden, 10.30am, Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Wissmninster, north area): Sun: APF M, Mill Hill College, 2.30pm_ -Great Banque!", Pentecost S. Westminster, 7pm. Tue: M, Poor dare Convent, Arldcy. 7.30pm. Deana Mal, I lam. Westminster Bishops' Mtg, Spm. Wed: E Board Mtg, 10.30am, C.Sacred Heart, Mill Hin,7 .30pm. Thu: C, St George's Enfield, 7.30pm. Sat: V, St Joseph's, Wealebtone. Bishopisarres O'Brien (Westminster, Herthedshhe area): Sun:•

C, St Hilda's, Shephall, Stevenage. More Hens and Beds E Cure. 10am. Herds Area E Forum, Watford, 7.30pm. Tue. Bishops' Mtg, • 5pm. Wed: 30th Anniversary Womens' Guild, Sacred Heart, Bushey, 7.30pni. Fri: C, St Albans, 7pm. Sat: C, ditto, 6pm.

Bishop Patrick O'Donoghwe (Westrniester, west area): Sun:C, St Vuwent's Osterley, 11.10ern. S for Ncw Catholics, Hayes, 3pm Confirmandi Mtg, Hayes, 6.30pm. Mon-Fri! International Mtg, for Pastoral Care of Gypsies, Rime. Fri, St Margareek 7 .30pm. Sat: C, St John Fisher, Perwale, 6.30prn. Bishop French Wshnaley (Forces): Sun. Military Pilgrimage, Holy Land. Mon-Thu: V, Cyprus. Sat: V, Army Cadet Force, hienevide.


Bishop Daniel Mullins (Menevia): Sun:C, St Mary's, C.arrnanhen, 1 lam_ Cymanfa Ganu, Port Talbot, 8pm. Mon: Mtg Cytun Comminee, Baglan Conference Centre. Swansea Caimans 75th Anniv. Dinner, A. 30pm, Tuc: V Decoct College, 6pm_ Sat: 0, Cathedral, Noon.

Bishop Edwin Regan (Wrexham): Sun. C, St Cathedral, 3pm Tue: V St Anthony's Sill, Sahney. Wed: V, St David's Sch, Mold. Fri: Wake/Lesotho 10.30ani. Sat C, Queensferry, 10.30am.


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