Page 8, 2nd May 1997

2nd May 1997
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Page 8, 2nd May 1997 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES 4TH 1 0TH MAY Cardinal B Hume (Westminster): Sun:M

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BISHOPS ' DIARIES 4TH 1 0TH MAY Cardinal B Hume (Westminster): Sun:M

St Philip, Finchley (Ch.End) noon,Tues:Trustees Mtg, A'ps Hse 2pm, BpsMtg 5pm,Wed: M,Mill Hill Pr, Sch, 2pm. Thurs:Pr Heads Conf, L'n Colney, 2 pm. MCath.5.30. Fri:S Jub.M,St Lawrence's,Feltham7 pm.Sat:M,Cath Drs Conf, Watford 6pm.

Archbishop M Couve de Murville (B'ham): Sun: Euro Comm. Recep, W'minster. Thu: M, BI George Napier Sch, Banbury, I lam. Fri: C, Rye St Anthony Sch, Oxford, 11.30am. Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: BBC Songs of Praise: Goodison Park, 2pm. Wed: Jun. Clergy Mtg, St Joseph's 1 pm. Govs Mfg, 7.30pm. Fri: Cath. Servers Mtg, 7.30pm. Sat: Reded M, St George's Chapel, Merseyside County Scout Camp, 6.30pm. Archbishop M Bowen (S'wark): Sun: C,W.Wickham, I I .30am. Bishop C Murphy O'Connor (A8cB): Sun: Lewes Dean. C, Worth Abbey, 3pm. Tue: Relig Suprs Mfg, Priory, Storrington. Wed: Worth Abbey, 1 lam. Sat: C, St Wilfrid's Sch, Crawley, 11.15am. Guildford Dean. C, Cathedral. Catenians, Brighton pm. Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxin: Toe: Chapter M, 12.45pm. Mtg, Carrs Lane, B'ham, 2pm. Wed: Mfg, Aston Hall, Ilam. Sch V, 0 L., Swynnerton, 2.30pm. C, 7.30pm. Thu: M, Painsley Soh, Cheadle. Fri: Sch V, St John's Alton, 10am. 5th V. Faber, Cotton, 1 lam. Soh V, St Giles, Cheadle, Noon, Cheadle, 7pm. Sat: V Sick and Hliound, Alton, Cotton and Cheadle, 10am. Conttnandi Mtg, ChealieZ. hea'ale,..5.30pxn. !'!' • 7:7 Bishop T on (B'wood): Sun: V, C, Creelisteirtle: Dioc Hse of Prayer, 4pm. Wed: V, C, Sh'ness. Thu: Sch S, St

Edward's Anglican Church, Romford, 9am. Evangelisation 2000, Sion Community, Brentwood, Noon. Sat: Dioc Mtg, B'wood, Bishop P Smith (E Anglia): Sun: V, A'burgh. Sat: Past Coun. Bishop James O'Brien (Herts auxil): Sun: C, St B'mew's, St Albans, 10.30arn. Mon-Fri: Study Tour, Israel.

Bishop A Griffiths (H'm & Newcastle): Sun: C, M St Columba's, Wallsend, 9.30am. Tue: M. Cath, 7.30pm. Wed: V, Seahouses, St Aidan. Thu: CCNE Directors. Recep, Manor Hse. Sat: M, St Patrick's, Hartlepool, lOarn

Bishop J Brewer (Lancaster): V, S H'rt, Preston. Tue: Trust mtg, Noon. C, St Ignatius, Preston, 6.30pm. Wed: Trustees' mtg. Thu: C, OL & St Michael, Workington. Fri: E Mtg, Eetrith, Noon. C, St Joseph, Lanc'r. Sat: Theol Crtee mtg, Oscon. Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Sun: V, St Pat's. Elland. Tue: B1 of Renovations, Eng Martyrs' Sch, Wakefield, 10am. Wed: Bradford RC Partnership, Myddleton Lodge, 12.30pm. C, St Anne's, Keighley, 7.30pm. Thu: C'ttee, TAS University College, lOarn. C, S Heart, Uppermill, 7.30pm. Fri: C, Menwith Hill, Harrogate, 6pm. Sat: Faith in Leeds Conf, Living on the Edge, 10.30am. Bishop V Malone •(L'pool auxil): Sun: BBC Songs of Praise:Goodison Park, 2pm. Tue: Ofsted Inspection: Cronton, 11 am. Choir Sch, L'pool, 8pm. Wed: Jr Clergy Mtg, St Jo's, Upholland, 2.45pm. Govs' Mtg, St Helens Dean. Teachers, 7.30pm. nu: LEA Reps: Wigan, Z.30pm. Fri: V, St Austin's Sc!,, St Helens. C, SDT Thomas of Cant,Waterloo, 7.30pm. Sat: V M, St Austin, St Helens, 7pm.

Bishop J Rawsthorne (L'pool auxin: Sun: V, All Sts, L'pool. Tue: L'Arche Mtg. Wed: Past Mtg. Thu: Mfg contd. am. Wals'm M, St Jo's Uph'd, 7.30pm. Fri: Vauxhall Dean. Priests Mtg, Noon. Y S, St Jo's Uph'd, 4.30. Sar. H'capped M, St Greg's, Weld Bank, 3.

Bishop] Crowley (Middlesbrough): Tue: Univ Chaplaincy, More Hse, York, 7.30pm. Wed: Vocs Mtg, Pickering, am/pm. Thu: M Cath, 9.30am. Fri: Millennium Celeb, St Hilda's, Whitby, 7pm. Sat: Euch Mitts, York Univ. am/pm. V, W'end, St Vinc's Hull.

Bishop Kevin O'Brien (Middlesbrough): Sun: C, Ampleforth . Tue: D.of Rec'n, Hull. Wed: Key Churches Mtg, Hull.

Bishop J McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: Beavale Pilgrimage, 3pm. Mon: Catholic Men's Society M, Cathedral, 1 lam. Tue: V/C , Sacrament of the Sick, 4.30pm. C ,7pm. Infant of Prague, Syston, Leicester. Fri: Blessing of Sch Extension, St Mary's, New Mills, 10.30am. Sat: AGM UCM, OL Leicester, Noon. Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sun: C, Helston, am. C, St Austell, pm. Mon: C, Penzance pm. Thu: C, Exeter, pm. Fri: St Mary's 5th, Axminster, pm. C, Poole, pm. Sat: C, Marnhull, am. Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: 0, Stonyhurst, noon. TueFri: C, Jersey, CI. Sat: AGM, UCM, St V de Paul, Lordswood, S'th'ton.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: V & C, H Spirit, Marple.

Mon/Tue: Joins Jr Clergy, Malaps. Tue: APF M, St Patrick's, Wellington 7pm. Thu: C, St Augustin's, Runcorn, 7pm. Fri: Mtg, Warrington, 10.30am. C, St Michael & All Angels, B'head, 7.30pm. Sat: Opens Garden, St Laurence's, Parish Centre, B'head, 12.45pm. V, St Peter's, Stalybridge, 6.30pm.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Sun: LOM, Pilgr, Aylesford, M, Noon. Tue: V, St John Fisher, Th'mead S, 4pm. M & C, Th'mead S, 7.30pm. Wed: Co of Priests, 11.15arn. SE Area J&P mtg, 7.30pm. Fri: M, SE Area Deans 10.30am. Sat: Commissioning Euch Mins, Aylesford, 10.15-4. M&C, Nunhead, 6.30pm. Bishop John Jukes (S'vvark Auxi): Mon: M, Bayham Abbey, Noon. Dine YO, West Mallin,g, 2.30pm. Wed:L Co of Priests Mtg, M KSC members, St George's, Cathedral, 8pm. Thu-Sat: Represents Archbp Bowen at enthronement of the ancient Image of OL of Europe, Gibraltar.

Bishop Tripp (S'wark Auxin: Sun: V, Holy Earn, Sanderstead. More M, Aylesford, 11.30am. Tue: Head Teachers' Mtg, Marie Rep. Convent, Wimbledon, 10.30am. J&P Mtg, A'bp's Hse, 7pm. Weds: Co of Priests' Amigo Hall. Presentation, St Francis Xavier Coll & blesses new RE Suite Fri: G Jubilee Polish Cath Action, Balham, 7.30pm. Sat: S London, E Forum, Upton Chapel, Southwark, 9.30am. C, St Ann's Kingston Hill, 6.30pm. Bishop V Guarzelli (W'minster, E area): Sun: M, ACLI. am. Tue: Islington Dean Mtg, St John the Ev, lpm. Weser Bops; Mfg, A'bp's Hse, 5pm. Wed: St Edmd's, Millwall 10 2. Wed: Confirmandi Mfg, H'bury, 7.30pm. Thu: Soh Leavers' M, B'p Challoner

Sch, 2.15pm. Fri: Allen Hall, 6pm. Sat: C, U Holloway, 6pm. Bishop V Nichols, (W'minster, N area): Sun: J&P Area Day, St Jo's, Hendon, am. C, St George's, Enfield, 3pm Tue: Deans' Mtg, 1 lam. Trustees Mtg, 2pm. Bps' Mtg, 5pm. Wed: M for Harrow Schs Yr 4, St Jo's, Harrow Weald 10am. Diac 0,0L of Willesden. Thu: Team Mtg, 10.30am. C, St Albans, N Finchley, 8pm. Fri: C, St Pat's, NV Hendon, 7.30. Sat: C, Ss Gabs & Bernard's, S Harrow, 11 arn. C StSelb/St Pancras, K'bury, 7.30pm. Bishop P O'Donoghue (Wmainster, W area): Sun-Fri: Conference, Rome. Fri: C, St Michael's, Ashford, 8pm. Sat: C, St Bernadette's, Hillingdon, 6pm.

Bishop F Wahnsley (Forces): Sun:Reps Bps' Conf of Eng & Ws on CCB1 del to Hong Kong & China May15.

Archbishop J Ward (Cardiff : Sun:V, Holy Family, Cardiff, lOarn. Tue/Wed: liaison Mfg, Banana, Co Mayo, Ireland. Thu: M, Cathedral, Cardiff 12 .30pm.

Bishop D Mullins (hienevia): Fri: V, Gibralter, for OL of Europe May celebrations. Europe May 11

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: Oxford Chaplaincy M,

1 lain. Tue: Cat Steering C'ttee, bardcm. Wed: Priests' Co, Bip's Hse, 3pm. Deacons' Meg 7pm. Thtz: M, Cab, noon. Fri: Records of Achievement M, B1 Edw Jones, Sch, Rhyl 7pm. Sa:LJCMW, M, Cath.

Key: M-Mass. &Confirmation. 17-1.--"istiation. 0-Ordination. MegMeeting. Sch-School. ES-Ecumericca Service.

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