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2nd March 2007
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Page 14, 2nd March 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Augustine's School, Archbishop Council, Council of Priests, Visit St Mary's School, St Mary's School, Archbishop's Council, Lasuline School, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Bishop's Council, St Gregory's Primary School, Diocesan Finance Board, Viaryvale Institute, Sacred Heart Church, Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Episcopal Council, St Coluntha's School, Ushaw College, London Metropolitan University, Diocesan School's Commission, Sacred Heart Primary School, Curial Office, Sacred Heart School, Canterbury RC Primary School, Pastoral Centre, Congress, Maryvale Institute, Sick and Retired Priests' Committee, Scots College, Cumberlege Commission, National Board of Catholic Women, St Thomas Mare School, St Oswald's Primary School, St Patrick's Primary School, CRS, Memorial Service, Worth School, Visitation School, Mom Diocesan Vocation Committee, Catenian Association, Joint Commission of Bishops, Resource Centre, Notre Dame School, National Board of Religious Inspectors, St Saviours High School, De Is Salk RC High School, Holy Apostles Church, Muswell Church, IVIaryeale Institute


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March 4 to March 9

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Mass. Our Lady of Muswell Church, Muswell Hill, 10am. Mon: Interviews and engagements. Archbishops House, The: Meets with the priests of the Lea Valley & Stevenage Deaneries, Sacred Heart Church, Ware. 1030am. Wed: Meets with priests of Marykbonc & Westminster Deaneries, Holy Apostles Church, Pimlico. 10.30arn. Thu: Meets with prospective students for the priesthood. Archbishop's House, 5pm. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Commit, Archbishop's House, 930ant meets with prospective students for the priesthood. Archbishop's House, Spec.

Archbisil sap Kelly (Liverpool) Visitation Mass. Our Lady of Pemetual Succour, Hough Green, Widnes. I lam; Youth Alive Mass. Si BMA and All Saints. Hough Green, Widnes. 630pm. Tuc: Churches Together in the Merseyside Region meeting, Friends Meeting House, Liverpool, 3pna Wed: ai08 meeting. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. lOarc. Thu: Visits De Is Salk RC High School, St lielens,830am. Fri: Warrington Pastoral Area meeting, Si Alban, Warringion. 10.15am: Lenten Reflection. St Anne. Onnskirk, 7 30prn . Sat: National Board of Catholic Women. London, 1030am.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Sun-Sat: Retreat.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Catenian Association public speaking contest, 230pm. The Deans' meeting. Viaryvale Institute, 1030am; Confirmations. Handsworth, 7nm. niu,. Confirmations, DarLaston. 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, 930ant Sat Parish visitation, Olton.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Fri: Archbishop Council meeting. 930am.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun: Pastoral visitation and celebration of MASS, St kr,eph's Paish.Accrington, 10am. Tue: Meeting of the Diocesan School's Commission. Gerald Road. 2pm. Wed: Visitation, St Oswald's Primary School. Accrington. 1030am; visitation of Sacred Heart Primary School, Accrington, 1,15pm. Thu: Meeting. London . Fri: Private appointments, Wet:they Hall. Sat: Meeting with Manchester Universities. Spec.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sun: VisiteLima The Holy Spirit Parish, Swanage. Mon: Visit St Mary's School. Swanage, 9.30am. The: Visit Notre Dame School. Plymouth celebrations. Thu-Fri: Overnight Deanery meeting, Exeter Deaner). Sat: Visitation. St Augustine's School. Weymouth.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Stm: Youth event "An Afternoon at the Well", St Joseph's. Guildford; induction of Rev Cohn Wokzak as parish priest, St Joseph's. Guildford. Mon: St Michael's Convent, Ucklield. Tue: Visits the pre-school, Sr Joseph's Primary. Brighton; Centenary of St Agnes' church. Ea.stbotune. Thu: Thursday worship, Worth School. Fri: Day for primary and secondary heads, Wintershall.

Bishop Dunn (Hexharn and Newcastle) Sun: Visitation of St Joseph's, Newton Aycliffe. 930am; visitation of St Mary's, Newton Aycliffe, II am. Mon: Meeting and Mass with National Board of Religious Inspectors & Advisors, Gosforth, 12pm. The: St Cudibett's Cane board meeting, 3pm; Mass with Diocesan Schools Commissioners,6pm. Wed: Ecumenical morning prayer with Bishop of Newcastle and Church leaders. Sam. Thu: Council of Priests meeting, Ushaw College, 1030am; Lenten meeting with young people, St Mary's Cathedral. 7pm. Fri: Episcopal Council and trustees meeting. Bishop's House, 930arn. Sat Meeting and Day of Reflection for councils of the diocese, Si Robert's, Washington. 10am: visitation, Forest Hall, 530pm.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: Parish visitation, Downturn Market; Memorial Service for unborn and new-born children will have died, St John's Cathedml, Norwich. 4pm. Wed: Suffolk Churches Together, Bury St Edmunds, 730pm. Thu: Lent Talk St George's, Norwich, Spec. Fri: Sixth Form, St Mary's School, Cambridge, I .25pm, Sat: Diocesan C0111ITILSSi011 for Dialogue & Unity. Poringjand, 12pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Thu: School Mass, Lasuline School, Wimbledon, 1pm. Fri: Penitential Day for viesis and deacons. Wimbledon, I 130am Bishop Hollb (Portsmouth) Sun: Parish visitation, Si Jobn Bosco, Wooitry. Toe: Implementation Steering Group meeting, Wirchester,230put Wed: Diocesan Council of Priests meeting, Bishop's House, Portsmouth, 10.00/1030am. Sat Diocesan Gift Aid Day, Southampton, 10am, Bishop Hopes (Westmiesier) The: Visit to Our Lady of the Visitation School, Greenford, 10am; engagements, Archbishop's House, pm. Wed: Meeting with Deans of West London, Our Lady of Victories. Kensington, I 0 30am-230pm. Thu: Engagements Archbishop's House. am; meeting of die Sick and Retired Priests' Committee, Vaughan House, 130pm, Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, am: engagements ,Archbishop's House, pm, Sat Pastoral visitation of Our Lady and St Christopher, Cranford.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Confirmations, St Thomas More, Coventry, Ham; Confirmations Holy Family, Coventry, 3pm. Tue: Deans' meeting. Maryvale Institute.10.30ans Wed; Churches Together in Oxford. 6pm. Thu: Meeting Holy Land Coordination, London, I 1 30am: catechists meeting. Oxford, 730pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, 930arn. Sat: Parish visitation, Holy Family. Coventry.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Mon: Cumberlege Commission, London, I lam. Tue: English ARC meeting, London, 11 am. Wed: Trustees meeting, Bristol. 10.30arn. Thu: Bishop's Council. Btistol.11am. Sat Seeking the Face of Christ Lenten meeting, Taunton. 10am.

Bishop Longley (Westminster) Sun: Mass. Borough Green. Sevenoalcs, 9.30am, Mon: Day for Life meeting, Eceleston Square, I tarn. Tuc: Visit London Metropolitan University, Holloway. I 30pm. Wed: Cardinal is meeting with Marylebone and Westminster Deanery Priests. Holy Apostles Church, Pimlico 10 45am. Thts Preaching at

Lenten Course, St &hawse's. 711 Bishopsgate, EM, 630pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 930am; meeting with the Neocatechumenate Group, 2pm. Sat Meets Hoxtori Conftrmation candidates. Archbishop's House. 12pm; Orthodox Vespers, Cathedral, 3pm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, St David's, Alibey Wood, 1 lam. Mon: Mass, Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate. Catford, 630pm. Tut: Meeting of viaus for religious of the diocese. Victoria. I lam; COilfilMB60:18. Good Shepherd, Downham , 730pm. Wed: Education for Parish Sconce meeting, Tooting Bee, 3.30pm. Thu: Visit to St Coluntha's School. Bexley, 1 I am: Confirmations, Holy Rosary Parish, Blackfen, 730pm. Fri: Meeting co-ordinators of the ethnic chaplaincies in London2pm; camelssinning of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Si Mary of the Crays Parish, Crayford, 730pm.

Bishop McGough (Birmingham) The: Deans' meeting. IVIaryeale Institute. 1030arn, Growing in Faith Group. St Teresa's. Trent Vale. 730pm. Wed: Visits St Thomas Mare School, Longton, 9.15am. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, 930am: visits St Gregory's Primary School, Longton, 230pm: Confirmations, Longton, 7pm. Sat: Lectures at Maryvale, 9ams. parish visitation, Burslem and Cobridge 4pm, Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Visitation and Confirmation, Grays, Int: Meetingsamerviews. Cathedral House. Wed: Visitation and Confirmation, Clacton. Thu: Attends Memorial Service.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Religious Education Congress, LOS Angeles. Fri: CYS meeting, Bishop's House. 230pm. Sat: Knights of St Columba Annual Mass, St Barnabas Cathedral, 630pm,

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: Pastoral visitation, St Edward's, Runcorn. The: Council of Priests, Knutsford, 1 I .15am. Thu: Consecration of Bisbap of Birkenhead. Yank. Fri-Sat: Retreat for catechist co-ordinators. Llandudno; pastoral visitation. St %chide's, Lyman, 5.45prn.

Bishop O'Donoghue (Lancaster) Sun: Visitation, St Patrick's, Morecambe. Tue: Visit St Patrick's Primary School, Morecambe: trustees meeting,Ipm. Wed: Commission for Christen Unity. 2pm. Ttsi: Mission Review meeting, Preston. Fri: Mission Review meeting Brettargh Holt. 10am; Bishop's Council meeting, Brettargh Holt, 230pni. Sat Nisbet:a, St Joseph's, Lancaster.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Parish visitation. Guanikin Angels, Castle Bmmwich. Tue: Deans' meeting, tviatyvak Institute, I lam; visits Sacred Heart School, Autos, 2pm; Confumations, AMR, 7pm. Thu: Visits schools, Dudley Road, 130pm; Confirmations. St Patrick's. Birmingham. 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, 930m. Sat: Parish visitation, Small Heath.

Bishop Rawsthorne (Hallam) Sun: Visitation. St Anthony. Sheffield, 9.15am; visitation, St Theresa's, Sheffield, I lam. Mom Rainbows trustees, Birmingham. The: Sheffield Anglican Cathedral, new Resource Centre opening. 11.15am; Retreat Evening. Sheffield University Chaplaincy. 6pm Wed: Moorland Prison. Oneastex. 9.40am; Faith Forum Steering Group. Bishop's House. meeting, Bishop's House. 7.30pm, Thu: Diocesan Finance Board, Pastoral Centre, 930anr. Committee for Deaf. Henesy House, Manchester. 2pm. Sat Deacons Day, visitation, Mother of God & St Wilfrid. Sheffield, 630pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Visitation, St Francis. Morley, 11.15am. Mon: Female Discerrunent Group, Our Lady of Lourdes, Leeds, 7pm. Tue: VG's meeting, Bishop's House, 10am; interviews for new WYEC Secretary. Hinsley Hall, 2pm. Wed-Sat: Retreat.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Visitation, St Thomas of Canterbury. St Helens. Mon: Governors' meeting. Ushaw College. The: Visits St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School, St Helens, 9 30arn; Chinehes Together in the Merseyside Region meeting, Friends' Meeting House, Liverpool, 3pm. Wed: '2008' meeting, Mennpolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool. 10am; hospital chaplaincy meeting, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 2pm. Thu: Bishop's meeting, London; reception, Liverpool Town Hall, 7pm, Fri: Visits St

Atine's RC Primary Schooi, Struon,Stlielens,

930am; meets with head teachers. St Julie's, Eceleston, St Helens, 2pm, Sat: Visitation Mass, St Patrick. Clinkham Wood, St Helens. SProlt WALES Bishop Jabale (Menevia) Sun: Conferring Berm Mersin, St Joseph's, Meath, 9.30am. Most Diocesan trustees. Curial Office. 10am. Tue: Lectio Divine. Bishop's House, I lam. Thu: Lectio Divine, Bishop's House, 1 lam. Fri: Lenten Station Mass, Llandrindcd Wells Parish. 7pm.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Visitation, Denbigh. Mon: NBRIA Conference, Newcastle Tue: NBRIA Conference, Newcastle. pm; UCMW Conference. Llandudno. Wed: UCMW Conference, Llandudno. Sat: CATSC Conference, Stoke-on-Trent.


Cardhud O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Silver Jubike Masses. Ss Joachim and Anne. Rome. learn, 1130am. Mon-Thu: Mass in Sancta Marthae, Vatican City. 530prin opening of Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Rome.

Bkhop Logan (Dunkeld/Dunclee) Mom Diocesan Vocation Committee, Bishop's House, Dundee, 5pm. The: Meeting of Joint Commission of Bishops and CRS, Glasgow. I lam. Wed: St Mary's Management Committee, Monifieth, 1 lamalhu: School chaplaincy meeting, St Saviours High School, Pastoral Centre. Dundee, 2pmlarisSat: Visit to Scots College. Rome.

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