Page 5, 2nd May 1969

2nd May 1969
Page 5

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Locations: Portsmouth


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AS a recent convert. I can hardly have the labels of "diehard" or "anachronistic" affixed to me in the manner that they have been applied to Fr. Flanagan. by those who appear to possess the view that until the era of innovation, the Church was dying of ennui.

I would hesitate to apply the term 'progressives" to these detractors, as this would involve a measure of merit unearned by the hysterical clamouring for change irrespective of betterment.

To myself and to thousands of converts and so-called traditionalists, Fr. Flanagan is a spiritual leader, daring to be militant in defence of the truth when others prefer diplomatically to hide their light under a bushel.

There seems to be a host of confused minds vowing allegiance to His Holiness, and yet wagging scandalised heads and scandalising tongues when the priority of Papal loyalty conflicts with blind obedience to local authority.

By Messrs. Ring and Bell (April 18)—they should really get togetherl—I would be more convinced if their protestations concealed an urge for facile rhetoric.

Ronald E. Plaskett Vice-Chairman, Hon. Sec. and Treasurer, UNITAS. Portsmouth.

INVENTIVENESS is, no -• doubt. a jealously coveted attribute of Mr. Morea (April 25) which more than explains, why he seeks to invent what he wants to invent about Fr. Flanagan.

My five hours' exhaustive interview with this priest of the Catholic Church revealed a person of deep knowledge and concern, touching integrity, great courage and that balance which one finds only in people sincerely devoted to large causes of truth. An honest man even though it may not please some.

A. F. X. Baron Ipswich, Suffolk.

This correspondence is now closed.—Ed

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