Page 5, 2nd May 1969

2nd May 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 2nd May 1969 — Why be nasty to Germans?

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Organisations: Russian Catholic Church
Locations: Surrey, London


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Why be nasty to Germans?

MAY I encroach upon your space to give vent to my indignation at Mr. Hugh Kay's attitude to my fellow countrymen, the Germans expressed in his article: Industry has a fine strike-free record (April 25).

Is there any need for him to be so nasty to the Germans in order to put the British in a better light. This is very poor polemics, indeed, and Mr. Kay deteriorates into childishness when he states: "Its (Germany's) inventiveness, however, still falls behind Britain's. Germans are tidy plagiarists."

Admittedly the British are a very inventive race—they are also known for their fairplay and calling the Germans "tidy plagiarists" is not fairplay!

Since Mr. Kay is obviously an expert in industry could he give statistics to show that the Germans plagiarize more than other industrial nations.

Werner Kruppa Rhyl, N. Wales.

Bishops' survey

T WAS interested in your -afront page news story last week about proposed new methods of choosing a Bishop for Brentwood since, in a diocese which will have to remain nameless, I happened to know of a confidential survey that was recently made before the appointment of a new Bishop, Such a small percentage of the priests consulted showed any real interest or decisive ideas that the appointment had to be made in the usual way. Afterwards there were allegations that insufficient consultation had taken place!

Noel Adamson Isle of Man

Right to kill

. HUGH PAYNE asks -a'-'(April11) for the distinction between the right of the State to kill the "useless" and its right to kill convicted murderers. Everyone has an inalienable right to life and therefore the State has no right to kill the "useless."

The convicted murderer, however, has forfeited his right to life by denying it to his victim. You cannot retain a right and deny a similar right to another. The State therefore has the right to accept that forfeiture by taking the man's life or giving it back to him by imprisonment.

G. H. Fowler Croydon, Surrey.

Russian churches

IN answer to Mrs. W. S's

query ("Questions and Answers," April 4), about Greek or Russian churches in cornmunion, with the Holy See mention might have been made of the Byelo-Russian Catholic Church with its headquarters at Marian House, Holden Avenue, Woodside Park, London. N.12 and under the jurisdiction of Bishop Ceslaus Sipavitch.

The Byelo-Russian Catholics, unlike the Ukrainian Catholics, are not Latinised and the Liturgy is as Russian as the Liturgy at the Russian, Patriarchal Cathedral in Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge, or at the . Russian Church-in-Exile's Cathedral in Emperor's Gate. South Kensington.

A. T. John Salter (Rev.) London, E.C.I.

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