Page 5, 2nd May 1969

2nd May 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 2nd May 1969 — NO WAR HAS KILLED SO MANY

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CHRISTOPHE.R HOLLIS tells us (April 18) that abortion and euthanasia "are of small importance in comparison with the threats of war and mass starvation." This is wholly wrong, because these crimes are greater offences, both by their extent and by their nature than any arising from war or hunger.

Abortion on demand has often meant that more than half the births are aborted in the country, so that over a period half the population has been murdered, No war or mass starvation has ever killed so many. Murder by abortion is therefore more important in extent than killing by war or hunger.

Secondly, the abortionist deliberately kills life more innocent than any other. Starvation has rarely been deliberately organised to kill, except perhaps by the Soviets in the Ukraine and war does not usually have as its prime purpose killing of the innocent.

Therefore the crimes of abortion and euthanasia, which turn healers into murderers are by their nature more serious.

G. J. A. Stern

London, N.6.

WE have a day—December 28—set aside to cornmemorate the killing of the Holy Innocents in their mothers' arms, by order of Herod.

Would it not be fitting to fix a day to remember the latterday innocents being murdered every day in their mothers' wombs in British clinics and hospitals?

A day in April might be suitable—on the anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act, to our country's degradation.

Mary P. Williams (Mrs.) Basingstoke, Hants.

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