Page 6, 2nd May 1941

2nd May 1941
Page 6
Page 6, 2nd May 1941 — Religion

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Raise My Eyebrows

Two Pictures. By Fredk. Kireopp. (Quality Press, Is. 6d.).

Reviewed by F. A. FULIFORD

THE overwhelming evidence given to

a Scripture . . . demonstrates that the Holy Ghost. the Comforter, is Christ Himself. . . The Holy Ghost Jr Christ's own Being, His own Holy Spirit which accepted the linzitations of a new body or controlcentre when He was born of a woman ... Christ did not suffer and die to save the world, but in accepting the conditions of manhood. His life of purity and His opposition to the sins of the people, and, above all, the claims He made concerning Himself and

God led to evil men crucifying But the world is not to be saved by the acts of evil men who crucified Jesus, but by His righteousness."

The cover of Two Pictures says it is a reply to H. G. Wells's Fate of Holum Sapiens, but I fail to see how the above curious remarks come into the picture.

I raised my eyebrows, too, on glancing through Mr. Kirsopp's further novel and somewhat dogmatic comments on biblical passages, because I recalled that on page 16 or Two Pictures he had the following spicy remark to make :—" The interpretation of Scripture, because of the shortcomings of ?lien, has nearly alway.t been nothing more than the individual expression of a man's personal fancies by the method of taking up passages of Scripture that meet one's own approval, arid ignoring everything in Scripture to the contrary, and this system is still, unfortunately. Operating extensively throughout the Christian Ministry."

Mr. Kirsopp, who believes " Britain is Israel," prophesies the return of Israel to Palestine at the end of 2,e110 years from the time of their overthrow as a nation, and calls Moses in as a witness for his contention. Ile also maintains that a great part of the Book of Revelations (The Apocalypse) has been fuffilled in the last eighteen centuries. and apparently not too sure whether after all the interpretations he has been placing on Scripture all along are really the correct ones, hopes for "an outpouring fin the near future) of the Spirit of God giving light concerning Scripture and the prophecies of God in particular, which will bring humanity to a knowledge and understanding of Christ hitherto inconceivable to man."

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