Page 4, 2nd May 1941

2nd May 1941
Page 4
Page 4, 2nd May 1941 — IN A FEW WORDS

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Locations: London, New York, Oxford


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Fleet Street's Guardian Angel

a WAS interested to see that a journal re /.

[erred io Fleet Street having been protected by its Guardian Angel during a recent blitz—even though the Guardian Angel wat. followed by an exclamation mark in the headline. In the same article a deserved tribute to the workers of Fleet Street was made, to. they kept at it despite the presence of time-bombs. " The way the vandrivers stuck to their task of getting supplies through to stations and depOts was Just amazing. They deserve all the bouquets that can he given to them. The same goes for the publishing hands, and, in fact. all the workers throughout the newsprper offices I was proud of them that night They were just as brave in their field as soldiers in the front line."

The Bomb -Boaster In New York

THE bomb-boaster is one of .our worn bores, and I enjoyed seeing the other day a Ministry of Information film in which that excellent comedian, Sidney Howard, makes splendid fun of him. He reaches. however, far beyond our shores, according to a letter I have just received from Captain McCullagh in New York. " American correspondents, expelled from Germany," he writes, " sometimes return to America. where they almost frighten the aged and conservative English residents who are still to he round in the more exclusive clubs, by their extreme violence of their affection for

Great Britain. Every dead wall in Man. hattan is plastered at the present momen' with announcements regarding the publir appearances of one ol them " just back frorr war-torn London." and apparently knowing more about its " ordeal " than any bombed and blasted Cockney who reads these lines This authority is represented on his placards " snapping " a hundred-tobomb which explodes like a volcanic eruption at his feet while a projectile as long as a railway train passes within an inch of his nose.

If this vehement reporter were in charge of the war, be would fight on for the next

twenty years, by which time pool old Europs Wit] be so battered that even victory, as Mr H. L. Meneken puts it, must mean something so close to ruin that no man will be able to tell the one from the other,"

A British Feast

IT is well to recall 1the very ciose

tarnish associations wan to-morrows Feast of the Finding ot the Holy Cross.

St. Helen, who went to the Holy Land at the age of -eighty to seek the Cross is traditionally bel.eved to have been the daughter of Coel, Duke of Colchester (" Old King Cole "I. and as a commemoration of this the town hall of Co'chester is crowned with 9 gigantic bronze figure of the Empress, holding the Cross, while the arms of the city are the Cross surmounted by three crowns.

The feast has al, ways been an impotpant one in this ..ountry. and it is well Illustrated in sr I-Nut's Church Kelloe. Drrham. where a ix-foot Norman cross of stone on which the incidenta of tha Finding are carved is fixed against the chancel wall. I reproduce this interesting evidence of Enalish devotion to the feast. Salvation Army's View cENERAL Carpenter's sincerely sceptical approach to the problem of Christian co-operation, starts from his doubts abote the Christians. In conversation with me the other day, he illustrated his point with a good story.

A little boy was given a jig-saw puzzle oi Iwo pictures. On one side was a map of the world ; on the other, the figure of a

man ! The boy set about arranging the pieces in an endeavour to produce the map: But try how he would. he failed. At last in tearful disappointment, he called to his father, " I can't get the world to come right."

" Well. son, try the man " I the father replied. Getting dowr to his task again, the little fellow at last with a triumphant burst cried, " Oh, daddy, I've got the man right." " Just look on the other side." said the father, Obeying. he could scarcely believe his eyes ac he shouted, " And I've got the world right, too I"

No Totalitarianism Here

1/VHEN people talk of totalitarianism in this country, I think they can have had little experience of conditions abroad. Just before the war I was in Spanish Morocco, where it was impossible to move without disgorging bundles of official papers at almost every turn ol the road—and then one or other of them was generally not in order. and one had to return for a new visa. When I complained. I was informed that a war was only just over Well, last week in the midst of war. T had occision to travel in a defence area I was never stopped or questioned. even when I acedentally drove right through an aerodrome. And the hotel registration was of the most perfunctory nature On the other hand. T found the place very empty, so I surmise that in this country there is little need for that supervising and bullying so characteristic of military rule abroad People play up properly and make it unnecessary.

An Irish Convert

0UR Irish correspondent writes:—The news that the Hon. Frank Pakenham, Lecturer in Politics in Oxford, has been received into the Church has aroused immense interest throughout Ireland The Pakenham family. which has also given the Church a priest convert, is a well-loved family, rich in honoured figures Mr. Pakenham's elder brother, the Earl of Longford. is the most eminent and generous patron of the arts that the new Ireland possesses, and lends his influence to many phases of the national revival.

Mr. Pakenharres book Peace by Ordeal, is the authoritative history of the Anglo-Irish negotiations of 1921, certain to stand for ever as a classic of our historical literature Beside the thoroughness and fairness of the work, its courtesy and charity help to make it a model, and its effect has been all for good, in teaching truth without anger, conciliation without weakness.

The Other Side of the Picture

A CORRESPONDENT has sent me a copy z--1 of a sermon preached in Germany by Pastor F. von Bodelschwingh, the head of the Epileptic Hospital and Home at Bethelbei-Bielefeld, which was accidentally bombed by us last year. (There appears to be no doubt that we did hit this famous home, since the news is vouched for by the Bulletin of the international Christian Press and Information Service of Geneva.) In these times when more and more people are wondering what the eon of this bombing will be, the words of the German Pastor may bring home to us that side of the picture which we are apt to overlook :— " . When I laid my hand on the forehead of a seriously wounded little girl. and spoke her name aloud and said, • My dear little daughter, even if the British have shot you half to pieces. you are still our deal child, such a beam of joy and beauty passed over the disfigured face that I was deeply moved I suddenly felt as though above the little war-invalid in bed there stood the inscription: ' So that ye come behind in no gift.' To be able not only to be comforted, but also to send out thankfulness and love

Torstinued at toot 01 next column)

in the deepest suffering, is part of the wealth that we receive in Bathe!. . When I said goodbye the day before yesterday to our young dying colleague, the shadow of leep suffering lay upon her Face . but through the darkness of death came a bright gleam when I thanked her again in the name of us all for her service in life and death. And the light grew brighter, when we looked out from the tribulations of earthly history to the place where one day the mystery of the terrible night of Bethel will be solved She and I were quite cornforted when we realised that she was gathered up like a child in her Father's hand. and that above everything that collapses and passes awas on earth there stands the immovable Kingdom of God, which is the home of us all."


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