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2nd June 2006
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Page 16, 2nd June 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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June 4 to June 10

Cardinal C Murphy.CYC'onnor Wein 'limo I. Sum celebenes Pentecost Mass. 1I1.fram el Wee. rierisfer ( 'uthishal. Mon: Inters low orol Engagements. Toe: Moeis with Chapia of Cars els. hou.

Archbishop's I how. ( Oncelchnites Mass with ltihilarnms, Dirinese of Wmalllinster. I 1 ..1eurn.Archhishophliiitise. flrkby 7 Interview Rani A hitlide m's Hexlsr, S4117 Celebrates CM Ina th el to the Pries:11100d 3pm, Ahlxv. Church of St Itelk.dila, Whit Archbishop V Nichols (Binning's-ant: sin( Ottlimation SS Gregory and Augustine. Osford 10 tam Mon:inane': ha the diplomatic scenrnimity 7pm. Tun Writ Nfiellands ( hutches' lieu. Ilium Kg of the Bishops' Coninnure for !Irene ('alleges 2.30pm; prn VI( Truces Mtg. Wedrarn VIC -Inntees mtg. 130pm 4ask] Slurp herd Moss, lath:shelf 7prn loci; lusis list tescl ors

In t hford. SI Anthony of Paine. ( hit ed. I hi the Way to 1Jk mtg. London tiopm fri Arch.

Instairs Mtg 9.3thsni. Sal: Cot St Attain's, Salford 520pr D.

Archbishop P Kelly (I Tverprol f Sig Soloun nava Perieowl Sunday. metropolitan cathedral of

• Christ do King, I Isarpoal I lam. Min. (is le tarp titatiirddishop's House .5pm.1 ne; Nugent Care (Reciting Body •Meeting, ljytepo4.1 (1.15 Turn , Mass if Monist iving at the Ruby Jubilee :A' Ho Far cb Ink tam. St Akinn's. Wine:ank). Wigan lien. Wed: Cen.ernors' meeting 1 'claw College. liurham I Oran JTmMra,gailc(luneh leaders mtg, Ifishophloge,11(erpcol (1.30Tan, ',tuned of Priests,InerpoulAirldirceaen Centre fix horse ligation 1010nrn; Church I riders Pareeptivo,Artit hishop's House 7.31.1rm. fit Clap). inteniews, ArchNihop's Ifothe 1 tarn, C logy boa iews. Arthhisletp's House 2pric Mass of 'flanksgbing. Our I is3) of SOMAS'S, I Li OWN 7301111 Sal Mix...111.113n. Isamu, Manly' than Cuthchal of ( hrig the King, !itemill 730pm. Archbishop K McDunakl (iriouthisurk): Star C'onlinnations, S1 George's eadashal triun Mon: Christina Filo:Mon eon: 1030am. Tue: dishopsistaff trap st John's Sensi oars. W omit .1pia. Wall Mao, Ohmage I ri loud N 1 icorge's ("Waded 1230pm. 'Thu Education C'ommince. Anil bisbnp's House 1 lam; iintinnarions ( lapham. SI

Mary's 7.311pm. Archhisht m's l'ounei I. West

Mailing 1pm Sot Pentramera I ns'Gnlim

6m els. St George's Cathedral 1 lam.

Bishop D McGough I II Iso 11 worth SUM Cckbora; Parish Mass, SI Joseph's. Wilverlfamptt I 0.3(km flatlet Mtg. Cidbedrul 10.31/am: ( hetet, Mika 12.15pm. wed: V Si Tholes pantry school. lean 2pitt. (:)ofinunitons. lean 7pn1. T Ina V St DornInie'S 14inutry vies& Seek. 2$1111. Confirmations Snow 7pin. hi: Archbishop's C'eund I Mtg 9_(0 n11• Sat: Maks at aniull rug ad the APE, Hob Stols.Atints (Beal 3pm. Bishop K Coney 1 A markt and thightion Monday. Moreau: in 1 ondon: Brighton limners Onrinnations. Brighton Luc Woriersh Imams' Meeting. West Meetings in I .wain. (Mildikonery ()affirmations, Guildford. Sar CAI OD 20th Ann'. eery. %parr:h. f(ishup P Pargeler, ifEhatn auxin: Sun: Mao, lido:etc) 1E11 I I .1 Sant (lapta Mfg, Cabe. dnd 10.3tbm: t Buyer Mass I2.15pm. Thu: Credir nations. Iiidford 7prti. hi: 9.30 Aidthisop's ( 'trolled Mig. Sat: 930 lmcrviews,(Kcon College. Bishop T McMahon Ilizenlwooli: Sun: Attends it tout, Seri ( Retrace! rd Cathedral 11 :on. Mn Anatole 111th Arnie crag sekvhenion id dor I i moat of Si George, Fonda tr. 5.15 pia Toe: Otcetingclinen.iess.s.( Ahead irk ow. Wed Pasionil Visiti inn real °intimation, Cokiester. 11111: Arkauls Meeting tit-tonsil of Priests, Cabe awl H ow, I I a lit. (lair: Meeting of College of Consultors. Cathedial House.? per

Ilishop D Lang It 'Ulm): Sun: 11.00 am 'sofa riatiOn.C1111011 C 73thrdtal, Hrlsk t, Spar 1) it llama tiro. St Benialene. WIn lirrreh, itrigoi. Mon: 2 ten Pontifical Missions Societies meeting. I ouch ofur 7.10 ion Cadimmtkm, Sr A upeei nc hnterbury. Masco. (ilorrester. Fri f. .111 pro (Sotimation. I k mashie Saes& Padstock. Sat In 011 om lairs • (low fin the Ilance/'.Clockbt, n'isitatko, 'hag be King A mesion

Nichol) NI Es am IFw4 Aneliai: Sun: Conlin-nations 31 Cathedral I lam. Adult aildintottitos Walsh ohm Peatecosthipm. Mon-111: Away pests week at Mery ill' hi Sal f. mutates: for ( luistian I laity. at Leeds.

Ilishop .1 Ron:slalom alitllarrn: lie Yorkshin: Brethren:1) irk 12 nom; ( laplaIncy mtg. Itutoral Caere 6pm. Wed I Idwa College Ham ( Onfir. maim Our lad) and Si Janus Vaglooph 7pm Elul: Si Ann's, Deeptai 71nol

Bishop K Dunn r Fkcham & Nateaglet Soo I .0(Sum Mass and Ciedinictle ins, St Nku)'s arbahul. Ness:taste upon Ipe. The: 7.00pm Mass and Crofi mat ions. Hots Rosary.. Blinn:pima Wed: I 1 .011um I rshass College. (iovemou' Maning.Thu: COI CA Meeting. Eedeston Sip eh, I. sake( hi: 9_4(lem Council aM'I macro Meeting. !fish ,p's Form. IrahopPO'Duvuglag Ilan r$pm Sum Conti manon( hdrectril,10.30un, Mxr ViSitalitoi,Praain Ikanates,Thers Bnogivon laxidy. 12.10pm. Gunaung. Confimanon. St Anthny. PITO in. 71111 Wird !Cilia Jailer:4Rn. I. Bake, St Mary. ('rarer, foon. Thu: Confimarinn.Alato I aw.7ral hi.

111..Kbm. Cexfimetkn,

arra oh. Sig: Ortitation t, Diasovite.Hls Triads & Sri ( knew. Koski. tipm.

B(shap A Roche Bawds): Sun: Mtg 'thou snot

nuns at ( I-Antral Hall, 1 rank 2prn. I 0-31 /am V El ' Misters' nag, Binitinotharn: 7pm (Inflate' thin I Keighley draocry ISCr1 ice (lithe Weds. Si Keighle). Wed-Thu am: Joint dem wrists' mtp. 1 latilersfirld. Keighle)7/Skipton. Lards Wear peal lieu:Ouch Outshoot flout, Ilkley. the. 12 meal Mlf with 1he clergy of HuskkuslielslIkan cry. F malplands Hotel, fildey; 7pm Connoted ion IlTeds'East Deanery I Sea ice of dr-Word. St Nieholes., Leeds. hi: yam V (is' mtg. 'label-1's Ikoser, 7pm Oral manor' (Selby Paler) r Mess. Si Mary s. Selby. Sat: 12 noon Macs healthseners.Triint) and All Saints, Iiiiinliettof S..inprn ()rrfinrnhital r (lin ties I Nanery. I Mass, St Bernard's. I la11111‘.

Biala" V Oboist'''. (Upoisl Mon: Civic reception. Atchlishop's Rune Tice. Cording lion, g Gregory 's Chorley 7_10pm, Wed: 0 :Mir nation, St lakes Whig:. 7.10pm. I ha: (humeri • of Nests, I iv.erpool Archdincesan Centre for E.vengellsation I 0.30ern: Ilene:rive IF 11 it n( mtg. Lilo:psi 7prn. Sat V macs St Ilede, Clayton fireen6..W1.

ilkhnp T it'pool ausiir: Sun: .1pm Coolinnation Our Lad) of the ASS1.11111311. In.

(lament S Men Cis.ic reception. Archbishops Hour Spin. Dr: I Mill or telling of Nugent Care's, (hoe I Tug. ilillinge l .30pm. Wed: beacmors ruarnag. listens. C'ollege. I larlmu 14hot Thu: Archdirsesan Name Advisory I 01111111MA'

mg. Liverpool Arehdirocsan Centre heft iNi

than lfhnt. I ii, Opening sets ice II. 111.4 rouse Canterletry nunery, waterloo 1031kun: Mass.: if llunlagiving to the INOIlload .1111ti ler 01 I-r Daniel Cadogan. SI Sylvester, I iv.eool 7pm, Sac. Visite thin Macs. Holy Spirit, Ford 5 15pril.

IllihleipJ Crowley f MIddlobrougg Sun: Cetebraes Mess for 14n:teens' Swain, f'rehedral I (burr Toe: Attends Northern Vicariate 11Ny nf RIN-311lectilmani, rekhrates Mass: SecOothIllr. Hants Conferente.Alegruk Mme 3 I Sprit Wed Mfg of Num. trnmees/pos errors, llshaw College ansprn: C clehrates peuoral area Confinnalitel. 'roiled.? 7pmThu Celebraler: Mass. hinter)

Hods l'ontcredoe. Park Inn, York 3pm. hi: I hos:CS:ill Trager Kurd turohtn. Sal: Day fre knelt gums. Far Cons cm, Wyk al Wpm.

Mop P Doyle frslornamptord: Son: 5.15pni linfintationa Mthednil. Da June 1111(bm haulm Hoof, Bishop's House. Wed 7_10emia .

tinnation:St Joseph's, Tat ol 10.0fkun (hulk, Mg of Bison I 'hydro tcy (orb,. Hi Shey'S Hill list 7301)111f ',intimation Chive the King. Both MI I Iii: 71101 olt('011fmrtrali011. Our lady's, Loan Sit Inoccoin lilgnmge Walsinglan I.

M McMahan (Notringhanfi: Sun: C Sr Bums hus Cathedral. ittAnnin Mon Nottinghon Religious Town or. Huy es ()Inference ('carte, Swanwick 9.3(kun. Manchester and North Cheshire Newman Avowiatito St Teresa's depth hall. Wilmslow 7..10pm_ Tue.: Coral mate in, SI (lurks 13rromerv. Hadfield 7prn Thin Bishop's aimed da) conference for soh rile, Noningls int I lest fSultan ( lob. Ed. AtkildS the Briars Annual 'harity (ail' lounsmout. Sat KM 'lien arid Mass, I is [rep ad Cathedral .ipm.

Bishop C lions rPort-ammahr San: Sr I. tho s Cathechul. In warm troth. 1infl mouton for Portsmouth Droner), .1pm. 'The: !Lisbon's Hi Rue. Pt list oath Cat holnil Chapter Mtn am; Sr

_Low Confi m Who for Bournemouth Deanery 7pm. Wed 1(.0. Place Pastisral t Mug. Matthaei, Studs rim. It v lines's 11 um: Sr Margaret flit/atom. lo or': .t 'mot ninth in Lir South Berks. 1 Vancry 7pm. I Winchester, Implement:airs' Stool ig lamtlp rug 2 30pnr, Ctopus Christi. Bournemouth ('onfinist don for Bournare oat I/caner) '7011 Fri: St Philip Hr ard, Eagan ( %affirmation for Eareham Ikancry 7pm. Sat Cathedral Disc.., ery Centre, Bigmouth I Oty. for New Catholics, 1030.3pm. Si Joseph's. Ibwant. Mass 6.30pm.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): No engagements. dhhop P Hendricks ili'werk A gib: Sun: CI vim' lotions_ Sabi ton I 1.30um: Ministries Muss. Petro-man Diaconate(, arse. Wonersh fpm Mart Annul Mfg with staff, Christian Eduarlion Centre Man: Crinfintarii els, Guy 's Hospital Stuelents' thaplancy Eipm, Tue: Bishops/ Stull nag, St John's Sentinary.Wonersh 31nr Wel Deanery Mtg. mialcso 10.30wo.Thu: Initisatito oinalitux. Archbi shop's Meru: Ham; &salt I ,01k10111 Seem Lan Hesuncruchers' Conf 4pm. Fri: Archhish TA. Council. West Mailing rpm; I Sidle.

mail, ( aoshal xi liercl les 7 it VIII. Sal: Filipino Muss. Morden I Own.

Bishop J Hine ( S'w irk Aron Sun: (Tlebrates Mir. at ( ',obtain H, I Sant Celeterdes Massa holy family. South Mai:Wier Italic I 'ontirrnadon to Meths in training ('trite 3trin, Mon: Attends(luist lair riltlCatirli Unita' Igo/nil kg 10.31:ken:Toe: Inspection I Laud MB at West nettling 10.1(1on Knit Schools t 'ommission Mug 2.I Spa Wed Min-rigs: end Earni It I ife ( in moosag at Ili m. ley Hall. I ads 11301pol Ihte Attends I:ducats sr Etecteive tiroup mtg at Andthiels Tr's Tksere Ilrm

Visir w Aylvolam prinary whoa/ 930I A rehhishops Council Mtg. %so Malting loon. a St Simon's. Ashford 7pm,

Bishop P Lynch 'S'wark Agit): Sun: Cimino. dons, IFt.d) Innoveins, Cepingtmr 121roo. The Talk ut Ilk:chant of the Annunciation, Ikriefol, I Spin Wed: V tt Si Thous,: More meld. IJlhun I lam; MIg with the deacons lam the Redo) fkoner)., Hiram Well Hall Sm. Mtg tithe I hoceon 1-clucation Conlon nee, A a hhishe is is. I louse 1 larntri. Secooluy. Hailterachers' (.ionfen:ncaun: Archbishop's Council. West Mailing I pm.

Bishop .1 Arnold "W'mhtster Anal): '. 6pm. London ()nag Wed: I 7 30port Wave(

ton. 'ilia 730pm Ednionon. Fri: Archbishop's Council mtg 930arn: C. 7pm Nonti Fineltley. Bishop A Hopes I W' nsicr Ansi I Y Sun: 12 noon. Continnetion. Si Mao of the Angels. nay sw met 6pl1. (Atari nnuni sn SS Michael and Martin. Hounslow. Mon: I 'apagernails hist, o's Hoge 'I'M. 1030 am to 2311pm, Mar ins 01 Ethnic Chaplaincy .1-hus Con's.; pus Engaproorg AnhInisletp's House; 7pm, (7onlir 'radii... Si Aldan oh I indisfame, Arico Fast 11 I fiktm to 21an Visa iiitiunnembury sebool: pm Frogagemenrs Archbishop's House; pm, ( :snfirnianons. I hir Marl Holy Paslanner. Chelsea Fri nov1'1161100 Coundl meeting am: Engagements Anhbishop's House per 7pm onion:di:a I Or lady of the Hal) Snots. Keris,1 New It inn. Sae 1130 arn Conti mate in. St Prat (17,. 1 Assisi, Notting HIII: 6pm Oatmeal, III N[ Francis de Sales. Hampton Hill. Bishop B tAxittley(W ininsterAuxiii: Sun ()Intimation at the Lithuanian ['Much. denim! tiara, 1 I urn: 6.30pm Omni-alai, oi at Kiligslusl MM. Mi Ned t'on omission oh Representatives ie. the Bishops of England and Wales and the 1 OTT ewe r d Religious. Fechsion srirarc loskstria; Sarah I ji else11.1firector of Can as-werial rxiir NI, lannvell event 4pm. V Muninge Preneration Cin op. St timer's. luslinn church lipm. Tue. Raid Support team meeting, An Nish:It's Fh‘tete 10 ,Itkl111. (.'itth.diC Idren'N soviet) nub', and Agin 3pm: Confirmation It Semen' I Ma 7,10inti 1 hu: Mass tot Jubilerialls 2006 in Arch bishop's House I 1 ..1thia ( oath lain NM 111 -1.1111110311 Park 7pm. Fri: Archhiship's Casten. Archbishop's House I 1.1(kor, ('r xdirnmucn to Homo 7itni. Sat: 121u on itrsti 'union of Br Peter 'Eno van Khue AA to the priesged ai the (Lurch of Our lady. of Ore Awuniption, Bethnal Green, Span Soternn Benediction ar celcbrata Pilaf Res lames lelnlenthal's ordimtion us deacon re St Sum eat's. Lewisham.

Bishop (i Stack Wminsier arm: Sun: lOarn: Conlimatioo, RAF Ruislip hot Celebnotes 1lliplm Citation:in Mars, Cfur I arty of Via:tries lorreli. Kensington. Mon: 111[11.

(kir I ads. Help. if Christians. [(Odour' is to oh I are: 7311pm: Confirmation The hugs otter I 'onceptirin & Sr it omit. Hertford:I hu: 7prif: Confinnallon. St Joseph's t 'arpenders Bork. 1-to 9_10am: Archbishop's (.1tuneil; 7_10prn: Conti r natio thumb of Mary. Mother of t'avd, Pontos End. Sat 630pot Ce ofinnation, Our Lady ol M tow ell, Mussel) frill.

Vs'Al km Arthlishup P Soder (Chnliff Sun: Mass ha [47111t7C0s1 Sunday in St Has id's Cathedral. Canlit I h amt. Marc Itov ince Mg In Anthhishop's 1-14 Came a 113m. Wed. C in Sr Heko's church, 'gritty tpla Sat Mass for Eucharistic Minisiers

Poo) Ilcancry in I lantanatio

(1.i intim: I 2nt sm. ltichop tti JAI& iMcieviax Sun Llandeilo Parish Caxdinnatiuls 11110. Mon: Pnivinee Meeting ar Archhishi rpm lit suss,. ( lath nI Pun Toe: V Ft 'Truges Meeting et Arch N shoris Hong% di nminghans pm.

Bishop F. Regan Ma:shame Sun: Seeker

entre. Nutheaph: 7,(0 m1 I'onfirrnations :r. clnd . Mr in: Welsh Ilisops' rnlg, ( 'aulitT MWSII1.AGM. Wed: 10..5kan ( :tootle Meeting. IIishop's House, 7Upon kin I. ilou: CB. London. Sal Y ( "ylch nap, Can-riff Key M Mass. C. C ietfirntution. 9-Visitation() I inn Mtg-Meeting. Sch-Schol. ES Ecumenical Service.

We repo at C Cans10114tiantilleV 111C 111Clitsit41 of bishops' engagements welt cd later that misklat on th: Monday prim tr ts pubbsatur m.

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